All About Gemini

Gemini Personality Traits

Gemini sits as the third zodiac sign. This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury. Astrologically, this is the planet of communication. Therefore, the best thing that you can expect from this sign is communication. They are excellent at this.

They are also affectionate people capable of loving. In addition to this, they are considered as witty in nature bearing in mind that they easily adapt to situations. What makes Gemini interesting, is the fact that they are always full of energy. There is no day that you would find them gloomy. Yes, they can get angry but they easily forgive and forget.

They indeed have a personality worth loving if at all you can be patient with them. There is a lot that you need to learn about a Gemini. This critique dives in to reveal the most important facts that you might be mulling over about this sun sign. Take notes!


Without a shred of doubt, the main thing that pulls people to love or befriend someone is the traits that they have. Gemini is a curious individual. They are always gentle and affectionate to those that are close to them. Their witty nature is attributed to the fact that they easily grasp something without having to be repeated twice. The only issue with the Gems is that they are always indecisive.

Gemini Men

An interesting trait about the Gemini man is the fact that you can never get to understand them. They would bring their two-sided characteristics into the relationship you share. There are those days when they would be very serious whereas in some they would be nothing but a joke. They are also impatient. This is another attribute that you would have to cope with it at all you plan to stay close to them for a long time. You will also not fail to notice the fact that they are good when bringing up topics for conversation. Therefore, one thing you can be sure of is that your conversation will never be boring whatsoever.

Gemini, Man, Woman, Camera
A Gemini man is never boring; he always has something interesting to say.

In the case of love affairs, a Gemini man does not understand the need for stability in relationships. Also, if you are seeking security from this sun sign, you better try and find this elsewhere. Their inconsistency will only frustrate you.

Gemini Women

A Gemini woman might excite you considering the fact that they also have two personalities to share with you. On one end, you will appreciate the fact that they are loving and creative. This woman would always ensure that you have a smile on your face. Their compassionate nature would also help those that are close to them.

Gemini, Twins, Model, Women
A Gemini woman’s mood changes often. At times you might think she’s really two people in one!

On the other side of the coin, you might be confused about the type of person you are dealing with. As a matter of fact, you might find yourself thinking that she is crazy. Indeed they are! If you are going to take them through a boring way of life, then you should expect the worst from them. A Gemini woman has the mentality that life is too short to be held up by the same routines day in day out. Therefore, give them an adventurous life and rest assured that you would be their number one choice.

Gemini Sexuality

As earlier mentioned, a Gemini sign would expect life to be on a fast lane. This also applies to sex. Sex should not be something serious when it comes to a Gemini. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that they are a sign of communication. Therefore, sex would begin from the way you communicate with them. For the Gemini man and woman, there are certain sexuality aspects that they bear as discussed below.

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Gemini Man

Undeniably, it is quite a challenge to predict the sexuality aspect of the Gemini man. This is because of their two-sided attribute. At one time they can be the best lovers and the next minute they might prefer going to the gym rather than having sex with you. However, one thing is certain; they are the adventurous type in bed.  A Gemini man would want to take you on a sexual adventure that you have never experienced before. Consequently, if you love to experiment with things in bed, this is the perfect match for you.

Sexy Man, Tie, Bondage?
If you’re into trying new things in bed every once in a while, but not all of the time, then a Gemini man is perfect for you.

Nonetheless, if you expect a routinized way of having sex, chances are that your relationship might not last that long. Still, on this, there is a red flag about the sexuality of the Gemini man. Sex to them is just sex. They expect nothing more. They would be happy when sex is a way that both of you can entertain yourself. Thus, you ought to be careful when engaging in sexual affairs with the Gemini man. Be careful not to have your heart broken.

Gemini Woman

In addition to the fact that she would be a stunning lady, they would also use their seductive nature to play with you. If you are friends with the Gemini woman, it is quite likely that they might have played mind games with you. Don’t take them seriously!

Cell Phone, Woman, Text
Sexting and reading erotic novels can help to turn on a Gemini woman.

A Gemini woman is also sexually interested in the sense that she will be the one making the move on you if at all she deems it necessary. Certainly, keeping in mind that they are very attractive, you might find it difficult to resist them. An erotic conversation will definitely turn this woman on. Bring in some sensual touches and there you go, she will take charge of exploiting the sexual desires that you might have in mind.

Dating a Gemini

Before planning that date with a Gemini man or woman, there are several things that you should know about them. This will guarantee that the dating game kicks off on a positive note and perhaps you would increase your chances of winning them over.

First, you got to understand that they are talkative. This also means that their communicative aspect will invite a large circle of friends around your relationship. Hence, you should be ready for parties and events in your social calendar.

Party, Alcohol, Friends
Geminis tend to love parties, clubs, and group dates.

In addition to this, Geminis are overly flirtatious. This implies that you need to avoid becoming too jealous when they turn their heads to admire something that they like. Understanding them is one thing that would ensure that your dating game goes on smoothly and perhaps you might even take things to the next level.  

Gemini Man

Dating a Gemini man might at first seem to be a daunting task. This is because getting their attention would even be a nightmare. They have a large circle of friends that they are always busy chatting with. Thus, you would have to work hard to get their attention to like you.

Once you get to know them better, you would also be in a dilemma as you would never understand the man that you are in love with. It would seem as though you are dating two people at the same time! This can be irritating as you never know when they would turn their backs on you. Their talkative nature might scare you. This is because they would use this advantage to flirt around with some of your lady friends.

Flirting, Date, Couple, Man, Woman
The Gemini man is a HUGE flirt! However, he doesn’t always flirt only with his partner…

Consequently, if you are the jealous type, it is quite probable that you might suffer from stress. Likewise, you will also have to go over your social preferences when getting serious with a Gemini man. He is all about partying. Do you love to party? If not, you will have to learn how to enjoy life with this man.

Gemini Woman

This woman is no different from the Gemini man. She will always be the first person to flirt around with you. Similarly, she will make the first move if she finds out that you are shy to approach her. This can be an advantage to those men that are normally shy to make the first move.

Gemini, Woman, Business Woman
Gemini women aren’t usually afraid to make the first move.

Have you ever engaged in phone sex? A Gemini woman would try her best to prove to you that she is the sexiest woman ever. Therefore expect a lot of sexual activities around your dating game. Nonetheless, it is also good to know that this woman will never be alone. This also makes it very easy to get their attention. Just like the man, she is also busy partying with their friends. This will give you a hard time trying to explain to her that you want to have a serious relationship with them.

Gemini in Love

Settling down can be somewhat tricky for the Gemini individual. This is because they are always afraid of committing themselves to one partner. Therefore, you should not be surprised when they come up with the phrase “I think we should remain friends.”

Certainly, if they are going to engage in any sexual activity with you, this should only be with no strings attached. Their counterparts would always be frustrated with the way Gems approach relationships. They are never serious and to top this, their two-sided attributes makes things even difficult for a normal person to understand what they really want in a relationship.

Roses, Flowers
Love with a Gemini can be a bit complicated, to say the least.

It is also not surprising to find out that a Gemini can handle being in love with more than one person. They love to experience new things in life and sharing lovers can be a good way of doing this.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that Geminis cannot love at all. Certainly not! In the event that they find you satisfying and exciting at the same time, there is nothing that would stop them from settling down with you. When this happens, you ought to be patient with them as they might take a lot of time to digest the fact that you are in a relationship together.  

Gemini with Money

Gems are impulsive and indecisive at the same time. These two qualities give you the impression that they are not good with money. Certainly, they are not. Considering the fact that they love to party, this also means that they would have not the time to save their money for a rainy day. They also have the notion that life is short. Therefore, a Gemini would want to live today as if there is no tomorrow. This has a negative impact on the way they use their finances. Without a doubt, this is one area that would discourage other sun signs from partnering with them in business or in relationships.

Piggy Bank, Money
It can be rare to find a Gemini that is great at saving money.

Gemini Career

Bearing in mind that Gemini is ruled over by the planet of communication, the best career fields for them would be those that entail a lot of communication. For example, a preacher. This might sound funny but a Gemini would do a good job in preaching to people.

Group, People, Work
Jobs that involve a lot of communication are great for Geminis.

Journalism, post offices, travel agents, engineers, truck drivers, and stenographers are some of the fields that they might perform well. All these career fields do not require one to be stationed in one place. Remember that Gems hate routines. As a result, it would be wise to allocate them to areas where they can move freely.

Gemini Health

The Gemini individuals are normally involved in an active lifestyle. This implies that they would rarely suffer from diet-related diseases. Nonetheless, they would have to stick to high-energy foods that give them enough calories to run around throughout the day.

Their anxiety might pose an issue in their nervous system. Therefore, they would have to be cautious with how they deal with this aspect. Some foods that are recommended to keep their nervous system optimal include tomatoes, oranges, beans, plums, carrots, coconut, and celery. It is also important to note that Gemini people should keep off caffeinated drinks. This will only bring up health issues such as insomnia.

Smile, Unhappy, Sad, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar
Mental illnesses, like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are common in Geminis.

So, you are wondering which type of exercises will keep the Geminis strong and healthy. Considering the fact that they are high in energy, a Gemini would be recommended to engage in high-intensity workouts. Cardio exercises such as aerobics might be an excellent choice for them. This is because there are many activities involved in fitness activity. In addition to hitting the gym, you can also try engaging in sporty activities. This gives you an opportunity not only to keep fit but also to have fun with your friends.

Gemini with Fashion/Style

There is a lot to expect from a Gemini considering the fact that they hate routines. This means that they would not be wearing the same outfits from one day to the next. Bearing in mind that they are diverse individuals, the ladies would opt to have an immense collection of jewelry. Get to their wardrobe and you would notice one thing; they are messy. They love to shop, hence, they might not find time to arrange everything that they buy.

Style, Clothing, Shopping
Gemini’s are likely to own a lot of clothes, but that doesn’t mean that they stick to any one style.

Geminis are all about expressing themselves. What they choose to wear would also communicate something important about their personality. This makes them choosy when settling for fashion and trendy outfits. Surprisingly, these individuals would not fail to have party outfits for every weekend. All they yearn to do is to stand out among their friends.

Compatibility with Other Signs

Now that you know a lot about a Gemini man or woman, chances are that you are wondering how they would get along with other sun signs in the zodiac chart. Certainly, this is an important consideration to keep at your fingertips. If at all you are the worst match with a Gemini, it would be wise to reconsider dating another individual from the zodiac chart.

Geminis would interact peacefully with other air signs such as Aquarius and Libra. The compatibility with these air signs is high simply because these signs would understand why Gemini chooses to be indifferent. As a matter of fact, Aquarius would work perfectly since they would give Gemini the time they need to hang out with their large circle of friends.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Zodiac
Gemini tends to do the best with other air signs.

Fire signs might also find an exciting life with the Gemini. For example, Leo and Aries. These two signs also live life on a fast pace. Thus, when paired with Gemini, they might not struggle to find peace, love, and harmony.

On the contrary, a lot would have to be done for a relationship to work with a Pisces sign. They are overly emotional and clingy at the same time. These are the attributes that would discourage Gems from even trying to approach individuals from this sun sign.


By now you should have made up your mind on the kind of a relationship you would have with a Gemini. They are witty and creative people. Also, they are the people that would spark up your life into something that you never anticipated before. As a result, if you are looking for an individual that would bring some light into your dark life, you ought to settle for a Gemini.

All you need to be wary of is inviting strings in a relationship where there are no strings involved. Remember, they prefer a platonic relationship. The best you can do is to be a good friend to a Gemini.

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