Cancer Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Cancer Sagittarius Love Compatibility  

How well do Cancer and Sagittarius match? Will their love compatibility lead them to a long and happy life, or are they better off apart? Read on to find out all about Cancer Sagittarius Love Compatibility.  

Cancer Overview 

Cancer (June 22 – July 22) connects to their friends and family uniquely.  Theyre ruled by the moon which affects feelings and emotions.  While they deal with their own emotions regularly, theyre also in tune with other people’s.  This makes them a good person to lean on in times of need, and theyre also focused on making sure that people are happy.  They accomplish this with gifts or gestures of kindness and by being dependable and cautious.  This is also true in their love life.  They want stability and security, so theyll date to get to know people for a long time before they commit to a relationship.  Family values are essential as theyre the base of their happy home where they choose to spend most of their free time. 

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Family is everything to a Cancer.

Sagittarius Overview 

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22) is a social sign that gets along with people wherever they go – and they like to go to a lot of places in search of their next adventure.  Theyre often on the move so that they don’t get bored.  Their friends like their easy-going nature, so its hard for them ever to get mad at them.  They march to the beat of their drum and come and go by their own time.  This means that they can be late most of the time, but people know that its how they are and not meant to offend.  When they get to where they need to be, theyll get their work done.  To ensure that theres always fun, theyll try to make plans rather than rely on others to make them happy.  

Cancer Sagittarius Love Compatibility Overview 

When Cancer and Sagittarius come together in a relationship, it won’t be love at first sight.  The chances are that theyll start as friends, and thats how theyll grow a level of trust and loyalty that can grow into something more romantic.  However, theyll find traits in their personalities that are appealing to them and their ideas of a healthy relationship. Theyll be able to support each other in ways that make them happy and make them better people.  Also, theyll find that they connect on a deep, emotional level.  While their differences make them unique, theyll find that they can also make their romance more interesting.  

Positive Attributes of Cancer Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

Cancer may be shyer and more cautious compared to Sagittarius, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like a little adventure from time to time. Since theyre adaptable, theyll find excitement and entertainment in their partner’s creative ideas and the dates they choose.  They may have to make changes in their life to keep the interest of their lover but may find some of those changes bring out positive traits.  

Sagittarius is social and looks out for their friends and loved ones.  Often, theyll find that they need to bring comfort to their lover when they need some support.  They have a way of communicating so that Cancer can share their feelings with them. In doing so, they form a bond that allows them to keep their thoughts and feelings open to each other.  This trust doesn’t come easily for Cancer, so that says a lot about their connection with their partner who also strives for trust.  In time theyll have the romance and trust that is key to a romantic marriage. 

Deep, emotional connections and mutual trust also translate to a passionate sexual relationship.  A reserved Cancer will play shy at first, but with the encouragement and love of their partner, theyll be open to many new ideas.  The adventurous qualities of Sagittarius will bring out the excitement in them and make them willing to try things. 

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Deep emotional connections give Cancer Sagittarius relationships a great sex life

Negative Attributes of Cancer Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

Sagittarius stays where theyre interested.  They have a variety of friends and a list of places to see.  A relationship with Cancer will satisfy them physically, mentally, and emotionally, but they may not be ready for anything stable or long-term at the same time as their lover.  The passion may be incredible, but its possible that theres little chance of longevity if Cancer cannot hold their interest.  Also, Sagittarius may not want to create a home base for their adventures. Instead, they want to go wherever the road takes them.  This is a sharp contrast to their partner’s traditional values and desires to build a stable home 


Cancer’s emotions can get in the way of their relationship.  Trust is always an issue, and Sagittarius’ flirting ways can weaken that trust.  That doesn’t mean that they’re looking for more than their relationship, but it can make stir jealousy within Cancer.  There are some things that a comforting partner cannot fix, especially if their innocent ways are the problem.  The suspicion can create a gap between them as Cancer bottles in their feelings. By staying quiet, they cause a break in the line of communication.  Without the ability to talk about their feelings and concerns, the two are more likely to part ways. 

Cancer Sagittarius: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have their challenges as well as their benefits.  If they focus on the positives, or willingly change for their partner, then its the perfect relationship for this couple.  They have a way of sparking excitement in each other and revel in the differences that make them feel alive. Sagittarius accepts the role of a guide to bring Cancer out of their shell. On the flip side, Cancer learns to trust their adventurous streak and their partner.  The trust that they build in each other can be the envy of other signs.  A dating life will teach them things about themselves and the world around them.  The challenge comes when they consider a long-term relationship.  Cancer generally doesn’t take the risk if their heart is going to be broken in the end, but Sagittarius may not be ready to make that commitment.  They may have the best few weeks or months of their lives together. However, they’ll have to put in a lot of effort into a long-term relationship. 

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