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All About The Dogs

The Dog sits at the eleventh position in the Chinese zodiac chart. The years of the Dog are 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030, 2042, etc. Therefore, if you were born in any of those years then you must be a Dog. This means that you need to find out more about what this sign holds for you. Some of the questions that you would find answers to by understanding your zodiac sign are; what is your destiny? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What turns you on? By getting answers to these questions, it’s clear that you’ll in a better position to understand yourself. This article describes, in detail, how  Dogs fare when it comes to love, dating, money, their careers and their compatibility with other signs in the Chinese zodiac chart.  

Year Of The Dog, Chinese Zodiac
People born in the Year of the Dog are loyal and honest.

Traits and Characteristics  

Getting to know your personality traits and characteristics is one of the key things that lightens you up. It’ll help you understand the things that make you happy and those that simply make you sad. In addition to this, your interactions with other people will also depend on your traits and characteristics. Here’s a look at the personality traits of Dog men and women.

Dog Men 

Loyalty and honesty are certainly some of the two things that you would be getting from Dog men. When this man considers you as a friend or family member, they’ll always be honest when interacting with you. You’ll have trouble getting to know this man in detail. This is because they always keep their feelings to themselves. In fact, there’s a possibility that you might perceive them as stubborn. It’s important to understand that Dogs aren’t good at expressing themselves. This will give you a good reason not to hate them when they retreat and go silent for a while.  

Honesty, Stones, Sand
Men born in the year of the Dog are exceptionally honest

Dog Women 

Dog women aren’t that different to their male counterparts. They prefer to live quiet lives. Most of the time, you’ll find that this woman exists in her thoughts. In order to share a blissful relationship with them, this is a personality attribute that you’ll have to come to terms with. The good thing about this woman is the fact that she’ll do anything that is required of them. Sadly, they won’t do anything extra. They don’t go beyond what’s required of them. Dog women will rarely sacrifice her freedom to impress others. She believes that there are better things to do in life than impressing other people.  

Dog Sexuality  

So, what about the sexuality of people born in the year of the Dog? Do they make ideal lovers to get intimate with? Certainly, this is an important consideration to keep in mind before settling down with people from different Chinese zodiac signs. Truth be told, different people have varying ways of getting along with each other. In relation to this, it’s wise to first know whether you’re a perfect match for your lover in terms of their sexuality traits before taking things to the next level. This guarantees that you’ll live in harmony together without pointing fingers on your sexuality weaknesses.  

Dog Men 

As pointed out earlier on, the Dog has big issues when it comes to expressing themselves. Well, this also applies to their sexuality. It might take some time before the Dog man finally gets intimate with you. It’s for this reason that they’re normally well matched with expressive individuals who’ll speak out bluntly about their sexuality. Nonetheless, Dog men will be easily impressed with what they see. This implies that they’ll go after women who have nice and sexy bodies. The secret to winning the heart of the Dog man is to give them the perception that you care a lot about their feelings. This will give them a good reason to open up and have sexual fun with you.  

Dog Women 

The one thing that’ll make you stick close to a Dog woman is the fact that she’s one of the most loyal animal signs you’ll ever get intimate with. She’ll put her needs and demands first. Therefore, the key to a successful sexual affair with this woman is through her feelings. Show appreciation where possible. Give her compliments from time to time and make her understand the feelings that you have for her. Remember, they’re also poor in expressing their feelings. Consequently, it’s up to you to take on the role of making them feel comfortable around you. Once you achieve this, the Dog woman would offer their best in your relationship.  

Dating A Dog, Pampering
Dogs like to be pampered, so make sure you make them feel special and pay them compliments often

Dating a Dog 

It’s not until you win the trust of a Dog that you realize the good things that they have in store for you. Well, getting to this point might prove to be a challenge. It’s for this reason that most people from other Chinese zodiac signs easily give up after trying for a short while. Undeniably, Dogs won’t make things easy for you. Try and picture dating someone that rarely expresses how they feel, sounds awkward, right? Doing your best to win the Dog over is the only secret that will earn you the goodies that you’re strongly craving. 

Dog Me 

Right from the start, you might consider this animal sign as a sign of celibacy. The sheer fact that Dog men have a huge problem in expressing their feelings, this will affect them greatly. In addition to this, Dog men always have a problem trusting their own feelings. This means that they’ll take ages before finding their one true love. The fear that they hold inside keeps them wondering about the best possible matches for them. Undoubtedly, no one is perfect. This is something that Dogs should have in mind.

When dating a Dog man, one should simply be patient and wait for him to come around. The last thing that you should do is force him into making decisions that he isn’t ready to make. For instance, don’t point out bluntly that he needs to propose or declare his love for you. Rest assured that what they have inside is far much important.  

Proposal, Engagement, Dog Men
Men born in the year of the Dog like to take their time so don’t push them too quickly into committing

Dog Women 

Dog women will always impress you with the loyalty that she brings to your relationship. Once she’s settled her mind on spending time with you, she’ll do so out of her own will. She doesn’t divide her mind into two different things. Therefore, expect nothing but the best from her. However, there’s a possibility that she might seem reluctant in the dating game. Well, this is linked to the fact that she’s faithful. She knows perfectly that she would not revoke the yes that she already gave you and so will take her time before giving you an answer to be sure that she’s doing what’s right for her.  

Dogs in Love 

Dog lovers are proud and aren’t ready to be associated with relationships full of heartbreaks. This means that they’ll be careful when choosing who to settle down with. Dogs are simply afraid of disappointments. Thus, they’ll approach love with lots of caution. This is an attribute that you should understand about them. Dog women, in particular, will be afraid of being betrayed and left out in the cold. It’s for this reason that she’ll resist your charms until she is certain that you’re her Prince Charming. Dog men will also be wary about their emotions. This would be their main focus before declaring their love for you.   

Marriage, Sex, Wedding
Dog people like to take things slow but they’re extremely faithful once they do commit

Dogs with Money  

The mere fact that Dogs are easygoing could have a detrimental effect on their financial well-being. There’s a chance that Dogs might spend a lot of money without thinking about what the future holds for them. Aside from this, their hardworking nature is perhaps a personality that would make them successful in the businesses they handle.  

Dog Careers 

Dogs are always ready to learn. This is one of the main reasons why they’re always successful in their career fields. Your close friends will also admire the promotions that you keep getting from one year to the next. Partly, the success of the Dog zodiac sign is attributed to the attitude that they have when approaching jobs. They love challenges in their lives and conquering these challenges is what makes them feel good. Ideal jobs for the Dog are police officer, counsellor, judge, professor, interior designer, priest, clerk and a scientist.  

Studying, Woman, Monkey
Dogs love to continually learn so succeed in many careers

Dog Health  

Generally, Dogs are very careful when it comes to their feelings. They’re normally afraid of getting hurt. It’s through this fear that they remain healthy all year long. They also engage in sporty activities which helps in warding off common diseases such as fever, coughs and the common cold.  

Dog Fitness 

It goes without saying that Dogs appreciate the need to keep themselves fit. They seek happiness in their lives. One simple way of getting this by working out. This infers that they’ll gladly stick to the working out routine that their instructors give them.  

Dogs with Fashion /Style 

Dogs might not be good in fashion. This is attributed to the fact that they rarely express themselves. This implies that it might be hard to tip them on the best outfits that are trendy. Purple, green and red are some of the colors that Dogs love to wear most.  

Compatibility with Other Signs 

Chinese zodiac signs that could share a happy relationship with the Dog are the rabbit, tiger and the rat. On the other hand, signs such as sheep, ox and the dragon, would have to show each other concessions for relationships to thrive.   


There you have it. From the look of things above, there’s more to learn about the Chinese animal sign that you were born under. It means a lot that you get to know what it means for you. If you’re a Dog, you would know how you fare with relationships, money, career and whether you’re compatible with other signs in the Chinese zodiac chart.   


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