Sagittarius Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Sagittarius Sagittarius Love Compatibility  

When two people born under Sagittarius start a relationship with each other, it can be a coming together of the minds. But will it all be rosy for Sagittarius Sagittarius love compatibility? 

Sagittarius Overview  

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22) is one of the most carefree personalities of the zodiac.  They don’t let anything hold them back.  They enjoy the freedom of coming and going as they please, but they enjoy their time with other people.  Friends come quickly to them because theyre outgoing and personable.  Conversations are engaging and never one-sided.  They take a genuine interest in people and like to share their experiences.  If it sounds exciting, they want to be able to experience it for themselves.  They seek adventure and are ready to take on the challenge.  If someones setting up a trip, theyre ready to board the plane and go along for the ride.   

Business Trip, Laptop, Computer, Map, Travel
If someone’s planning a trip, Sagittarius is ready to board the plane with them.

Their relationships with others are positive because they enjoy the time they spend with them. They don’t feel jealous or possessive if they choose to spend time with other people as well.  Their life is about being happy and making the people theyre with happy.   

Sometimes its difficult for them to stick to a task or job if they find it too dull.  They seek entertainment, and routine work or chores aren’t fun for them.  When theyre bored or annoyed by something that isnt interesting, this may be one of the few times that they show that emotion. Their love life can be a happy time for them when they find someone who motivates them.   

Sagittarius Sagittarius Love Compatibility Overview 

A relationship with two people born under the same sign of Sagittarius can be the best and worst thing that can happen to them.  Luckily for them, the potential for a positive outcome dramatically outweighs the negative.  The best part of this relationship is finding someone who wants the same things they do.  Their desire for fun times and adventure are at the same high level.  Where the link can go sour is when they argue with the same level of intensity. 

Argue, Fight
Too much arguing could turn a Sagittarius Sagittarius relationship sour.

Positive Attributes of Sagittarius Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

When two Sagittarius are dating, theyre living their lives the way they always wanted to.  Theyre having a good time at parties and traveling wherever the wind takes them, but theyre doing all of these things with someone else who enjoys them.  This sign isn’t one that gets jealous.  When their partner is enjoying themselves with a new friend, Sagittarius is probably enjoying themselves in the same way.  They take part in conversations and sharing ideas and experiences.  They share an independent sign, so its highly unusual to find one Sagittarius acting clingy or possessive with their partner.  When theyre apart, theyre leading the life they want to fulfil their duties or taking on projects. Theres never a doubt in loyalty, and they get excited by the news and stories their partner brings back with them. 


Both of the people in this relationship are very adaptable.  They can adapt to new situations and settings.  If they miss their train, they know that they can get on the next one and take a mini adventure if the next one isn’t until the next day.  They don’t let delays or cancellations ruin their enjoyment.  For some, this is taking too many risks, but Sagittarius likes to be fearless and explore the possibilities. 

Fearless, Adventure
Sagittarius is fearless.

Their sexual chemistry is intense as they take care of the needs of their lover.  Their adventurous nature means that theyre willing to try new things and seek new ways to make their partner happy.  Theres an emotional and intuitive connection that they find when they follow their desires for love.   

Negative Attributes of Sagittarius Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

The mutual connection between two people who’re both born under the Sagittarius sign is undeniably positive for them.  At the same time, they have a stubborn streak that can lead to arguments filled with blunt words and hurt feelings.  They can easily forgive and forget, but they often forget to think before opening their mouths.  Surprisinglytheyre as sensitive personally as they are insensitive to others.  Coming from their partner, the words are likely to hurt more.  It may be hard for them to correct this habit, but if their goal is to make sure that their partner is happy, its worth a try. 

Talking, Communication
Sagittarius doesn’t always think before they speak which can cause a lot of hurt feelings.

Housekeeping isn’t on any Sagittarius to-do list.  The idea of routine tasks, clean-up, or even maintenance isn’t something that appeals to them.  They can be stubborn and see whos going to be the first to pick up after both of them. Their stubbornness can lead to a disgruntled partner wholl have a chip on their shoulder.  Both of them would rather sit back and enjoy video from their last trip instead of doing the laundry. They can figure out how to make a game of it, a friendly competition, or make sure that they call in a maid service.   


As for appointments for themselves, neither will encourage the other to go to see a doctor if they are complaining about an ailment.  They could do more to take care of themselves and each other, but often they cannot be bothered. 

Sagittarius Sagittarius: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, these two can create a lifestyle that suits their taste for travel, food, and new experiences.  Theyre comfortable with themselves and confident that their partner will never do anything to change them.  The time they spend together will be exciting and make them come back to each other every time.  They connect socially, emotionally, and sexually, but their connection can create tension when their cute comment comes out rude or blunt.  As much as they want to continue their life of decadence and enjoyment, they need to remember to take care of the little things in life.  The mundane tasks they wish to avoid can improve their life and extend it for more shared adventures and experiences for years to come. 

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