Monkey 2020 Horoscope: Prepare for Change

Monkey 2020 Horoscope

The Monkey 2020 horoscope predicts a decent year ahead. However, Monkeys will have to work hard if they want something from the year. There are going to be varying changes coming their way both at home and at work. They have to prep for that as much as they can be.

There are going to be times where Monkeys are going to feel as though everything is crashing in around them, but even then they need to hold onto their confidence so they are not pulled under the wake. Holding on their confidence will help Monkeys to come out on top of the situation, which will better help them to find ways to solve problems.   

Monkey 2020 Birthday Years: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016.

Monkey 2020 Horoscope Predictions


The Monkey 2020 horoscope predicts luck in love. By holding onto their confidence, that is going to spread to their relationships and make them even more attractive. Monkeys should not allow themselves to be pushed around by their partner or by people that might not approve of their relationship.

Mirror, Woman, Reflection, Makeup, Self Confident
Confident Monkeys will have the best luck in love this year.

Though Monkeys are best known for being carefree people that love to joke around, they should take 2020 as a chance to improve their communication skills. Telling others how they feel about things and not letting people brush off what they are saying as sarcasm or a joke will be an important skill to have in 2020. If the Monkey feels like diving into telling others about how they feel might be a bad idea, they can always start smaller with their family or closest friends as a warm-up.  


There will not be a lot of health problems coming to the Monkey in 2020. They should, however, pay very close attention to any sort of “minor” ailment. If they have a sore throat, an upset stomach, they should get into seeing the doctor as soon as they can.

Snake Fitness, Yoga, Stress
Try yoga as a way to reduce stress and improve your health.

Monkeys should also be watching their stress levels very carefully because when those go up, things can really hit the fan fast. Yoga classes, meditation, essential oils, and sports can all help with stress. Traveling, like for a vacation, could also be a big help on stress levels.  


Monkeys are very creative people by nature. The Monkey 2020 horoscope predicts that they will be even more creative than usual this year! Monkeys should play things by ear so they are not getting themselves into trouble. They should make sure that it is the time and place to tell others about their ideas.

Budget, Class, Teacher, Student, Tutor
Communication is key in the workplace in 2020!

If a Monkey wants to try a new idea at work, they should absolutely ask their boss before taking sort of action. Keeping a strong relationship with the people they work with and under would be in their best interest. It might be a little harder than normal this year, but Monkeys need to find a way to make a clear line before work and home. One of the easiest ways to do this for them to just leave work in the office.    


Monkeys usually have a handful of hobbies. In 2020, it is a good idea for them to do a bit of research and see if any of their hobbies can bring them a little bit of extra cash. Monkeys working for commission are going to have the best time and luck when it comes to income. Overall, it is going to be a good year for all Monkeys. They should not be taking advice from their friends on how to make more money.  iAdvice related to gambling, investments, or partnerships should be avoided. If a Monkey gets the chance for travel, they take it. There might be some money in it for them.    

Monkey Horoscope 2020: Feng Shui

There are a handful of things that Monkeys can do to further lift their luck in 2020. If a Monkey is worried about their job, they should consider using a Stone Tree or some Dzi beads. Wearing or using moonstones, citrine, or jasper will bring luck to a Monkey’s overall wellbeing. Since there are going to be a couple of hard times that show themselves, Monkeys should remember their sense of humor along the way because they can further assist them in not being dragged under by the pressure.  

Moonstone, Gem, Monkey 2020 Horoscope
The moonstone may look simple, but its gem and color will bring luck in 2020.

The best directions to Monkeys in 2020 are going to be southeast, west, and northwest. Their best numbers are two and three. Their colors are whites, blacks, and blues. They stay away from reds and greens.

Monkey 2020 Horoscope Conclusion

Luck is in the air, according to the Monkey 2020 horoscope. However, Monkeys need to work if they want luck to come to them. Benjamin Franklin once said, “I am a strong believer in luck and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” While he was not born in the Year of the Monkey, (he was born in the Year of the Dog) his advice still applies. Work hard, don’t bring trouble into your life, and your 2020 should be grand.


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