August 16 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 16 Zodiac Personality

Individuals born on August 16 are under the Leo zodiac sign. As an August 16 zodiac, your zodiac sign is governed by the sun. This celestial body represents and influences loyalty and courage. The Leo zodiac sign is the most self-absorbed and self-indulgent. Individuals belonging to the Leo zodiac sign tend to think they are the center of the universe and the world revolves around them. If you were born on August 16, you are bossy and commanding. You love to give directives and are on top of things, even things out of your control.


When it comes to matters of career, choosing the right path is of big importance to you. This is because you want to contribute fully to it. Routine and boredom are not in your list of vocabulary. You are always enthusiastic about keeping your mind busy and also by being physically active. Therefore, a career you choose should be based on these ideals. You are precise and possess great organizational skills. You are a hard worker, dedicating yourself fully to the kind of work you choose.

Health, Doctor, Mesh Rashifal Horoscope
A Leo would make a good doctor.

As a Leo born on August 16 you value job satisfaction more than monetary rewards and status of the career you choose. You are into jobs that involve caring for the less fortunate. This is due to your good humble attitude and empathetic heart. Your caring and loving heart make you perfect in the noble career of teaching special needs children. You also find yourself in many volunteer activities especially if it involves the less fortunate.


It’s incredible how sensibly you are able to handle money, regardless of how much you earn. As a Leo born on August 16, you have a lot of responsibilities which allows you to plan your income appropriately. This is a good thing, as you never have any money problems. You have a fat savings account as you learned its importance from an early age. Thank your caring parents for teaching you the value of money.

Piggy Bank, Money
Leos are great at saving money.

You are an impressive monetary saver. This is because you are sensible with how you spend the money on yourself. You are a big giver when it comes to charity work and people take advantage of your philanthropic nature. It’s important you kind empathetic nature does not make you choose a career that cannot sustain your needs.

Romantic Relationships

The person born on August 16 is a hopeless romantic, loving and with a touch of being overly emotional. Companionship is key. Even though you are self-reliant, you love being the center of attention and adore flattery. Every now and then, you might be caught drowning in self-pity.

You have been searching for a soulmate with whom you can share your deepest of emotions, fantasies, and aspirations ever since your first crush. Being born on August 16, brings out the need for you to be with a thoughtful and supportive partner, who you can easily connect both in physical intimacy and also mentally, and be able to love and trust them completely.

Leo people look for an attractive partner.

Looking sharp and good grooming are a priority for you and you have a taste for decoration making your home extremely stylish and comfortable. Sometimes you can be messy and untidy and occasionally grumpy. Nevertheless, your generosity and warm heart make up for it.

Platonic Relationships

You have a certain type of dominance noticeable to those around you. Being bossy and dominant are two traits that make you unique from other lions of your zodiac sign. Be careful showing these traits because people might find it offensive in more ways than one.

Cancer, Man, Couple, Hug
Learn to be kinder to others if you want to make more friends.

As a lion, born on August 16, learn to accommodate others in your actions and let diverse leadership improve the grand finale. After all, unity is strength and letting other people lead benefits your mind by bringing peace and you get to see what other people do when given such opportunities. As an August the 16th lion, you are creative and inquisitive. You ask questions, especially where logic doesn’t seem to come into play.

August 16 Birthday


When it comes to family, you not only need their love and support, but you are also willing to do the same for them. As a lion born on August 16, you make good parents. However, you are known to be staunch disciplinarians.

Family, Mother, Daughter, Gemini Capricorn Love Compatibility
As a great role model, you would also make a great parent.


The health problems you might experience as a Leo born on August the 16th are usually as a consequence of a few of your bad habits. Firstly, you tend to not monitor your diet appropriately and you eat what you want especially junk. This makes you more likely to be many times short of the essential nutrients. Secondly, you have a tendency to indulge in stimulants like caffeine to boost your energy. At times, you are too busy to eat real solid food.

Caffeine, Soda, Pop
Try to avoid caffeine in coffee, tea, and soda.

People born on this day appear to enjoy exercising for its psychological benefits. This tendency to have an active lifestyle sees you rarely put on any weight. It’s beneficial for you to start an exercise program on a daily basis and attempt to eat a more balanced diet. A nutritionist might be the way to guide you on how best to go about this.

August 16 Zodiac Personality Traits

Being born on August 16 makes you wise and knowledgeable. You evaluate circumstances and situations and act wisely. You are logical in most scenarios by depending on your wisdom and knowledge acquired from all the years. However, you tend to act emotional impulse. Therefore, making you impatient, unpredictable and temperamental. Your unpredictability makes you adapt to new environments in no time at all.

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Leo Symbol

You are a charming person that has refined taste in their selection of personal style. How you carry yourself makes you attractive. You tend to be lazy, especially in areas in which you need to follow instructions from an authority. You do not rise to embrace some events because of your laziness. Also, you tend to do things when deadlines are almost reaching. The combination of your chosen laziness and deliberate procrastination makes you miss promising opportunities and deals. You don’t like taking major roles in decision making for the fear that anything might go wrong. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for it. Start being responsible and try to take major roles. You might actually like it. Don’t be shy!

August 16 Zodiac Symbolism

As a Leo, the Sun is your guiding astrological influence. This “planet” provides you with the determination you need to complete your goals. Also, your lucky number is seven. Remember this and use it often.

Seven, 7, August 16 Zodiac
Seven is your lucky number.

August 16 Zodiac Conclusion

An individual born on August 16 has valuable qualities to help him anchor in relations which are love and loyalty. If you were born on August 16, you love wholeheartedly and can be swept out on your feet by a caring individual who shows these two qualities. You love taking control and leading things in a gentle and receptive manner. However, you need space for your alone time in order for your relationships to last a while. This is typical for lions.

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