Dating A Virgo Man: Everything You Need To Know

Dating a Virgo Man

The Virgo man doesn’t fall in love easily. It takes a unique person to win over the Virgo man’s heart. He wants to be with someone who is calm and collected like he is. He examines every aspect of a potential partner’s personality before he decides to be with them. If you’re caring, loyal, and sweet then you might end up dating a Virgo man.

Personality Traits

The Virgo man is a perfectionist. He wants everything to be perfect in all areas of his life, down to the tiniest detail. This can make it harder for him to make a decision or to accomplish his goals. When he does choose or finish, he is sure he has done the right thing. This could be why he often takes a while to find a partner.

Dating A Virgo Man
Virgo men are perfectionists and like to keep themselves busy.

The Virgo man likes to keep himself busy. He feels most important when he is doing something to benefit himself or others. He is likely to take up a career helping others. He’s also the type of guy to help clean up the house, take care of the kids, or read before bed. He’s not one to lounge around and watch TV all day. Even though the Virgo man likes to help others, he also likes to keep to himself. He is not a social creature when he doesn’t need to be. This could be, in part, where his low self-confidence comes from. He needs to be with someone he can comfortably talk to and who can cope with his lack of interest in social events.

Dating A Virgo Man

Romantic Traits

The Virgo man takes a while to get into a serious relationship because he wants to make sure his partner is perfect for him. Even though it may take him a while to form a meaningful connection with someone, once he is in love he’s there to stay. The Virgo man is extremely loyal to his partner. It is unlikely he would ever cheat on someone.

The Virgo man makes a great husband. He is responsible in most aspects of his life, including finances and family matters. While the Virgin is the symbol for Virgo, most Virgo men want to be fathers. The ones who become fathers are often good at it. If you’re looking for a family man, then you should be dating a Virgo man.

Sexual Traits

The Virgo man doesn’t crave sex but he doesn’t shun it either. He doesn’t sleep with someone he has just met. He waits until a relationship has gotten serious before he gets into bed with them. Virgo men are vulnerable and want to do whatever he can to prevent his heart from getting broken. If you want to sleep with a Virgo man, you need to make the first move. Once in bed, the Virgo man will pay careful attention to everything he and his partner do. He carefully memorizes what his partner does and doesn’t like, making every time he and his partner have sex better than the last.

Dating A Virgo Man
Virgo men like to know their partner well before going to bed with them.

The Virgo man is not likely to suggest anything creative in bed, but he won’t turn down a lot either. He’s not a fan of anything degrading or role play but that doesn’t mean he turns it down. He may have fantasies of his own but he is a shy man. If you want to find his secrets you need to pry them out of him.


Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus make up the best matches for Virgo. These signs are down to earth and make a great match for the quiet Virgo man. Pisces and Virgo sometimes do well together, but only if you believe opposites really do attract. Gemini sometimes works out with Virgo but Geminis tend to be a bit emotional, which can make their relationship complicated. Most other signs are either okay or poor matches for Virgo. They are too different.

Dating a Virgo Man Conclusion

If you are calm, detail-oriented, and love the simple things in love, then you should try dating a Virgo man. He’s loyal to his partner if they’re loyal to him.

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