Hourglass Symbolism: The Influence that It has in your Life

Hourglass Symbolism: Hidden Secrets that it has

Are you aware that the pure hourglass symbolism that you have or seeing has some significant meaning and value to you a person? Some believe that it is the sole representative of human life. There is signifies what many of us would refer to as the eternal passage of time. The way that the fine sand in the glass slips from one point to the other reminds us how finite life is. So, as per the suggestions of the experts, you should do the best with your experience while you still have.

However, some of us use the hourglass as a way to represent the fall and rise in life. It doesn’t mean that when you are at the top you cannot go back down and vice versa. It also symbolizes the sense between life and death. However, to some, it represents the very nature of heaven and earth. You take a look at the more profound meaning; it would mean to you that at times you may need to reverse your stand.

You don’t have to have a hard stand throughout your life. That type of behavior will only make you live one kind of lifestyle that the universe recommends for you. The symbolism of the hourglass means that we cannot have all we want at ones. When we gain what we want it is not permanent. Therefore, you don’t have to worry or stop working hard to get more. Also, the hourglass symbolism will affect many parts of your life you believe in its representation.

Hourglass Symbolism in Our Daily Lives

The underlying meaning of the hourglass symbolism is the time that it shows you to be running out. Therefore, you need to remind yourself of the things that make you happy and accomplish them in life. It is not the time to sit back and wonder whether you need to go out and do something. Time is never on our side, and we should do well to make the best of the little we have. Although some also, look at the hourglass as the potential of untapped time that they can use.

This is because they can turn the hourglass over and renew their time. Also, the hourglass can be the symbolism of the balance that there is in the universe. Moreover, it means that everything that we do the heavenly being will always keep them in check. So, you may need to mind how you handle the riches that you have attained in life because they are not eternal. However, you can balance it through proper management and not being a spendthrift.

How does the Hourglass Symbolism Affect the Feminine Energies?

If you gave your concentration to the symbolism of the hourglass, then you will realize that it as closeness to the feminine energies. This is due to the curves that it has on it that usually represents the female body. According to some, the hourglass gives the representation of a young lady that is going through being a maiden to woman or mother.

Moreover, the divine representation says that she is both grown and learned. As the sand passes through the tiny passage, it brings with it the feminine effect energies that also touches on the matter of time. However, the hourglass also represents the nature of duality that affects on the subject of both males or female.

You will also take notice of the nature of the triangle of the hourglass. It has one that is inverted to represent the womb while another that is erect to show that there is an element of male domination. Together, they resonate the positive energy of both the male and female energies.

Dreaming of the Hourglass Symbol and its Meaning

In some of the cases, one will have the dream of an hourglass although the goals are infrequent. However, if you have such an idea, it means that you worry about something that concerns time. It will happen to you if you commit that you are not likely to meet its deadline. Or, the time for the submission of a project is rapidly approaching and you have no idea on what to do.

Alternatively, it may also mean that you are not spending your time wisely. It means that you are wasting your time on things that don’t matter to you at all. Moreover, you have been ignoring your real duties that are there to help raise your status in life. So, when you see this symbol, it means that you need to make rapid changes to get your life back on track.

The symbols like this make such appearance when they want to make sure that they help you correct yourself. As per the finite time that hourglass symbolism gives, you should do well to remember not to take things for granted. Therefore, it is that time that you need to capture all the opportunities that life throw at you and make the best of them.

Hourglass Symbolism


The Hourglass Symbolism is one of the symbolism that we have that signifies the balance of time. This is the same that we have on earth to complete our missions and move on. However, the balance may also mean that we have the time to get a new chance to redo the things that we got wrong and then make them right. However, the same symbolism warns that time is finite to people despite it being infinite on its own.

This means that when you get a new chance to do things again, it means that you have borrowed time. Therefore, if you are smart, you need to make the best of the time that you have. Plus, do not rely on the person next you to make time for you have happiness in your life. Go out and find your bearing and make the best of the time you have left.

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