May 7 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

May 7 Zodiac Personality

People with a May 7 birthday have a special kind of flame in their hearts with a desire to feel helpful. You like feeling independent and being very reliable. You are able to come up with solutions for problems and are confident to deal with obstacles. Also, you are a strong-willed individual who is naturally optimistic but a tad less patient than most Taurus personalities.

You are self-motivated with a principled character that makes you quite admirable. You have a tendency to think before taking action. This helps you avoid making mistakes twice. You like standing out and being different and sometimes people mistake this for pride. Your high standards earn you much respect and boost your self-esteem. You are kind and loyal to friends. Your charming direct approach means you will back up what you say with actions.


As someone with a May 8 birthday, it might be hard for you to pick a career. This is because you tend to be choosy when looking for an occupation to settle for. You prefer depending on a variety of jobs to earn a living not only for financial reasons but also to make life more interesting.

Alarm, Clock
Taurus people are more likely than some other signs to put in extra hours at work.

You appreciate people around you and have respect for hard work. People will notice whenever you miss or come in late for work as you are not known to be lazy. You do not hesitate to volunteer and to sacrifice extra hours of work. You easily get disappointed when things go wrong. This is why you opt to perform duties yourself.


Having a May 7 birthday, you pride yourself on your capability of turning small amounts of money into large amounts. You keep adept of the flow of your incomings and prefer managing your own money. You have an array of sources of income enabling you to put a good amount away for a rainy day. Avoid being a penny pincher by being sensible but not mean. You stretch out to people who need your help and encourage family and friends to learn to adopt the habit of saving. You have an eye for unique things and will, therefore, have the patience to save up for material items.

May 7 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

An individual with a May 7 birthday is typically emotionally cool when it comes to the idea of love. Unlike some other Taurians, you are very positive when making the first approach. You have a strong desire for attention and affection because being loved helps you make better progress. You are compassionate and warm but commonly tend to let your professional life take control. Make an effort of toning down on this and focusing on your love life more.

Books, Library, School, Woman
Smart people turn you on.

You are swept off your feet by personalities with the beauty of the heart and those who make you feel special. You are a sweet talker. This adds to your romantic character trait. You enjoy spending time with your partner to create beautiful memories. You have an intense passion to be please in between the sheets and to satisfy your partner fully. This makes you quite interesting in bed. Sometimes, you tend to create silly fights and arguments just to make love to your soul mate.

Platonic Relationships

For a person with a May 7 birthday, you have a natural curiosity. You are able to take the initiative of creating a simple conversation whenever you spot a new face. You own a deep sense of self-esteem and highly appreciate who you are. This is why you hardly pretend when making approaches. People find you exciting due to your outgoing nature. This explains your good number of friends.

Talking, Communication
Communication is key– even in your platonic relationships.

You have an incredible sense of humor and a nice way to express your feelings and thoughts without having to be too blunt. You exercise good judgment and have a discipline of having empathy for emotional cues. Also, you are a good listener as well as a good communicator as you have the knowledge that communication is a two-way street. You have a certain kind of ego but are humble enough to ask for advice from friends and this contributes to your ability to build strong and long-lasting relationships.


You have a natural personal touch of making family a priority in your life. Family plays a major role in shaping your life. You engage in most family activities to show them how much you love and treasure them. Seeing a smile on your parent’s faces gains you a great sense of satisfaction. You put their suggestions into consideration as you know they only want the best for each other. Trust is the virtue that binds you to your family as you are more open with them. You find joy in the presence of your siblings and like watching those making mistakes due to their sheer cluelessness. They like having you around and look up to you as a role model.

Family, Beach, Children
Most of your life goals involve supporting your family.


Any health problems experienced by a Taurus with a May 7 birthday is usually related to your attitude towards bodily abnormalities. Listen to your body more often and give the desired response. You are more prone to allergies and weight issues as compared to other bulls. Therefore, you need to keep abreast on the foods you eat and make sure you maintain a balanced diet. Be careful not to let your worries build up to anxiety as this will affect your well-being. Take part in physical activities to keep trim of your shape and to keep your appearance at its best.

May 7 Birthday Personality Traits

You are an opinionated individual who is naturally open-minded. Your combination of sharpness and creativity guides you in making wise choices in life. Sharing your views with others determines your main wishes and objectives in life. You enjoy taking part in healthy discussions and debates as this adds you more worldly knowledge. Your calm nature is the reason as to why you avoid fights and arguments by approaching differences with a very mature attitude. You are sometimes mistaken for being a perfectionist as you like polished work. You are a dream chaser and a person who sets high goals in life.

Bull, May 7 Birthday
Taurus is symbolized by the bull.

May 7 Birthday Symbolism

You happen to be lucky more than usual. The number picked out especially for you is seven. You have an avid love for adventure and your mysterious nature is undeniable. In Tarot, the magicians chose ‘the chariot’ which is the seventh card, for you. Many envy your gifted mind to think before acting and your many talents. You have an attraction towards the precious Jadestone. You are quite a sweet talker and like pleasing people. Also, you show gratitude and are fully conscious of what you utter.

Seven, 7, May 7 Birthday
Seven is your lucky number.

May 7 Birthday Conclusion

Your set of traits are under the control of planet Venus and a part of planet Neptune. You value your peace of mind. You are able of being adaptable and supportive of the people you love. However, you are inclined to be quite possessive and protective for fear of losing special people or things. You should try keeping a closer eye on your body. You are an awesome character and being part of you assures one the good things that come with life.

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