Dragon Dog Compatibility: Friends Or More?

Dragon Dog Compatibility

Dragon dog love compatibility is quite low. The two are quite distinct and will definitely have a very difficult time getting along with each other, let alone creating a successful association. It is only when they are able to understand and appreciate one another that they will create that perfect love match. Nevertheless, both are quite devoted and dedicated to their main cause. They can thus put in the required effort to create a firm relationship. It looks like a complicated relationship. Will this be the case? This article looks at the Dragon Dog love compatibility.

Dragon Dog Compatibility

Dragon Dog compatibility brings two of the most caring beings of the Chinese Zodiac. The two would never want to see people they know suffering in any way. They are always ready to sacrifice their own comfort for the happiness of other people. They are also quite protective of those that they love. Hence, they will protect each other from the cruelties of this world.

Dragon Dog

Although the Dragon is emotionally aloof, he/she is quite supportive and protective of those close to him/her. On the other hand, the Dog, just like the animal itself, is very sympathetic and caring. He/she can be very fierce so as to protect those that he/she adores. Due to this shared compassion, the couple will take very good care of each other. Both will work effortlessly to meet each other’s needs. They will also have a lot of fun as they help other people.


One thing that could bring the Dragon and the Dog together is the good ethics that they share. Despite the Dragon being quite egoistic, he/she is very moral. He/she is mostly at the forefront of worthy causes that are meant to help society. While doing this, he works tirelessly and effortlessly to make sure that he/she lives the society better placed.

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Both signs seek justice in life.

On the other hand, the Dog is quite behavioral. He believes in strong values like righteousness and justice. The Dog would never allow any form of wrongdoing or injustice to humanity. Since the two share a common value system, the odds of their association becoming successful are quite high. This is because many relationships crumble due to different beliefs. Since the Dragon and Dog are quite similar based on their morals, they will find it easy to stride through life together.

The Downside

The Dragon Dog relationship will be faced by numerous challenges. Most of these problems will arise because of the many differences that these two hold. Let us have a look at some of these issues.

Different Personalities

The Dragon and the Dog are quite different in terms of their personalities. The Dragon is very outgoing and sociable. He/she loves to be out of the house during his/her free time. While out there, the Dragon engages in outdoor activities, meets new people, and discovers new places. He/she is always plotting of a good adventure or escapade.

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People born in the year of the Dragon are fiery and like to be in control.

On the other hand, the Dog is usually calm and withdrawn. He/she does not see the need of going out to associate with other people. He/she loves to spend his/her free time at home where security is guaranteed. Due to this difference, the two will hardly understand each other. They will differ when it comes to how they should spend their free time together. The Dog will opt that they stay at home while the Dragon will want them to go out. For their relationship to be successful, each of them will have to make necessary adjustments. The Dog will have to learn to enjoy life a little more while the Dragon will have to adopt a steadfast kind of a lifestyle.

Emotional Desires

Dogs are emotionally demanding. They love to feel safe and secure at all times. The Dog will hence expect his/her Dragon mate to keep reassuring him/her. This is something that the Dragon might not be able to offer to the Dog. Dragons are very egoistic and usually have little time for feelings and emotions. The Dragon will see the Dog to be quite manipulative.

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People born in the Year of the Dog are loyal and honest.

On the other hand, the latter will view the former to be egocentric and self-centered. The Dragon will have to understand that the Dog is naturally sentimental. The former will hence have to take care of the latter’s emotional desires. On the other hand, the Dog needs to know that the Dragon is emotionally aloof. The former should thus not expect too much from the latter.

Dragon Dog Compatibility Conclusion

The chances of success for the Dragon Dog compatibility are quite low. The two share a lot of dissimilarities. The Dragon is outgoing and social. On the other hand, the Dog is shy and withdrawn. The Dog will most likely not understand why the Dragon needs to be around so many people at once. On the other hand, the Dragon will not comprehend why the Dog lives an independent life. This will cause a lot of arguments between them especially when they want to spend some quality time together. One will opt that they stay in while the other one will suggest they go out. Due to this, it will be hard for them to get along.

Dragon Dog compatibility here will thus be quite low. Nevertheless, there are some things that can make them set up a long-lasting association. Both are ethical and caring. They will hence love to fulfill each other’s needs and make one another happy. However, this is not enough. They better remain as friends instead of creating a relationship where they will end up hurting each other.

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