Leo Libra Love Compatibility

Leo Libra Love Compatibility 

Leo Libra love compatibility can often be described as harmonious bliss. But what about all the ins and outs of this pairing? We take a closer look.  

Leo Overview 

The lion that symbolizes Leo (July 23 – August 21) reflects their leadership qualities and confidence.  This sign is a competitor and works to be the best in their field.  They aim to do all they can with emotional support from their friends and family.  The leader of the group, they’ll work long hours towards their success.  Their energy spills over to their leisure, as does their competitive nature.  They want to spend time with others who share their enthusiasm and passion for adventure and give them a run for their money. 

Arrow, Leadership, Careers, Leo
Leo likes to take charge and be the leader of the group.

Libra Overview 

Libra (September 24 – October 23) wants to be able to find balance in their life.  This can be work and play, friends and family, and so on.  They have many skills and are reliable when it comes to supporting others.  Communication is one of their best skills which is evident in their joy of spending time with others.  They can be described as helpful, friendly, and positive.  In their search for love, theyre interested in someone who can share their interests but mostly share their thoughts.  Great conversations and an intellectual connection will keep them happy in the long term. 


Leo Libra Love Compatibility Overview 

Harmony is a word that describes a Leo Libra relationship.  Theyre able to take their common interests and complement each other as they work as a team.  Leo has the energy and motivation while Libra has the resources to help them reach their goals or even beyond.  Their relationship will have the ability to balance with the effort they put toward it.  Theyll also find deep love and understanding that will connect them with a strong bond. 

Positive Attributes of Leo Libra Love Compatibility 

This complementary pair starts like many other couples.  Theres an attraction and curiosity from their first meeting.  Leos outgoing and keeps up with their social networking to help them toward their goals.  They work hard to move up the ladder of success and want to meet with people who can help them on their way.  Libras also a social sign which makes friends quickly.  Theyre also smart and resourceful though they don’t have the same drive for success as Leo.  When they connect, their positive attitudes will be a boost to their self-esteem.  Both of them look for encouragement and will find it in each other.  Libra may not have the same level of independence as Leo because they can be indecisive, but the support they get from their love interest can improve their confidence. 

Progress, Leo
Leo wants to advance to the top of every ladder they come across.

Their intelligence and conversational skills will keep them talking and sharing for a long time.  Both of them love to talk and share, and they have a lot of topics and ideas to discuss.  Travel or adventures together may be in their future because of those mutual interests.  Theyll find that they work well together, bouncing around some ideas that they can pursue as a team.  Individually, theyll be supportive of each other’s hobbies or interests.  They can also approach a situation with a different perspective that can help the other reach their goal. 

This relationship develops into a friendship that can turn into romance, love, and sex.  It can be playful and loving or physical and exciting.  What matters most to them is that theyre spending time together.   

Negative Attributes of Leo Libra Love Compatibility 

While there are plenty of positive attributes to this relationship, there are some aspects that require both people to focus their energy to maintain balance.  One of these areas concerns their busy lifestyles.  Leo, in particular, works hard and puts in long hours to get to the status they want in the workplace.  This could be from other assignments or networking with clients.  Theyre also social and want to unwind with their friends.   

Friends, Women
Leo is a very sociable sign and love to unwind with friends

Even though Libra understands this and supports their partner’s goals, they may feel like its neglecting their time together.  While it may not be intentional, feelings may be hurt if they don’t get any attention or occasional compliments.  Leo may also have those same feelings about a lack of care.  For them, a little attention or affection doesn’t have to come when theyre down or frustrated. Both of them can benefit from a simple compliment, an encouraging word, or the acknowledgement of their work toward a project.  If their day is too rushed, pillow talk may be the time they can give each other some attention. 

A Need for Control 

Control may be another negative issue in a Leo Libra relationship.  Leo wants to be in control of any aspect of their life.  They want to achieve on their terms or follow the master plan they drafted for their life goals.  Their love life is no exception.  Even though Libra doesn’t seem as independent as their partner; they won’t hand all of the decision-making to them.  They want to have a say in a decision or at least give their input.  This also includes the money they make from their hard work.  At the same time, theyre willing to settle or compromise rather than fight over it, so Leo could easily manipulate their partner’s need for balance to get their way.  When harmony and balance are gone from their relationship, its challenging to bring them back. 

Leo Libra: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have a lot going for them because of their similar interests and characteristics.  Their strengths complement each other’s in a way that makes them a great team at work and play.  Encouragement and support can lead them to successful endeavours.  They can converse on a variety of topics and share ideas that end up with positive results.  Finding new adventures to take and new ideas to create together will stop the relationship from becoming boring.  As long as they respect and trust each other, theyll find that their compatibility makes their relationship a strong one. 

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