Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope

Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope: Clouds with Silver Linings

The Sagittarius 2020 horoscope predicts that this sign will be surer of themselves. While things may be a little slow, things that they have been wanting to do will start to happen. Whatever obstacle has been in their way will fade so that they can get done what they have been meaning to. In addition to things falling into place, they will have stronger willpower than they have in the past. These people will be more creative than they have been. As the year comes to a close, it would benefit the Sagittarius people were to show perseverance and patience.

2020 is going to be a year full of rather large decisions and some might be a little stressful. Luckily, it also going to give Sagittarius people a chance to remove negative things coming from their lives.

Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope: Key Events

All of 2020: Saturn conjuncts Pluto.

January 24: Saturn enters the Second House of Capricorn.

March 23 through June 16: Saturn will be in Aquarius.

April, June, and November of 2020: Jupiter couples with Pluto. This will allow for stronger transformations in the workplace and home for a Sagittarius person.

Jupiter, planet
Jupiter is the main planetary player for Sagittarius people in 2020.

August 11, 2019, through January 10, 2020: Uranus is in retrograde.

November 7, 2018, through May 5, 2020: North Node is in Cancer.

December 3, 2019, through December 20, 2020: Jupiter enters Capricorn.   

December 21, 2020, through December 29, 2021: Jupiter is in Aquarius.

Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope Effects

Sagittarius, Sagittarius 2020 horoscope
Sagittarius symbol


There is not a lot of luck in store for people born under Sagittarius, but that does not mean it is going to be a bad year. Single Sagittarius people are more likely to find someone to love (even if just for a short time) while Sagittarius people already in a relationship are up for some pretty large changes. The Sagittarius 2020 horoscope also predicts that they will have a better grip on terms and actions of affection and feelings.

sex, couple
Short flings and relationships will be common this year.

The start of the year might leave Sagittarius people feeling empty and lonely as far as love goes. However,  as the year goes on, they will have plenty of chances of meeting a partner. At the year, both new couples and old ones will become more romantic.


This year, Sagittarius people will prove themselves in the workplace. This year is going to be a good chance for them to adjust to working with other people or at least improve their skills of working with others. The year, as far career goes, is split in two. The first half is going to be for getting a strong partnership going. The second half is going to lean closer to singular work. It might seem like so much hard work is getting them nowhere, but it is closer to the end of the year when the hard work is going to start paying off.

business woman, career
This is a good time to work on independent career plans.

If a Sagittarius has been contemplating starting a new business for themselves or trying for a job relocation, 2020 would be the time to do it. This year is going to be the time for new career adventures because they will have an interesting way of thinking that will help them to plan better. These made plans are going seriously help them when it comes to getting further in their jobs.   


The Sagittarius 2020 horoscope predicts troubles with finances. Though Sagittarius people are going to be having an easy time with income flow, they should still try to be as optimistic. It will be alright for Sagittarius people to treat themselves once in a while, but it is not something they should be doing every week. The first part of the year is going to be good for paying off loans, debts, or IOUs from the past. The second portion of the year will likely be going towards saving up money.

Snakes with money, budget
Pay off your debts before you spend money on yourself!

Sagittarius people will want to be careful with their money in 2020 because there is likely to be some sort of emergency that is not cheaply fixed.  


Happiness at home might be a little rocky for Sagittarius people in 2020. Luckily, the alignment of the planets is going to allow for more energy so they might have an easier time of dealing with some of the home troubles. People born under Sagittarius should try their best to stay healthy throughout 2020. Getting some good exercise is also advised.

jog, man, exercise, Sagittarius 2020 horoscope
Try to exercise more this year!

While it is likely for happiness to be a touch and go idea, Sagittarius people are more likely to have a fairly stable mental mindset. They should try to watch what they are eating so they have a smaller chance of falling ill.   

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