May 14 Zodiac is Taurus, Birthdays and Horoscope

May 14 Zodiac Personality

People born specifically on May 14 have a certain kind of lightness in spirit with a persevering attitude towards life. As someone with a May 14 zodiac, you are resourceful with a great mind that is ever flowing with ideas. Your kind, sweet-natured personality gains you a very good number of friends. You are supportive and an ever available shoulder to cry on.

You hate the feeling of solitude, as it makes you sad from thinking too much. This explains why you take comfort in the company of others and your positivity when approaching new faces. You are compassionate and easy going, making you likable and admirable by many. You have a wonderful expressiveness and are careful not to say anything that will offend anyone. Despite your ego, you are able to apologize sincerely whenever you make a mistake. You easily get disappointed, as you expect too much and are at times overly optimistic.


When deciding on a career path, your ambition is key. You seek an occupation where you are able to interact with others. You are gifted with an array of talents. Therefore you are able to perform a variety of tasks averagely well. A jobs salary is often secondary to its interest and satisfaction.

Connection, Network, Business, People
Taurus people work well alone or with others.

You respect peoples’ positions and choices and are ever willing to stretch out a hand to anyone who needs your assistance. You are good at encouraging others and are very productive once you engage in teamwork. People find it easy working with you as you are obliged to doing your part. You are responsible and this explains why you rarely miss for work or lose track of your roles.


As a Taurus, you are an individual who highly values the importance of keeping a close eye on managing your finances. You prefer taking charge in determining the usage of your money. You rarely squander money on unnecessary items because you prefer putting the money away for a rainy day. Also, you prefer having many sources of income to avoid running into problems with cash flow.

Flowers, Florist, Creative
Perhaps you can use your interested to make money on the side.

Even though you can be a bit stingy, you are ever willing to help where you can and are cautious to know how your money has been spent. Your pride and ego of independence make you shy away from borrowing. Loan assistance is usually your last option and will only end up depending on it when there is no other solution.

Romantic Relationships

For a Taurus with a May 14 zodiac, you are eager when it concerns affairs of the heart. You are a conflicting mix of extrovert and introvert when committed to a romantic relationship. At times, you will be playful and vibrant while at other times you will get moody and grumpy for no apparent reason. You look for a partner who can cope with this and one who accepts you for the person you are. Your love flows strong and deep and blinds you from all the flaws of your soul mate.

Pisces, Friends, Enemy, Argue
When it comes to Taurus people, opposites do not attract.

You enjoy being adventurous with your partner and making time meaningful with them. A suitable companion should share the majority of your interests, beliefs, and views about life. You are very passionate and touchy in between the sheets. This keeps the fire burning in your relationships.

Platonic Relationships

Being born on May 14, the tenor of your social life is one of the most relevant influences on your attitude towards life. You are naturally friendly. Being a good listener draws people towards you without trying too hard. Your happiness, as a Taurus, partially hinges on your capacity for social living.

Friends, Women
Surround yourself with friends to keep your mood up.

Having no friends makes you bored and less cheerful. You have a high degree of mental alertness and a very good sense of intuition that makes people want to be associated with you. You try not to disappoint. This makes you very dependable. You are fairly active on social networking sites as you like engaging in healthy discussions and debates. You like speaking your mind and sharing your opinion with other people.


Family is an important institution for a person with a May 14 zodiac. You have a habit of looking up to family for support and doing your best to be there for them when they need you as well. You show concern when the silence from your family raises alarm by taking the initiative to check on them.

Spending time with your family means everything to you.

You hardly miss out on any special moments related to the family. You enjoy sharing your joys and sorrows with your parents to get their suggestions which you put into consideration. Also, you give advice to your siblings concerning life choices as you only want the best for them. You try not to hurt their feelings by showing interest whenever they need your undivided attention.

May 14 Birthday


Health problems experienced by Taurus zodiacs of this day are usually brought about by your casual outlook towards keeping in an excellent condition. This does not mean you have no concern, but only shows how you are ever too busy to put more concentration on maintaining generally healthy wellbeing.

Fruit, Berries
Improve your diet to improve your health.

You are adventurous and like trying out different foods. Cut off excess calories and replace them with more of vitamins by consuming more fruits. You care about your physical appearance and make an effort of taking part in physical activities that keep you in shape. Take more time off your busy schedule to relax your mind by engaging in practices like swimming and yoga.

May 14 Zodiac Personality Traits

Your main strengths of character lie in your empathy for emotional cues and your sensitivity to people’s moods. Your trustworthy reliable enthusiasm helps you focus on achieving your goals in life. You have a dignified conduct and moral principles that stop you from making unwise decisions. Your touch of idealism is usually well complimented by your orderly stance. You are very assertive and prefer learning from your own mistakes. You are a tad less patience than most Taurus bulls and this explains why you easily get frustrated. Listen carefully to your own instincts as you believe in yourself.

Bull, May 14 Zodiac
Taurus is symbolized by the bull.

May 14 Zodiac Symbolism

You are simply amazing with a touch of compassion that enables you to fit in almost everywhere. Your inquisitive nature and credibility in gathering up information are responsible for your curious mind. The fourteenth card from the magician’s bag is chosen specifically for you. You are bestowed with a rebellious nature to back down and your sharpness of mind helps you rise from your failures.

Diamond, May 14 Birthday
The clear diamond is classic, but diamonds in other colors can also fit your birthday horoscope.

The gemstone that owns the name diamond brings you wisdom and good fortune. The 5th digit will never give you a frown. Be sure to count on it when you are looking forward to winning games and the likes.

May 14 Zodiac Conclusion

You are a character gifted with a great blend of self-awareness and concentration on what is happening around you. Your affability and ability to turn out the best of anything enable you to have good progress in life. You should tone down on expecting too much and try expecting less to be more satisfied and happy with circumstances. The planets Venus and Mercury reign your personality traits. You should learn to own your mistakes. Try to focus more on your best attributes and not your misfortunes.


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