Aquarius Aquarius Love Compatibility

Aquarius Aquarius Love Compatibility 

When two people born under Aquarius come together, how will their relationship end? This article takes a look at the highs and lows of Aquarius Aquarius love compatibility.  

Aquarius Overview 

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) is the type of sign that goes after what they want because theyre passionate about it.  If they choose to follow their dreams of painting the Sedona sunset or use their time to protect turtle hatchlings on the beach, theyll do whatever makes them happy.  This sign has a strong desire to express themselves, whether its creatively, intellectually, or both.  Creating things is something they enjoy.  They rely on no one but themselves, but theyre a social sign who enjoys conversation and sharing their ideas with others.  While some may feel that Aquarius is emotionally detached, theyre a good friend once they get to know them.  When theyre comfortable with someone, theyll open up more, and this will benefit any relationship they have.   

Communication, Couple, Understanding
The more Aquarius gets to know someone the more they open up.

The creative capacity of Aquarius isn’t meant for jobs that are simple or overly repetitive.  This is obvious from their struggles in school with memorization.  They still work hard in their fields once they find a good match for them.  Even if they don’t love their job, theyll still earn their wages so that they can support their projects and other stimulating activities. 

Aquarius Aquarius Love Compatibility  

Aquarius needs variety in their love life, so they need a partner who understands what their creativity means to them.  When two Aquarius connect, its like they found the other half of their whole with someone who can keep up with their energy, take chances and come up with their ideas.   

Puzzle, Incomplete, Unfinished
Aquarius people often find they fit together like jigsaw pieces.

Positive Attributes of Aquarius Aquarius Love Compatibility 

The two people in this pairing will be great friends.  Theyll have someone unique and up for a new adventure.  Therell be a desire to see the world and try new things.   Everything that they do will be something that theyll talk about for hours.  Theyll be so comfortable with each other that they can be open without being judged.  Theyre also good friends to others as well.  It brings them happiness to make others happy, especially if they can come up with an innovative way to raise money for a cause or work toward a group goal. 

They also know that they both respect each other and their freedom so they won’t feel tied down to a traditional lifestyle or mundane responsibilities.  They’re a sign that doesn’t have an attachment to material things or money.  If they want to sell their items so that they can volunteer their time abroad for humanitarian or charitable causes, theyll have no hesitation to do so.  While they may do a lot of these things together, they may also do things separately and then reconnect down the road.  They aren’t clingy or jealous if the other person needs space.  Not only is it a sign of their independence, but it also makes their time together as exciting as the first time.   

The benefit of an Aquarius couple is their ability to match sexual needs both physically and mentally.  They love to dream up new ways to please each other, but in their eclectic style.  They can jump around from romantic to aggressive to erotic to sensual, and theyll be able to keep up with each other and the stimulation they bring. 

Passion, Car, Sex, Couple, Kiss, Space
Aquarius’s will have a varied sex life.

 Negative Attributes of Aquarius Aquarius Love Compatibility  

The physical, emotional, and mental needs of these two are certainly met when they connect, but when they consider a longterm relationship, they need to keep their minds open.  For one thing, they need to consider what it takes to survive in the real world.  As much as they enjoy the nomadic life, they need to find a way to support themselves.   In spite of their innovation, they can’t create a meal if they have no food in the kitchen.  They can’t live with certain comforts if the water and electricity are shut off.  Someone has to remember to pay the bills and run errands, especially if its going to impact the family. 

The lack of attention and care can affect their friendships, as well.  This sign isn’t known for keeping appointments or remembering holidays and birthdays.  If they only meet with their friends when it serves their purpose, those friends will slowly drop off.  It’s not that they don’t like their friends, but they forget to nurture their relationships in the long term.  The loss of friendships, as well as the lack of care into their daily lives, can put stress on their relationship.  They strive to find happiness, but its hard to find happiness with an empty stomach in the dark without friends to call. 

Aquarius is open to many things, including casual affairs.  Some Aquarius couples are interested in open relationships, but over time, it can hurt their long-term prospects.  In spite of their friendship, they can create tension and separation if they spend more time with a new lover. The complications from these scenarios can do more harm than good. 

Aquarius Aquarius: Conclusion 

When it comes to love compatibility, these two signs have a lot in common. This allows them to meet their needs the way no other sign can.  They have the chance to live out their passions by creating with all of the expression they can muster.  Their partnership can mean that they can live and love with their best friend, or they can enjoy the excitement of reconnecting as they come and go as they please.  Together they can travel the world, support their causes and put their skills and passion to use locally.   

Their personalities sometimes mean forgetfulness can affect their realworld responsibilities like paying bills or remembering appointments and birthdays.  There are several ways that they can remember to keep up with their commitments and friends. They just have to establish a system that works for them.  Not only do they have to figure out how theyll keep their friends, but how theyll keep their relationship secure without harming their need for freedom.  If they can be responsible for each other, theyll find that they can be accountable for their compatibility and their future together. 

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