Vrishabh 2020 Horoscope: A Year of Ups and Downs

Vrishabh 2020 Horoscope

This is going to be a rather rewarding year, according to the Vrishabh 2020 horoscope. Though health, love life, and schooling might have seen better days, there are still things that you will be benefiting in and from. You are going to be having some different experiences, some of which are going to be showing you to think in different ways from what you are probably used to. Remember, there are going to be some tougher days. However, you need to remember that better ones are on their way to you.   

Vrishabh 2020 Horoscope Predictions


The Vrishabh 2020 horoscope predicts decent enough health. When the year first begins and when it is coming to the end, you should start watching your health a little closer. When April comes around, keep an eye on your partner’s health. 

cooking, couple, Vrishabh 2020 horoscope
Cook at home so you know exactly what you’re eating.

You are not going to be seeing a lot of the hospital with health issues, but you are going to be more prone to colds, food poisoning, and headaches. To avoid food poisoning, eat more fresh and organic foods. If you eat meat, make sure that it is well cooked. Keeping fit with exercise can help to keep you from getting as sick as often too.  


Loves lives for Vrishabh are not very promising by the looks of things. There are going to be some troubles that come to you and your partner. Whether or not the relationship keeps going is really up to the two of you. 

broken heart, break up, sad
It might just be best to stay single this year to avoid heartbreak.

If you are going to be traveling at some point in the year, things might be able to calm down while you are on the trip. Whether or not you two are having troubles, April and March are going to be bringing you some peace while under the influence of Venus and Jupiter. If you are single, then put yourself out there a little more in October or November. 



Vrishabh is going to be having some family drama because of the Sun and Rahu. The members of your family should try to keep at least civil. One person being down or throwing fits can throw off the balance of the whole family. That is not going to be fun for anyone. 

Spend time with your family as often as you can.

September and October are going to be peaceful times for the family with nearly no issues at all. There are going to be some down times to makes things harder. On the bright side, you have the coming good times to look forward and make things a little less rough.  


Those of you Vrishabh who are students are not in for an especially easy school year. On the overall assignments, you might want to try working in works a little more so that you cross check your work. Oddly enough, you are likely to pretty well on the tests and exams in the class. Expect to do better on tests than usual in the months spanning from March to June. While taking exams and or tests in September and October should not be too bad either because of the added help you will be getting from Saturn and Mars.  


Career is not going to be the stronger point of your life, according to the Vrishabh 2020 horoscope. However, it is not going to be the worst either. You are going to have to be kind of careful that you do not suffer from financial drops as the year goes on. Just watch your activities and you should be good to go.

connection, network, business, people
Your luck at work all depends on your actions with coworkers and bosses.

September is going to be a fairly good month, as far the year goes. Things are likely to start looking up after January passes. You should keep your eyes open for chances of getting a different job or of being able to travel internationally with your job. February is going to make up for any trouble that January may have caused you with the possibility of pay raises or even promotions.   


Like with family, those of you Vrishabh are going to be seeing a lot of rollercoaster action in 2020 with your money. The first couple of months of the year are going to be pretty bad. July all the way through to October is going to be seeing decent income, but it is not going to be a steady income. The best time for getting money is going to be between April and July. 

piggy bank, money
This year is perfect for saving– but not for investing.

Do not spend the money all at once even if it is tempting. You should save some of it away so that you are not suffering from a great loss or dent of money later on. If you are looking into getting a new house or other property, wait until August and September to do so. Come September, people who have borrowed money from you in the past should be repaying around this time.  

Vrishabh 2020 Horoscope Conclusion

According to the Vrishabh 2020 horoscope, the year will bring a couple of changes and new ways of thinking. It is also likely that this year is going to bring you hope and faith. The last couple of years may have been rough, and maybe parts of this year have been as well, but 2020 is going to be more stable. Your finances and career are going to be doing better, your love- though not perfect- is going to be more stable. 

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