Tiger Rooster Compatibility: Too Different and Unlikely

Tiger Rooster Compatibility

The chances of the Tiger Rooster compatibility working is nearly impossible. Their differences make it hard for them to be in a relationship. They will be constantly faced with conflicts since they disagree on many things. They possess varied personalities and would have to blend the differences if they want to have a happy union. Nevertheless, they are both noble. They know what they are looking for in a relationship. They can put in the needed work to make their partnership a success. It looks like the Tiger and Rooster will have a hard time getting along. Will this be the case? This article looks at the Tiger Rooster Chinese compatibility.

Tiger Rooster Compatibility
Tigers, while caring, might not be able to give their partner the emotional security they are looking for.

The Tiger Rooster Attraction

They Complement Each Other Well

The Tiger and Rooster are different. However, they can use their differences to complement each other. The Rooster brings their keen, creative, and meticulous mind. The Rooster can work for a while without getting tired. They also come up with numerous ideas that can be implemented to help the family and society at large. Moreover, Roosters make sure they do things perfectly. On the other hand, the Tiger is brilliant and intelligent. They come up with numerous ideas the two can implement together. His smart mind will be able to handle any problems the two are likely to face. These signs complement one another well and will be helpful to each other. They will be able to create a strong partnership filled with love and affection.

Both Possess Humanitarian Traits

The Tiger and Rooster are caring. The Tiger is interested in philosophies and projects that are meant to help humanity and society. Likewise, the Rooster cares about other people and would not like to see them suffer. They are always ready to sacrifice their comfort for the happiness of individuals that he cares for. A shared sense of care will unite these two. They enjoy working together to help other people.

The Downsides to Tiger Rooster Compatibility

The Tiger Rooster relationship will be met with numerous issues. Although, many differences cause varying problems. Let us have a look at some drawbacks of being in a Tiger Rooster relationship.

Personality Differences

The Tiger and Rooster are quite different. The Rooster is practical and grounded. They only participate in familiar activities. On the other hand, the Tiger is cerebral and uses their wit to make sense of the world and what it has to offer. The Rooster is also stable and would choose a long term partnership. The Tiger, on their part, is independent and loves their freedom dearly. Tigers have no interest in longer-term relationships. In the Tiger Rooster relationship, the Rooster will be the one to put in the needed effort to make the relationship successful. If the Tiger fails to cooperate, this partnership will not work.

Another difference is the Tiger is outgoing and adventurous. Roosters, however, are shy and reserved. The Rooster is also cautious and loves to make sure everything around them is in perfect condition. In addition, the Tiger is intelligent and uses their mental prowess to come up with ideas and make decisions. The Rooster is not quick-witted but knows how to turn dreams into reality. The Rooster will view the Tiger to be unreliable since all they do is to come up with ideas but fails to implement them. The Tiger, on their part, will be irked by the narrow-minded Rooster. Looking at all these differences, a Tiger Rooster relationship is a complicated love match that requires a lot of effort.

The Rooster’s Perfectionist Nature

The Rooster is a natural idealist. They make sure everything around them is in perfect order and do not tolerate anything short of perfection. The Rooster knows well how to push other people to meet their expectations since Roosters think this is their way to help others to improve. The only problem here is that Roosters tend to be blunt while communicating. Roosters can not control Tigers like this. They are independent and love to feel. The Tiger will not be ready to follow the Rooster’s orders. Since the Tiger is domineering, power struggles are likely in this partnership. If the two want any chance of having a strong relationship, they will have to let go of their controlling natures. If they are not able to do this, a breakup could be easy for them.


The Tiger Rooster compatibility is low. The two are different and generally have a hard time forming a successful relationship. Roosters are withdrawn and shy while the Tiger is adventurous and outgoing. Getting along will be hard for them. They need to put in the needed effort to develop the right kind of understanding required to make a partnership successful.

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