Dragon Horse Compatibility: Outgoing And Similar

Dragon Horse Compatibility

The Dragon and the Horse form an interesting relationship. Both of them desire changes and freedom. They will be happy together. Both outgoing and sociable. They will hereby engage in lots of fun activities together. They will create a strong social and intellectual bond. Their partnership will never be a boring one as it combines two energetic beings. Although there are some things that will affect their partnership, they will be able to solve the problems quite well. This article looks at the Dragon Horse compatibility. 

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility
Dragons have a great appreciation for adventure.

The Dragon Horse Compatability Attraction

The attraction that the Dragon and the Horse will have towards each other will be strong. Both are likely to be drawn to the other’s sensual nature. The Horse will find the Dragon’s fire fascinating. On the other hand, the Dragon will fall for the Horse’s energy and vibrant nature. This kind of attraction will be important to them. This is because it will set the foundation for them to form a successful union. 

Similar Traits

The Dragon and the Horse are similar. They are both sociable. They love to be around friends and families. Moreover, they love to go out, meet new people, and listen to what they have to say about life. They are also daring. They will hold hands and conquer all of the cruelties of this world. Both are outgoing. They will consequently love to be out of the house occasionally. While out, they will indulge in fun outdoor activities. 

They both love to have a good time and will constantly attend parties or go to clubs. Here, they will satisfy their desire for mental stimulation. The two love their freedom and are independent beings. They will be ready to grant each other with the freedom that they long for. Also, the two are very devoted and committed to their main cause. They will encourage one another to be enterprising to make their family great. These similarities will help them to get along with each other. 

Dragon Horse

Both are Emotionally Aloof

The Dragon Horse compatibility combines two of the most emotionally distant characters of the Chinese Zodiac. Both usually have a little time for feelings and emotions. They are always busy and neither of them is interested in a partner to grant him or her any kind of emotional support. Their partnership will thereby be based on occasional encouragement and stimulation rather than excessive emotions. Moreover, they will hardly bother each other with commitment or devotion issues. 

The Dragon Horse Compatibility Downside

Although the Dragon Horse relationship looks workable, there are a lot of things that these two will need to handle before they are able to achieve a firm and stable relationship. Let us have a look at some problems that will face them and how they should solve them. 

Two Egoistical Beings

The Dragon Horse compatibility combines two of the most egoistic beings of the Chinese Zodiacs. Their massive egos are actually the main concern of this match. The Dragon believes that everything he or she says and does is perfect. The Dragon then expects those around him or her to follow his or her commands and decisions. 

On the other hand, the Horse is never with anything or any other person apart from him or herself. His or her ideas and decisions will hereby be based on personal interest. Due to this difference, these two will frequently clash with each other even on a slight difference of interests or opinions. If these two want to enjoy a happy partnership, they will have to go easy on their egotistical natures. 

The Horse’s Impulsiveness

Another issue that the Dragon and the Horse will have to deal with is the impulsive nature of the Horse. He or she reacts quickly and is easily infuriated. Due to this, he or she can become rash when the two are in public. This behavior will not go down well with the Dragon who hates public fights or conflicts. The Dragon’s reputation is of utmost importance and he or she cannot let it get ruined. If the Horse wants to be at peace with the Dragon, he or she will have to work on this impulsiveness. 

Dragon Horse Compatibility
Horses are outgoing people and do not like being tied down in one place.

The Dragon’s Jealousy

The Dragon is naturally jealous. He or she will get jealous after realizing that his or her mate is getting too close to people of the opposite sex. Since the Dragon is outgoing, he or she will have to go easy and avoid getting too close to other people. He or she will have to be careful to not play with the Dragon’s emotions. This is because infidelity is one of the worst crimes that he or she can commit against the Dragon. If the Horse is able to understand that his or her Dragon mate will not be comfortable with his or her flirty nature, then the two can have a successful relationship.


The Dragon Horse compatibility is on the moderate side of the scale. Their partnership can work or fail. The two are similar and love spending their free time out of the house. The attraction they have towards each other will also be quite strong. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things they will have to work on. One issue will be their egoistic beings. They will occasionally be faced with arguments and disagreements as they will hardly understand each other. Other issues will be brought about by the Dragon’s jealousy and the Horse’s impulsiveness. The success of their partnership will test their ability to handle these issues. 

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