January 7 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 7 Zodiac Personality

January 7th babies are known for their social behavior. This is influenced by their friendly nature and their love for the company. However, they are very careful and choosy on who to be social within the society. They fall under the Capricorn group represented by the goat sign. The planet Neptune is believed to have influence over their personality, which involves wanting to be independent, being clever and being a little bit sensitive.


When it comes to the field of work, January 7th babies tend to have an expansive mind.  They are very creative in nature and are always flowing with ideas. Again, they enjoy working with others and at the same time, they have a passion to work for people.

Career, Business People
Capricorns can both work well in a group or alone.

In working sessions, they tend to understand their colleagues’ actions and are able to relate with them well. They are always willing to sacrifice their time to work for more hours hence creating morale among the rest of employees. They are very sharp and inventive in ideas therefore able to create additional sources of income. Demanding jobs are their forte, to say the least. Coworkers will also realize that they always happen to be the bosses’ favorite.


Being a Capricorn,  you are financially comfortable due to money management skills. You desire luxury but always prefer saving for your future needs. Capricorns tend to cater to their basic needs first to avoid spending money in a wrong way. Nevertheless, you always want to start new businesses to expand income.

Paint, Art
Capricorns are notorious for taking on creative side-gigs to supplement their income.

You are not a lazy character as you always want to get good money. You are money oriented and happens to be the one always lending out money to family and friends. Planning ahead of time, and avoiding using your credit card when you don’t need it, can make you even better at saying money.

Romantic Relationships

January 7th babies are a little distant when it comes to relationships. In a way, they don’t easily connect with other people quickly. They are difficult to get close to due to their shy nature. They have a tendency of hiding a passionate and a loving center but will always reveal to those they know well.

Born On Jan 7

A compatible partner will be one who has the same ambitions and views of the world similar to theirs. Being a free-spirited person you will happen to be a perfect match for them. Having a partner who gives them some alone time is what they like. They love having their moments of solitude and will always choose a soulmate who understands this. They hardly commit themselves to a romantic relationship unless they are very certain. Most of them are emotionally cool and have control over their feelings. Their outer being could portray toughness emotionally but they still get hurt.

Sex, Bed, Couple, Love
January 7th adults are not likely to have sex until they are in a committed relationship.

They value privacy and love having moments of solitude. They are very shy when it comes to intimate relationships but are very romantic when they find a marching soulmate.

Platonic Relationships

Capricorns have a very social nature; they have many friends in the society and love making new ones every day. Being nice is something they treasure as they like making everyone happy no matter what the condition. Being alone makes them sad and moody.

They are always able to balance work and party life. Being associated with the young generation entices them, as they are able to look younger than their actual age. Putting the fun in their timetable is an important thing to them no matter how overwhelming their work is.

Men, Friends
Capricorns are quick to make friends.

Also, they are respectable and have a high status in society as everyone looks up to them. Ignoring their natural senses land them in trouble as they have a psychic gift. To sum it all up, they have a very positive attitude and optimism is their key to success.


Family always comes first for a January 7th baby. You believe and feel that family ties are very necessary for life. You will always find yourself calling home to know how they are doing. However, it’s not uncommon to get into arguments with your siblings, but it is always in good faith as you care a lot about them. Try not to get involved in their love lives as it never ends well. Your siblings find you bossy as you always want them to do things your way. Nevertheless, they always find themselves looking up to you as a role model. This is because you appear independent and responsible in their eyes. You get disappointed when they hide things from you as they find you quite judgemental.

Mother, Child
People born on January 7th will make great parents!

Your cautiousness and way of resolving things makes you a good candidate for parenthood. They shouldn’t doubt their parenting skills as they are able to create time for kids no matter how tight their schedule is. They stand for the character that every parent points to their children to ‘be like’.


Health is an important aspect of our lives. Capricorns always make sure they are generally satisfied with their health. They are always happy to avoid stress. They also need to solve their troubling issues whenever they arise for peace of mind.

Again, you find them spending their free time on exercises to keep their bodies fit. In times of distress, their sleep patterns are usually affected and you will find them having insomnia issues. They are fatigued and a little grumpy due to unresolved issues. They need adequate rest for their physical and mental well-being.

Snake Fitness, Yoga
Yoga may help January 7th babies to improve their physical fitness and mental health.

Natural supplements interest them a lot and you will find them opting home remedies to improve their health status. They have private doctors in most cases who do annual checkups on them to make sure their body organs are fully functional.

Personality Traits

People born on January 7th usually stick to many of the usual Capricorn personality traits. However, they do have some personality traits that help them to stand out from the Capricorn crowd. Some of the most important of there personality traits are listed below.

The sign of Capricorn is a goat.


Opinion matters to you as a Capricorn. You tell it as you see it. Hiding issues is not a part of your personality, especially when the truth is involved. People who do not perform as you expect to disappoint you dearly.

Hug, Couple, Winter
Because of their honest nature, January 7th adults are not likely to cheat when in romantic relationships.

Keeping promises is another virtue of Capricorn babies their word is very significant and assuring to anyone. They prefer talking to people whom they trust.

Easily Interested

Getting involved in discussions is part of them, as they like sharing and listening to ideas. A January 7th person can become interested in just about any subject. This is true for both January 7th adults and children. They are likely to be in clubs as a child or attend secondary education courses as a teen or adult.

Studying, Woman, Monkey
January 7th people will look for ways to continue learning throughout their whole life.


Justice and fairness is something January seventh babies treasure a lot. They tend to be the voice of the oppressed. They own a character of kindness and are always ready to stretch out a hand to that in need. Forgiveness is a valued trait of theirs, and are they are ever ready to give people a second chance.

Friends, Women
Capricorns will always try their best to be fair and honest with their friends.


The birthday date of a Capricorn has root number seven, which shows their mysterious character. Your willpower is always ’having a minute’. You do anything to make things right and put all your effort to make ends meet. You are always very lucky and leaves a trail of blessings wherever you go. Jade color stands for the Capricorn babies and always brings them luck in their day to day lives.

Luck, January 2Nd, Clover, Plant
Luck and determination drive a Capricorn’s life.

January 7th Birthday Symbolism

The planet Saturn rules the behavior of January seventh babies. Neptune also influences their personality such as being friendly and enjoying the company. These planets affect these people for their whole lives.

Saturn, Planet
This planet will have varying effects on a January 7th baby, depending on the place of the planet in its cycle.


You have an avid fascination and your most desire is happiness. Living to advance worldly knowledge more than materialistic aims is your goal. Your guts give you guidance and enable you to have a purpose in life. They have a gift of being steady and very determined to have what they want in life. They learn to appreciate their blessings and accept circumstances giving them a mature character.

However, they tend to interfere with people’s lives as an act of concern. Their curiosity is always from a positive angle but it is advised to tone it down to avoid squabbles with their loved ones.

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