Libra Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Libra Sagittarius Love Compatibility  

Looking to find out how successful Libra Sagittarius love compatibility will be? This article tells you all you need to know.  

Libra Overview 

Libra (September 24 – October 23) is the kind of sign that you would find at a social event talking to others with relative ease and a flirtatious smile.  Whether theyre breaking the ice with someone new or part of an indepth conversation, theyre giving off a positive vibe. They can be hard workers, especially when theyre working in a group.  Sometimes its difficult for Libra to keep their focus because they can get bored with mundane routines and repetitive events.  They look forward to adventures and activities thatll recharge their energy.  They want to be entertained, and falling in love and dating is full of entertainment for them.  The chase and romance are just a few things they enjoy when a relationship is new.   

Hug, Couple, Winter
Libra loves the thrill of romance.

Sagittarius Overview 

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22) is either on an adventure or planning their next one.  They enjoy the flexibility of being able to come and go as they please so that they can discover new places and different cultures.  They like to keep the drama low and the entertainment high.  This sign is also very easy to get along with.   Their temperament is easy going, and its rare to see them angry.  They respect the independence of their friends without feelings of jealousy or envy.  When theyre looking for love, they want someone whos a friend as well as a lover.  Theyre ready for anything from an active social life to an adventure thats far from boring.  They want someone they can talk to, share ideas with, and maybe even help them find some balance in their life. 

Libra Sagittarius Love Compatibility Overview 

Both of these signs have strong personalities which they can either respect or struggle with.  They can be the perfect combination of masculine and feminine energy or compatible with their interests in beauty and wisdom.  Theyre curious about the world around them and have a mutual understanding.  At the same time, they can be sensitive to their honesty and defensive of their flaws.  Libra is about balance, and its possible with a partner like Sagittarius.  It just takes more effort than they initially anticipated. 

Balance, Rocks
With a Sagittarius partner, it’s possible for Libra to achieve the balance they desire.

Positive Attributes of Libra Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

These two signs have a passion for excitement and adventure.  Libras willing to try new things, and Sagittarius is happy to come along for the experience.  Theyre both knowledgeable from their skills as well as the desire to stay informed.  This makes them wise choices when it comes to advice.  They can debate both sides of an argument to get the whole picture, or they can create a plan thatll lead to the successful outcome of an event.  Its a good sign that they work well together as they can motivate each other to stay on task until the assignment’s completion.  The way they play ideas off of each other and complement each other shows how they feed off each other. 

One thing thats better than one romantic in a relationship is two romantics.  Libra and Sagittarius are both romantics and will show each other how they feel with their actions and words.  This can be with flowers and personal messages or intimate sexual experiences.  They love to be in love, and theyre willing to bring on the heat to explore that chemistry when theyre together. 

Passion, Car, Sex, Couple, Kiss, Space
Libra and Sagittarius couples will enjoy an exciting sex life.

Negative Attributes of Libra Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

In the chance that debate or argument gets heated, its difficult for them to declare a winner.  Both of them are stubborn and want to be right, and they don’t want to call a truce when theyre as confident as they are in their position.  Some of their most heated come when they talk before they take the time to think about what theyre saying.  Sometimes they don’t consider the impact of their words or they feel that they have to be honest with their lover even though it may upset them.  Luckily, they don’t stay angry long, nor do they hold grudges. But they can have their feelings hurt when somethings said that offends them. 

Forgetting the Small Things 

Libra will remember important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, but their partner is more forgetful.  Sagittarius typically won’t call to wish their lover “happy birthday” because they don’t keep track of those kinds of things.  It’s not that they don’t care about their friend and confidant, its just not their thing.  This will bother Libra because they love the attention and gifts they get on special occasions, and recognition of their milestones is crucial to them.  Sagittarius has a similar problem with punctuality.  More times than not, theyll be late for dates, reservations, and even work.  Over time itll bother Libra until they cannot handle being a part of the relationship anymore with someone who doesn’t put in the same amount of effort. 

The Daily Routine 

When Libra and Sagittarius settle down into a longterm relationship such as living together or getting married, they may have arguments about chores and home-related responsibilities.  They love the time they spend away from home, but unless they have a cleaner someone has to do the daily clean-ups and maintenance.  Neither of them wants to do it, but Libra will probably do it to keep the peace.  This is especially true when Sagittarius feels the urge to test their freedom and head off to a new adventure and leave Libra behind.  Its likely that they understand their partner’s need for independence, but if it happens too often, theyll question their relationship.  After days of feeling like they’re used or unappreciated, Libra is likely to blow up out of resentment and frustration. 

Argue, Fight
If things get too much for Libra, they’re likely to blow up and argue.

Libra Sagittarius: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs will both love and cherish the quality time they have together.  Theyll share long conversations on a wide variety of subjects until their bodies tell them they need rest.  Not only will they encourage each other in the things they do together, but theyll show each other how much they care.  For a long-term relationship to work, they need to remember to think before they speak because sometimes their honesty is too brutal.  Also, they need to take a little more time and effort to make each other happy.  For Libra, this means that they can appreciate the love and gifts they receive even if its belated.  For Sagittarius, this could mean that they take a few minutes to pick up after themselves or check their upcoming events calendar on social media for birthdays.  Their relationship can be very compatible and satisfying so long as theyre respectful to the needs of their partner. 

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