August 17 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 17 Zodiac Personality

A person who celebrates their birthday on August 17 belongs to the zodiac sign Leo. You have sensitive intuition and you are emotional for a lion and you can be very indecisive. Astrologically, August 17 zodiac personalities are ruled by the sun. It is responsible for your creative imagination and for your touch of idealism.

If you were born on August 17, your mix of extrovert and introvert contributes greatly to your outgoing nature. However, you quite needy, emotionally speaking. Therefore, you are in constant need of companionship and loads of attention. Other characteristics that make you who you are your charm, charisma, and determination to achieve great things in life.


When it comes to career choice, a person born on August 17 prefers a job that will utilize your talkative intelligence. You are at your happiest if you can use your spoken or written words and can help society in some sort of way. You seem to know exactly what to say and when to say it. This is a typical lion trait.

Connection, Network, Business, People
Your charisma will get you far in your career.

You can entertain all sorts of crowds and you can put your point across with older or younger audiences. Being a salesperson suits you almost perfectly due to your gift of persuasion, but you are choosy in what and how you are willing to sell.


When it comes to finances, you spend money sensibly. However, you possess an extravagant taste. This is the conflict that makes you waste your money especially when younger. Get some financial planning advice. It will enable you to budget and plan for your money better. Saving is also a great idea, mighty lion.

Budget, Savings, Money
Budget well if you want to meet your financial goals.

Romantic Relationships

As an August 17 zodiac, you are open-minded with a warm heart. You are very curious when its matters of romance. You can fall in and out of love quickly despite your cautious approach. As a Leo, you need to feel completely comfortable with your partner before you reveal your real intentions of passion.

As a lion born on August 17, your ideal soulmate needs to share your interests and views, as well as have a similar mind. These, to you, are your ideals of a perfect love relationship. Closeness with your partner provides you the stability that you crave for as it makes you feel complete. You are romantic but not sentimental. You are nor good at expressing your emotions. In a long-term relationship, you are affectionate, caring and protective and very loyal. Mood swings can, however, be noticed if you are unhappy or feeling unloved.

Platonic Relationships

You possess loads of generosity. Your humanitarian outlook on life makes you compassionate about those around you. You are extremely intelligent and bold just like the lion you are. As a Leo, you possess the capability to get along with people of all levels and you adapt well to new environments. Sometimes you let your emotions dictate your decisions and some of your responses. However, you contradict yourself because of your indecisiveness.

Gift, Present
Your generous nature helps you to make friends. Just make sure your friends like you for you, not just your gifts.


If you were born on August 17, your celestial powers have bestowed you with the aim of helping others. This is the humanitarian side to you Leo that is quite admirable as it enables you to attain things that are worthwhile. Your true measure of success is by helping others. You maintain your ethical standards and they define who you are. Your family knows this about you. This is why they love and respect you so much.


A person born on August 17 is always on the move. This might cause health complications. You tend to be overworked and spend all your energy, which lowers your immunity. It’s okay to work hard but moderation is key.

Exercise, Kettlebell, Gym
Balance your diet and exercise.

Balancing your diet to fit your active lifestyle will help you maintain your vitality and good moods improving your overall well-being. Try to take up yoga, make that spa appointment, and try a martial art that you might enjoy. It is exciting and fun and these types of exercise and relaxation will be really good for your mind, body, and soul. As a lion born on August 17, you were not born to be sick and weak, you are strong and fit and a conqueror. You are the king of the jungle so take your throne and wear your crown.

August 17 Birthday

August 17 Zodiac Personality Traits

The Sun is your dominant astrological body. It makes influential and responsible for major roles. You are very open-minded and perceptive with abilities to articulate. Your generous nature and friendly heart make you attract a lot of people to you. However, you are selective of who is a friend and who is an acquaintance. Your positive outlook towards you optimist in challenging situations that make you achieve a lot of objectives set in your life.

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Leo Symbol

Your friend trusts you with major secrets and asks you for advice because they know you to be non-judgmental and trustworthy. You deal with stress and conflict in a patient and logical way. This makes you able to take up managerial roles that need that discernment. In terms of romance you a little bit over-cautious about your partner that can be seen as being insecure and childish but other that you are a loving and adoring partner.

August 17 Zodiac Symbolism

Leos born on August 17, have the Sun as the ruling star that influences their leadership skills to be strong and influential. The Wheel of Fortune is the tarot card that matches your birthday. It symbolizes the gamble that your life is when it comes to the choices you make. You are a big risk taker and should be careful by accounting for the odds of certain outcomes being achieved.

Your lucky numbers are four and nine. When combined, they give an outcome of wisdom tranquility, stability, balance, and fame. Your lucky days are Tuesday and Friday. On Tuesdays, your mind is mostly clear and free of any thoughts. Hence, it is perfect for decision making. On Fridays, you are likely to find rare opportunities availing themselves easily.

Woman, Planner, Working, Notebook
Plan big events on your lucky days.

Your lucky colors are light green and black. Light green symbolizes the equilibrium of your emotions and the balance of your mental energy. Black is the color of balance, independence, courage, anger, and fame. Your birthdate gemstone is the emerald. This is a rare one for Leos, that enhances your physical energy and boosts your confidence. Wear this gemstone when going for important events where you meet new people.

August 17 Zodiac Conclusion

Being a Leo born on August 17, your reputation is a combination of your personality and your rule of life. You do not bend the rules to favor your interest. That is one quality that is unheard of. However, you need to accommodate change as change is inevitable. It is emanated from everywhere. Your greatest struggle is coping with changes made to policies and ethic constitutions. Remember that not all change is bad for you and you might end up getting a lot of benefits from it. Try to be more open and positive about it.

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