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Astrology Qualities: Mutable

When it comes to astrology, there are a couple of different groups or classes that the different zodiac signs fit under. There are moon signs, sun signs, elements, and a couple of others. One of the other groups are the three Qualities. The three qualities are Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable.

Each of these Qualities is carefully paired with each sign- each one getting four signs. The Qualities show how you do things, why you do things, and where you get your motivation from and how much motivation you have.

Mutable Signs, Mutable
Mutable sign symbol

What are the Mutable Signs?

The four Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.


What Sets the Mutable Signs Apart?  

Mutable signs are very flowing people. They go along with the flow and they are pretty good at adjusting to new settings because of it. They are rather flexible people and they have a special way of communicating because they change the approach of getting their point across depending on who they are talking to.

These people do not care a whole lot about standing out or standing their ground as they are more likely to blend into what is going on around them. As far as they are concerned, they only unchangeable standing they have is that they are helping as many people as they can.

Balance, Rocks
Mutable signs are usually emotionally balanced, but also not afraid of change.

Some of the other signs may feel that the Mutable signs have a sixth sense to some degree. They are great at picking out when something is bothering someone, they are sympathetic, and they can usually tell what is absolutely needed in what situation.  

Mutable signs, however, do in fact have a breaking point. They can only be stretched so far before they need to stop or they are going to snap. They know where this point is and sometimes they let themselves touch that point and then they have to rebuild a little and other times they stop long before they are in the danger zone.  

Gemini (March 21 to April 19)

Geminis are ruled by Mercury (this makes them witty, quick thinkers that are full of energy) under the element Air (this can make their emotions a little all of the place). These people love to talk so they can be picked out rather easily. What makes them even easier to pick out is that their almost constant talk is not just fluffed from the tip of their tongues, but rather that their speech is driven by the power of their brain. They are always talking about their curious people. This means that they are either asking questions or sharing the information that they have obtained.  

Gemini symbol

For some basically worded traits, Geminis are motivated, full of imagination, intelligent, generous, and a little moody. They are not people to seek out popularity but they do enjoy socializing and they are not ones to hold back thoughts and ideas from anyone or for anything. If they do need something, they can use their way of changing their speech approach to be very persuasive.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

Like Gemini, Virgos are ruled by Mercury (this gives them the energy they need to find all of the details they can) but they are under the element Earth (this can balance some of their bendiness). Virgos are usually teased by the other signs because of how critical they are. They are just as curious as Geminis, but they want to know everything to the smallest detail. These people are very humble and modest to the point that other signs might think they are actually repressing themselves. Because of how detail oriented Virgos are, they tend to be skeptical and sometimes even cynical because they want to see something before believing or trust it.

Virgo symbol

Easily put, people born under the sign Virgo are reliable, analytical, modest, fussy, they can be a little harsh at times, and they can also be a tad judgemental.  Something that a lot of people do not expect from a Mutable sign is conservative thinking. This is where the element Earth comes in. Virgos prefer for things to be taken slowly so they have time to go through life with a fine-toothed comb. So they are not usually ready for new ideas until they fully understand the last ones.     

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

People under Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter (this is where they get their sense of humor, playfulness, and enthusiasm from) and are paired with the element of Fire (this give them the energy to get the most experience out of life as possible). These people are friendly, lively, and outgoing. They love the ideas of different philosophies and they let their minds wander in them. They are impatient and honest so they can sometimes be a little whiny when they have to wait their turn to speak or they even just jump in the middle of someone else’s sentence to get their idea out to other ears.

Sagittarius symbol

Sagittarius people have a need for freedom, the outdoors, and travel. They are an idealist, optimistic, and generous. On the other hand, they can have trouble keeping promises they make and they can be rather blunt on their idea or thought deliveries. Most of the time, these people get annoyed with too many details, people that are overly clingy- to anything- and people who try to control them.


Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Pisces, for the most part, are very dreamy and sensitive people. They are insecure, compassionate, and a little cynical. These people are ruled by Neptune (where they get their dreaminess and love for art from) and under the element Water (where they get their emotional side from). They are empathic, a little clingy, and romantics that can have a little trouble accepting real life as it is. Pisces even have a mystic side to them that can draw people to them like a magnet.

Pisces symbol

This sign is made up of extremely selfless people who are always willing to help anyone they can. Most Pisces have a strong love or connection to music and art, often starting at an early age, due to being ruled by Neptune. Being ruled by Neptune is also how they are so caring, generous, and compassionate. These people are also known for their wisdom which they seem to have been born with. They are not judging people and they are quick to forgive instead of quick to hold a grudge.  


Mutable signs do have somethings in common. They all seem to be caring people that want to people anyone while; they go with the flow of things instead of trying to stand out, and they are all curious and sensitive people. So while they do they have something in common, it is important to remember that they are different as well seeing as they are all born under the rule of a different planet and belong to different Elements.  

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