Numerology Number Six: Natural Caregivers

Numerology Number Six

Numerology number six is blessed, as it is a perfect number.  Suffice it to say that God created everything in the world in six days. Evidently, the Judeo-Christian bible proves that God’s days are not twenty-four-hour days as ours are. They are way too long, say, one day of the Judeo-Christian God equals one thousand years of human time. Then, undoubtedly, the focus here is on six as a perfect number, which made Saint Augustine say:

“…Six is a number perfect in itself, not because God created all things in six days; rather, the convert is true God created all things in six days because the number is perfect.” (The City of God)

Moving to esoteric knowledge, six is so magical a number, representing the six-pointed star, the hexagram attributed to king Solomon, a prophet endowed with supernatural abilities to speak and communicate with animals and insects and command unseen creatures and spirits as demons. In brief, six, the most harmonious of all the nine single-digits, referred to as the motherhood number, is a charming number, exactly as its numerological carriers, its significance in real life being as follows.

Six, August 6 Zodiac, Numerology Number Six

Numerology Number Six: Personality Characteristics

“Give, but give until it hurts.” Said MotherTeresa. This is the truth of Numerology number six people, responsible caring-givers who give more than they receive. If you are not a numerology number six, and you feel upset you have a problem, dejected or heart-broken, in need of care and a shoulder to cry on, then run to number six! It is the right number.

Numerology number six people all have attentive ears, are eager to help and guide others. They offer all they can do, possible or even do othe ‘impossible’, to draw a new smile on your face. Keeping in touch with you, following you to ensure your recovery, and doing all they can do to make sure you are safe is in a number six’s nature.

Numerology number six, thriving when needed, are full of sympathy. They are reliable people on whom you can rely to do their share of work and chores. They sacrifice all their time and energy to set matters straight.

The problem is that number sixes, being a bit perfectionists who, inside deep-down, feel that they are not doing enough, can be perceived as being easy by most people ignorant of these people’s characteristics. As a result, taken for granted, they are an object of abuse by blood-suckers.

Some number sixes, however, do not tolerate abuse. They know that they have to be treated the same way they treat others. Otherwise, they would enlist no matter what power they can make use of to hit back, narrow-mindedly learning on others opinions. Also, because of the exaggeration of number sixes’ caring and attention, they can be perceived as intrusive, annoying gadflies, especially among the family members and close friends.

Numerology number six people are caring and love family time.


Numerology number sixes are naturally-made advisors and counselors. Therefore, they excel in some areas, such as therapists. They can be good teachers and role models for youngsters. Also, they can well-function in the jobs of health as healers, since they are healers by nature. More importantly, all service-based careers are good occupations for six. However, they need to be mindful, as to not to over-help and interfere in other people’s business.


Number sixes are physically attractive and sentimentally romantic. Love is very important to them. Too much caring, they find no problem meeting their soulmates. However, most of the time taken for granted. Seemingly looking as if easy, they have troubles keeping their spoiled partners. Therefore, for an even match, they can match the serious number fours or the passionate loyal number twos.

Dating A Sagittarius Man, August 9 Zodiac
Number sixes need to be with people who are as loyal as they are.

Life Path Number Six

If you are a numerology number six, your purpose in life is being a caretaker to others. Still, there is much to learn, concerning balancing between giving and receiving. Learn to avoid situations in which you will likely be mistreated. It is destructive and it will consume your energy, setting your self-esteem ablaze. Be mindful! By being a tactful number six, be sure you will receive in abundance, leaving a happy meaningful life. And remember! ‘ It is in giving that we receive.’ Said St. Francis of Assissi.

Friends, Couple, Love
Care for others well and you will receive good karma.

Soul Number Six

Being a numerology number six, your soul, of course, won’t stay still unless you help others around you. This is your destiny and innermost heart desire.

Numerology Number Six Conclusion

Long story short, numerology number six people are the best people you can come across. They are very good caretakers who won’t cost you a lot of energy. Rather, it is they who will help you as long as you respect their feelings. In truth, they lead the lives of saints, not caring too much about the materialistic world. Unfortunately, in such a materialistic world, number sixes run the risk of being badly used by jerks. If you are a numerology number six, you must be aware that perfect people, relationships, and experiences simply do not exist. Everything changes according to motives.

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