September 23 Zodiac is a Virgo Libra Cusp, Birthdays and Horoscope

September 23 Zodiac Personality

The zodiac sun sign for September 23 is Libra – the scales. You are gifted with many talents. However, you complain a lot and have a hard time staying humble and down to earth. A September 23 zodiac is more concerned with your image and appearance. Even if it’s going to the corner store, you are dressed to kill.

It’s wise that you remember that success is a gift even though you have really worked for it. Do not take your indispensability for granted. If you can swallow your pride, you can be a great team member. For being born on September 23, you have very good manners and you keep your cool in public.


Libras are wonderfully creative people who will be bored with a routine career. They do not want to end up in a rut. While they are practical with their money, their paycheck isn’t the most important thing to them when it comes to their job. Libras would much rather than a job they enjoy and make less money than a job that bores them but pays well.

Busy, Numerology Number Five
Libras would rather be busy than bored.


The blend of logic, creativity, and intellect are a perfect combination of traits that help you to satisfy your curiosity and your need for numerous interests. For a person born on September 23, your high levels of practicality and responsibility and planning show that you are a competent and focused person. This helps you to manage your money well.

Budget, Savings, Money
Keep a record of your savings and spending to better manage your money.

Romantic Relationships

As a Libra born on September 23, you tend to tire quickly from boredom. Hence, there is a need for you to keep busy all the time. It is part of who you are as a Libra and you enjoy it. The ideal partner for a Libra born on September 23 is someone charming and who possesses a high sexual drive.

As a Libra born on September 23, you are more compatible with those in the Taurus sun sign as it is said to be a match that will be quite sensual and you are less compatible with those in the Virgo sun sign as in might not be too great a match.

The astrology analysis for this Libra born on September 23 show that you are not a candlelight and roses kind of Libra. You will get someone who is loyal and down to earth. To you, love is the purest thing and you seem to attract those who share the same feeling as you do. You will put your heart into building a committed relationship.

Those born on this precious day are faithful lovers and expect the same in return from your partner. As a Libra born on September 23, you are peace-loving and very playful and you tend to look at both sides of a coin. To you, you have realized that there are two sides to a story and you will listen to both sides before making a conclusion or making a judgment.

Platonic Relationships

You are a loner. This explains why you do not have many friends. This is not a very healthy Libra and it could be a sign of depression. As a Libra born on September 23, once you have made friendships, you keep them for eternity, regardless of the distance.

Party, Alcohol, Friends
Get out to meet new friends.

The birthdate horoscope for September 23 predicts that it’s hard for you to make friends but once you do, it’s forever. You tend to be more comfortable around people who share the same views and values as you. It’s good though that you realize that we all can’t be like you and it’s our differences that make this world a beautiful place.


Libras may take a while to marry and have children of their own. This is because they often prefer to be alone. However, once they do marry and have children, they will be wonderfully caring parents.

Marriage, Baby, Pregnancy
Wait for the right time to expand your family.


You take care of yourself and you feel as good as you look. As you do not like being alone all the time, working out with your partner can be a good idea. This way you can push each other and encourage each other in attaining your goals.

Exercise Class, Yoga
Exercise with others. It’s sure to motivate you.

September 23 Zodiac Personality Traits

As a Libra born on September 23, you tend to be pretentious. You turn your nose in what you don’t see as perfect or that that you think isn’t good enough for you. According to the birthdate analysis for September 23, you can be quite snobbish. However, you are deep-rooted and quite attractive. You are more inclined to like arts, wining and dining, traveling, and sports. You are one Libra who does it all and got it all.

September 23 Zodiac Symbolism

Mercury is your ruling planet. It represents your fact-gathering abilities. You are also influenced by Venus, which is a symbol of harmony, aesthetics, love, and peace. The Hierophant tarot card matches your birth date. This card symbolizes your need for independence and for you not to worry too much about society.

According to the numerological analysis, the lucky number for someone born on September 23 is number 5. It is a number that speaks of adventure, progress, inquisitive, and your motivation. Your lucky colors are orange and blue. Orange stands for sunshine, energy, determination, and optimism. Blue symbolizes mental energy, steadfastness, and calmness.

Opal, Goat 2020 Horoscope
Wear opal jewelry to increase your luck.

The lucky days for this Libra born on September 23 are Friday and Wednesday. Friday is ruled by Venus, symbolizing romance, creativity, enjoyment, and balance. Wednesday, a day ruled by Mercury. This represents logic, people, analysis and rationality. Your lucky gemstone is opal. It represents the perception of inspiration and artistic temperament.

September 23 Birthday

September 23 Zodiac Conclusion

As a gift for a Libra born on September 23 is suggested to be a bottle of Bordeaux wine for a Libra man and a nice jacket for a Libra woman. The powers of the Sun and Mercury have shaped your uniqueness, making you stand out from the other Libras. Toning down your ego a notch and trying not to sulk will make you more loveable and likable.

Some advice to you on this special day is for you to always follow your heart and psychic instincts. They will lead you to the most favorable direction in your life. You are beautiful. Many people love your amazing personality. Continue to be who you are, a time bomb of awesome and an incredible friend. You are surrounded by love and positive aura and you will achieve your greatest desires.

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