Taurus Cancer Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Taurus/Cancer Love Compatibility  

How compatible is a Taurus/Cancer relationship? In this article, we find out how these two signs work together in a romantic relationship.  

Taurus Overview 

Taurus (April 21 – May 21) may have the zodiac sign of the bull, but theyre some of the friendliest, kindest people you can meet.  They care for their friends and loved ones with genuine concern and take charge in the pursuit of their happiness. Assertive to the point of being stubborn, they like to prove theyre right.  Thrifty, but with an eye for luxury, they like to buy gifts for friends as well as indulge in beautiful items for themselves from time to time.  They also like to take adventures and spend quality time with their friends.   

Cancer Overview 

Cancer (June 22 – July 22) is also a caring sign.  Their symbol is the crab, but theyre loyal and caring to those they love.  Able to focus on their strengths with little encouragement, they make friends easily and adapt to their situation. Theyre reliable to the point that they can be depended on to get a job done but are cautious with relationships.  Once they fall in love, theyre faithful and true for as long as they live.  Cancer is romantic and enjoys showering their lover with affection. 

A Taurus/Cancer Relationship 

A Taurus/Cancer relationship is very compatible and runs smoothly compared to some other signs.  It may start out rocky but once they start, theyre able to nurture and grow as soul mates. 

Positive Attributes in a Taurus/Cancer Relationship  

One way that Taurus and Cancer show how much they care is with gifts.  They enjoy nice things and will decorate their home with beauty.  They will care for each other and their extended family.  At the same time, they prefer to stay home and spend quality time together as a couple.  When these two tie the knot, their family will grow with shared values that will keep them close.   

The strengths of these two signs can help provide balance for the weaknesses of the other.  Taurus, for example, has the patience and sense of calm to deal with Cancer’s mood swings and neediness.  They can talk through the problem openly and honestly and can also encourage the other when they need that motivation.  Cancer is generally agreeable and will adapt to many of the ideas and suggestions that Taurus makes.  Theyll also look to Taurus and their decisive assertiveness to offer support when theyre feeling insecure.  At the same time, Cancer can help their lover become more in touch with their emotions and express them more openly. 

Balance, Relationships
Taurus and Cancer balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Their love for each other is also evident in the bedroom.  They don’t need all the bells and whistles when they have each other.  This connects them even more to each other.  They may change things up a little for variety, but their priority is each other. 

Negative Attributes in a Taurus/Cancer Relationship 

Cancer is ruled by the moon which affects emotions and feelings.  If theyre not sure of themselves, they will bottle it in, which can react adversely when Taurus least expects it.  They can help them get through the emotions and breakdowns with the love that comes naturally.  Some days these emotional issues can be extremely trying. Communication and the space they need to work things through without getting overwhelmed is powerful advice for these two. 

Taurus isn’t known for being flexible.  They tend to be stubborn and will reject ideas based on their needs without considering others who may be affected.  For a sensitive person like Cancer, this can change their feelings and confidence.  The best thing they can do for themselves is to be more flexible and understanding without jumping to potential problems.    

Both of them want to be financially smart, and they both have strategies to ensure that they have the money they need to buy the things they want.  However, Cancer is more rigid when it comes to savings and drawing out the use of items as much as possible.  Taurus will spend as planned using discounts wherever they can, but the items itself may come across as useless in Cancer’s eyes.  They need to find common ground to enjoy what they have and remain responsible when it comes to their accounts. 


When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have so much love and affection for each other that they can fulfil each other’s dreams of love and family.  Their friendship will be the easiest bond they make, which will help guide the way to the rest of their lives.  They understand what drives them to be the best they can be and have the support from the other to be as successful as they want to be.  With this understanding, they also need to keep in mind that they cannot try to change the other.  Things have the ability to work themselves out in time.  When Cancer is ready to talk about what bothers them, theyll confide in Taurus better than if the issue is pressed.   

Family, Beach, Children
The strong, romantic bond between Taurus and Cancer allows them to fulfil each other’s dreams of family and stability

The frustrations and emotions that rear their heads in this relationship are not permanent.  Two people who love and trust each other can work through these kinds of problems.  When the balance tips as emotions run high, they can find what works for them to bring life back into balance.  They have the ability to nurture each other, which in turns nurtures their relationship.  Both can look to the loving and stable life theyve created together and the compatibility that brought them together. 

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