Rat Dragon Compatibility: Social and Energetic

Rat Dragon Love Compatibility

The Rat Dragon love compatibility is very strong. Despite the Rat and the Dragon being direct opposites, Chinese astrology places their compatibility relatively high. This is major because there are a mutual attraction and fascination between them. This enables them to develop an understanding that helps them to have a strong association.

There is a very high possibility that they will make amazing life partners. They will fulfill each other’s needs quite well. With the shared respect and understanding between them, their association can last for a lifetime. The Rat Dragon relationship looks very workable. Is this true? Let us have a look at how this relationship will turn out to be.


Similar Traits

There are a lot of things that the Rat and Dragon have in common. First, both of them are quite outgoing, sociable, and extroverted. They will engage in a lot of outdoor activities together. They will constantly be out and about discovering new places and meeting different people. Also, they will have a lot of things to talk about.

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These signs will love to adventure together.

They will lead happy lives and their association will never be a boring one. They will have a large circle of friends and acquaintances with who they will love spending their time with. These shared interests will enable them to get along with one another quite well. They will treasure every moment that they spend jointly.

Intimate Physical Relationship

The Rat and Dragon have a wonderful sexual chemistry. They both long for each other’s bodies. They will be eager to satisfy each other’s needs and expectations while in the bedroom. All in all, they have a lot to offer each other.

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These signs will do whatever they can to keep things spicy in the bedroom.

The Rat will provide the Dragon will a lot of excitement and exhilaration. The Rat will be tasked with coming up with creative and innovative ideas to boost their sexual relationship. On the other hand, the Dragon will occasionally reassure the Rat. By doing this, the Rat’s insecurities will be sorted.

Social and Energetic

The Rat Dragon compatibility is made up of two partners that are both quite sociable in their own distinct ways. The Dragon is energetic and loves to handle different hurdles that this life has to offer. The Rat is similar to this and has the power to handle any kind of situation at hand. A combination of these two minds can achieve a lot of things.

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This couple will enjoy group dates.

They will add value to each other’s lives and will help one another to reach for success. The Rat will help the Dragon to see the bigger picture in life. The Dragon will help the Rat to have a sharp and focused approach towards life. They form a very great team and will help one another to unlock the gates of success.

Rat Dragon Compatibility: The Downside

The Rat Dragon compatibility looks very strong. However, this does not mean that there will be zero issues between them. Just like other relationships, this union will have its own issues. Let us have a look at some potential problems that are likely to face this relationship.


The Rat Dragon love compatibility combines two lovers that love to be at the center of attention in every activity that they undertake in. The Dragon loves associating with friends and acquaintances. He is constantly sought after by them. The Rat is similar to this and has his own stream of friends that he loves associating with. Both of them love to be in control of their social circles.

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Both signs love to be the center of attention, but that is not always possible.

They will not be ready to let the spotlight shine on the other partner. This will create a lot of issues for their relationship. They will not be able to offer one another with the attention that they desire. With time, they may end up getting bored and opting to spend time with those that provide them with the constant regard that they yearn for.


One thing that the Rat will have to deal with in the Rat Dragon relationship is the self-centered nature of the Dragon. Dragons believe that they are always right in every decision that they make. They demand compliance from everyone that they associate with. The Rat is intelligent and will not easily conform to the Dragon’s demand. This will cause a great disagreement between them. They will have to work on this so as to make their relationship a success. The Dragon will have to learn to be less domineering and controlling. The Rat will have to be patient and offer the Dragon with the needed space to make the necessary ameliorations.

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Dragons need to learn how to cool down their egos.

Rat Dragon Compatibility: Conclusion

The Rat Dragon relationship is quite practicable. This is majorly because there are a lot of things that these two have in common. They are both social butterflies and will love spending time out of the house. They will engage in lots of fun activities. Together, they will join hands to go and explore the world where they will discover new things and meet new people.

Moreover, they will have a lot of value to offer to each other’s lives. Their sexual relationship will also be very strong. Despite this, there are some things that will come between them. One problem will come from the Dragon. Dragons are very egoistic and the Rat will not love this. There are also some small differences between them in terms of their personalities. They will have to learn to handle their small problems. If they are able to do this, they will have a very wonderful relationship.

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