Gemini Gemini Partners For Life, In Love or Hate, Compatibility and Sex

Gemini/Gemini Love Compatibility 

Can Gemini find a compatible love relationship with someone born under the same sign? Find out more about a Gemini/Gemini relationship in this article. 

Gemini Overview 

Gemini (May 22 – June 21) is exciting and clever.  They bring with them a knack for conversation and entertaining others with their wit and knowledge.  Learning about a variety of things is important to them, but the classroom isn’t where they always want to get their information.  Gemini is often on the move with a thirst for adventure and travel.  They want to experience many things, learn new languages, immerse themselves in different cultures, and share those adventures and experiences with others.  Geminis are fun to be with and are ready to help their friends whenever they need them. Their independence is important to them.  While their knowledge will get them far in school and work, theyre easily bored with routine and restrictions.  Theyre as adventurous in sex as they are in the rest of their life, which makes for exciting sexual relationships. 

Gemini/Gemini Relationships 

When two Gemini come together in a relationship, theyre thrilled to have someone who shares the gift of the gab and a passion for adventure along with the energy to keep up.  Wherever they go, they know they have a partner thats confident and can hold their own at a social function without being a wallflower who needs a boost in order to join in a conversation.  They enjoy their independence to do what they enjoy yet have someone to share it with.  At the same time, when theres double the positive, theres also double the negative.  While they can understand where the other is coming from, they may not have the patience or skills to be the supportive one.  Communication is on their side, and they may find that its the ideal relationship to be in.  When they make their time together one of the most important things in their lives, itll be very rewarding. 

Positive Attributes in a Gemini/Gemini Relationship 

Theres almost no topic that these two cannot talk about.  They may find themselves talking day and night covering all manner of topics.  Both keep up with the news and think about it in a logical or rational fashion so theres always something on their mind.  However, they may not necessarily be found sitting at a lecture because it won’t hold their attention.  Its the engagement of the conversation thatll keep them involved on topics that others may zone out on. 

Couple Chatting, Coffee
A Gemini/Gemini relationship will be full of chatter and conversation

Geminis are also flexible.  If someone else wants to make a decision, chances are good that theyll go with it and not demand control.  Theyll offer any feedback if needed, but if all of the options have been weighed and they need to either move on or accept a loss, they won’t fight that decision.  In some cases, theyll get so excited that theyll react impulsively and jump right in.  They can be successful in their work because of this flexibility and quick decisions.  They may not make the right decision every time, but they work hard for what they have and to maintain their lifestyle. 

Change is something they can agree on.  Routine is equivalent to boredom for this sign. They may make a change to their appearance, their attitude, their home, or a planned activity in exchange for a more exciting one.  Gemini can change their nail color every day or have a new hairstyle each day of the week.  They also change up their sex life.  One day they may crave to be dominated while the next they’ll lay on the romance.  When they say variety is the spice of life, this is definitely true for this couple. 

Negative Attributes in a Gemini/Gemini Relationship 

Gemini can be moody, and theres little to predict when this happens.  The symbol for Gemini is “twin”, and sometimes it may seem that they have a split personality like a set of twins in one body.  While their partner can easily relate to these mood swings, it can still come as a surprise when it happens.  It can also affect their day when they have to deal with snappy comments when their own day is bright and cheery.  Even a benign conversation can lead into an argument when they get short-tempered.  The best way for them to cope with it is to be understanding and either let it run its course.  Sometimes just talking it out can ease everyone’s mind. 

Gemini is rational and logical, but in they can get over-excited. This can cause them to be impulsive and jump into commitments that come with a high risk.  While this can be to their financial gain, they may lose a lot if they take too many risks at once.  Patience isn’t a strong trait for this sign.  With partners of the same sign, its less likely that one will be the voice of reason that will remind them to slow down and focus on a few at a time rather than invest back to back.  They need to allow their investments to mature some before they plan their next project. 

Job, Career
Gemini/Gemini relationships mean that there’s no one to balance the other out when they get distracted by too many projects.


When it comes to compatibility, a Gemini/Gemini relationship has much going for them.  They can develop a friendship or a romantic relationship with someone who’s willing to take on the world with them.  With so much to share and a flexibility with each other they’re not likely to start a fight when a decision is made by one.  When they come to a disagreement or when the moods swing, they need to slow down.  In some cases, they may need to allow each other some freedom to regroup and come back stronger.  Communication and compromise are two things that this couple understands and can use to keep their relationship strong.  Its not the goal of Gemini to change the other, because they wouldnt want that for themselves.  Thatll endear both of them and strengthen their bond even more.  This relationship will take some work, but overall their love compatibility makes it an ideal long-term match. 

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