Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Just like in Western zodiac, there are twelve unique signs in the Chinese zodiac. Each one of the signs could be in a romantic relationship with any of the other signs, but some of the Chinese zodiac sign pairs are more compatible than others. Keep reading to learn all about Chinese zodiac compatibility!

In each of the articles below, two Chinese zodiac signs will be compared for compatibility. The compatibility articles will compare both sex and romance. While the articles are written as though a heterosexual couple is in a romantic relationship, the same information can be applied to same-sex couples. All in all, the information is true, no matter a person’s sexual orientation. So, straight people, gay people, bisexual people, are all included, as are trans people. The same can be said for nonbinary people. However, these articles do not cover asexual/aromantic people.

Beginning in April 2019, we will be posting Chinese zodiac compatibility articles. We will also post articles links on this page as new compatibility articles are published. Stay tuned! If your matches aren’t on this page, feel free to contact us with your compatibility questions!

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility
Use this chart to find your Chinese zodiac sign!

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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility
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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility
Dragons have a great appreciation for adventure.