Gemini Cancer Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Gemini/Cancer Love Compatibility 

Will the emotion of love bring Gemini and Cancer closer together or will it pull them apart?  Read on to find out about a Gemini/Cancer romance. 

Gemini Overview 

Gemini (May 21 – June 21) knows how to get people’s attention.  Theyre social and love to engage in conversation.  Communication is one of their strengths as its signified by Gemini’s dominating planet of Mercury.  Getting to know people is one way they gain knowledge and insight for the adventures and experiences they want to encounter.  These talkers also love to share their own endeavors to anyone who is interested.  Theyre thinkers and evaluate the pros and cons of their decisions, but theyre also energetic and follow their urges to keep moving on to the next project or task. 

Cancer Overview 

Cancer (June 22 – July 22) is cautious, especially with the relationships they pursue.  Once they accept someone into their life, they nurture that relationship with faithfulness and dependability.  These romantics will show their affection with gifts or thoughtful gestures.  One of Cancer’s strengths is their ability to adapt.  This can be in new situations or a change in plans.  Recognition and support from their friends are a boost that help them shine when the going gets tough.  The love and care they give to their friends definitely come back in a positive way. 

Dreamer, Guitarist Gemini can help Cancer go beyond their own imaginations.[/caption]

Cancer has their own strengths they can use when they find the person they want to be with.  For one thing, theyre able to bring some calm to a Gemini’s lifestyle.  Despite their energetic personality, there are some things thatll get them to be more settled, such as the love of a partner with whom they can share their life.  Cancer can hold their own in a conversation that peaks their interest and engages their intellect.  Theyll also care for their lover so that they can be happy.  The longer these two date and get to know each other, the more they’ll learn what triggers the good and the bad. Time will also help them to learn what coping strategies work best in their new conflicts as a couple.  Their conversations and interest in each other will allow them to reflect and grow as individuals and as partners.  This is a lot of incentive for them, especially Gemini, to commit to a long-term relationship when theyre devoted to each other. 

Wedding Rings, Book
Gemini/Cancer relationships are great for people looking for long-term commitments

Gemini may not always be the most focused – especially when it comes to being organized in life and dealing with finances.  Luckily for them, these are strengths that Cancer can bring to the relationship.  At the same time, Gemini can bring balance in their relationship by providing Cancer with the comfort of being a family home together.  They both want a family and theyll want that family time together.  Still, Gemini will want to get out from time to time.  They can ease their partner into joining them for small group nights out or spend time with friends a bit less frequently than before they were dating.  Their lover won’t appreciate holding big parties or interacting with a full ballroom of acquaintances and strangers.  Instead of worrying about it being all or nothing, they need to communicate and work out a satisfying solution for both of them, and there is one. 

Negative Attributes in a Gemini/Cancer Relationship 

Since Gemini is a born communicator, they know how to talk about their emotions and share their concerns.  This isn’t as easy for someone as shy as Cancer, but opening up is something they can learn from their partner rather than bottle it in and add stress to their relationship.  Any support will be a positive boost for them.  When Gemini is dealing with stress from work or anxiety from all of the responsibilities that are placed on their shoulders, their partner can help them look toward the positive. They can also help them slow down and prioritize so that they can accomplish the most urgent matters first.  Sometimes Gemini’s energetic personality can be a problem when they take on too many projects at the same time.  Their partner can help them find some calm and focus on what is important. 

Even though they work well as a team, they can still have their differences.  For example, theyll both want to be in charge at some point.  Cancer prefers to take control of most situations, but may not be receptive when Gemini wants their turn.  Communication and compromise will be necessary to resolve any of these types of issues. 


When it comes to compatibility, these two signs can connect or break up based on their emotions.  They have an understanding that doesn’t come as easily with other signs, yet their differences can be used against them.  Fortunately, in a Gemini/Cancer relationship they’ll find someone that can bring out the best in them.  Its an advantage that can outweigh any of the negatives that may arise.  In order for these two to have a compatible love relationship, both of them need to be willing to work out those differences and find a compromise that satisfies both of them.  This may not be easy when the little things start to annoy the other, but if theyre truly in love and enjoy the way that their partner complements them in their lives, communication and compromise will lead them to a long-term relationship. 

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