Numerology Number Five: Adventurous Movers

The Meaning Of Number Five In Numerology

According to the masters of the field of Numerology, the Pythagorean practitioners, five is a number of mysterious significance. Numerology number 5 is the shape of the Pentad which represents the symbol of life referring to the five point-star. This is a star you can see in the human body. Its is form made up of the head, both hands with five fingers each, and both feet with five toes each. The five-point star, first kept a secret by the Pythagoreans who use it just for themselves, was known as the Star of David from Jewish traditions. The Pentagram in Christianity represents the five wounds of Jesus Christ and is used in many spiritual traditions. Wicca witches use it to ward off evil since it is a symbol of protection and immunity. This is why you will see it upside down in some adversary cults like the Satanic practices.

The Characteristics Of Numerology Number Five

In numerology, fives are mysterious as their number. Astonishingly, their strength comes from being charismatic, adaptable, energetic, multi-talented speakers. They are freedom-loving adventurers. They never get bored because every day is a new adventure. Unlike fours, it is impossible to find them in the same place for long. They move from job to job because they are good most domains. On the other hand, fives have addictive personalities and over-indulge in physical pleasures. This includes alcohol, over-sleeping and eating, sex, and drugs. This runs the risk of self-destruction. Also, fives are restless which makes them bored and in need of change. Another remark is that fives are notorious for being narcissistic. Therefore, number fives seem to require solutions so they can work their way through challenges. These challenges hinder their chances of enhancing their personal and professional lives.

Numerology Number Five
Fives are always moving because of their high energy levels.

The Career Of Numerology Number Five

The nature of the fives’ personality empowers them to occupy a lot of jobs. Fives excel in the areas of communication and networking. Therefore, you might find them good at marketing and business. They are good teachers, storytellers, and public speakers. Fives like beauty and most of them are in shape. Because of this, they are good at working as stylists and managing beauty product businesses.

Life Path Number Five

Since they are known for their energetic freedom-loving adventurers, number fives tend to seek paths as their purpose in life. This is because the idea of settling down is dreary and scary. Still, things must not be extravagant or their ultimate aims would not take root. Their challenge is to modify their love of freedom with a kind of commitment.

Soul Number Five

Number fives’ heart desire is, of course, freedom. Their soul number tells them to be on the lookout for new adventures. Adventures are the source of excitement and pleasure. Their lives can never be in tune with routines. This is because routines are a psychological defense against fears of change. Numerology number 5 can take risks and adapt to anything new for excitement.

Numerology Number Fives And Romance

Number fives are liberty maniacs, sociable, and enthusiastically lead joyful lives. They do this by living everyday moment by moment. They are compatible with the number two. Two shares the love of beauty and anchor five’s scattered energy.

Numerology Number Five
Twos anchor fives a little from their wild lifestyles.


Numerology number 5 is an energetic adventure-lover. They are the movers who can never settle down or work in one place for long. On the other hand, they are joyful, full of life, and seek challenges as sources of new adventures. They move on as long as the situation has ceased to be a challenge. Five hate routines. However, numerology number fives have to be more mindful so they do not spoil their lives. Their tendencies to be overindulgent can be damaging to their bodies and lives.

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