Native American Zig-Zag Symbol: The Path Of The Souls

Native American Zig-Zag Symbol: How to Harness the Inner Power that it has into Your Life

Many tribes, through their culture and beliefs, used the Native American zig-zag symbol to represent some of their best artwork.  So, this is the reason why most of their recovered items bear the mark of the zig-zag. Moreover, they used the sign of the zig zag to show the beauty of their artwork. They would do this by making basketry, weaving, pottery, and even beadwork. Some of the symbols of the zig-zag are visible on specific ancient rock art. This shows that the logo of the zigzag was being used extensively by most of the tribes. However, the tribes that mostly applied the logo of the zig-zag were from the northern plains of America.

Native American Zig-Zag Symbol: The Representation of the Letter ‘Z’ in Zig Zag

On the other hand, if you take a look at the symbol of the zig-zag, you will also notice that it looks like the letter z. As part of their culture, they used the symbolism of letter z to represent two parallel lines. This, in a way, represents the perfect alignment between the two worlds known to man. That is the spirit world and the mortal world. Also, if you carefully observe the letter z of the zig-zag, you will notice that it has a connection or a connecting line.

native_american zig zag symbols

The line is the representation of the path or gateway that links the world of Man and that of the celestials. There’s also a special meaning to the direction on which the line slant on the letter z. It means the path that people souls that they take between the two realms. You will notice that the line also sometimes leads to the right. This, in a way, shows that you should always choose the right path in life and shy away from the wrong things.

Moreover, since the line that Joins the two parallel lines together, it shows the possibility of longevity, Rebirth or reincarnation. These are some of the beliefs that native Americans have. It also shows that is souls can travel both ways, at the point of death and even at the point of Rebirth. Also, this line shows us that no matter which path you choose; we will always end up closing one way to our destinies.

Some of the Symbols that Represent the Zig-Zag and their Meaning

In most parts of the world, there has been an increase in the use of the symbol Z to represent lightning. This type of use has been there for such a long time. It goes back to the times of the Greek mythologies that capture the symbols of Zeus. However, in the Native American setting, the emblem of letter Z or zigzag represent a connection to the Father Sky. It represents the symbolism of Change that is rather immediate. Also, it connects to the meaning of rains. Therefore, it also has a purpose to, meaning of fertility and cleansing.

As one of the prominent symbols that appears everywhere in the culture of the Native Americans, it also captures the meaning of Rebirth on all things. Some of these things include animals, humans, and even plants. Moreover, it also takes roots in the purpose of their spirituality and the literal sense of it. Furthermore, historians believe that the letters Z captures the physical aspects of the Native Americans. As per the beliefs of the Native Americans, there is one of their gods the Thunderbird, that also takes to the meaning of zigzag.

Therefore like the Thunderbird, the symbol of the zigzag represents the meaning of truth. As per this argument, one can say that the emblem of zigzag represents the native Americans moral code. The symbol of zigzag represents divinity among the Native Americans because the Thunderbird uses its powers to punish the wrongdoers. On the other hand, the Thunderbirds also reward those who were truthful. Some of the Native American tribes used the symbol of the zig-zag to depict the rattlesnake.

Using the Symbol of the Zig-Zag for Decorative Purposes

In ancient times, one of the Native American tribes by the name the Apaches would use the symbols of zigzag to decorate their horses. Most of the times, they will do this when they are preparing to go to war with other tribes. One of the warriors would decorate his horse in such a way that will reflect their tributes and honors. The markings of letter z or zigzag on a Warriors horse was to represent how capable the warrior was in battle.

According to the historians, they will also Mark the number of horses that they had captured from their enemies. Most of the Native American tribes would use the symbol of the lightning or zigzag to paint their clothes. Some of them went as far as using the symbols to paint their faces or body during the war to intimidate their enemies. On the other hand, most of them also had unique paintings of the Zigzag symbol that could be used to identify their bodies if one Falls in battle.

Dreaming of the Zig-Zag Symbol

As per the beliefs of the Native Americans, the zigzag was one of the blessings that could happen to our community. Therefore, as a person, if you got the opportunity to dream about the letter z or zigzag, then you were lucky. Several special meanings surround the dream meaning of Zig Zag. Some of them we can draw from his general sense like the symbolism of growth and potentiality. However, as a person, if you get to dream about the Zig Zag symbol, then you need to take precautions.

The dream suggests that there is a lot of energy that is going through you. Therefore, at one point, you will need to discharge it to maintain balance. Remember ignoring such symbolic dreams is never a good idea and may lead to mishaps. On another level, the dream meaning of the zigzag represents a new opportunity of sense of enlightenment. Remember we said above, that the zigzag represents the possibility of one’s soul crossing over to the land of the celestials.

If this happens, you will be one of the few people that can communicate with the other world. Alternatively, the dream meaning of the zigzag also has a new meaning that represents changing behavior. It also has a purpose that touches on a person’s mood swings.


The zigzag is one of the symbols that have several uses in the world, both for its symbolic meaning and decorative purposes. However, the native Americans seem to have used it more than the other communities. Therefore, most of the symbolic meaning comes from their tribe’s culture and generally their way of life. This means that the symbol of the zigzag is deeply ingrained even in their spiritual culture. Therefore, it represents some of the gods like the Thunderbird.

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