August 21 Zodiac is a Cusp Leo and Virgo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 21 Zodiac Personality

People who are born on August 21 have a Leo zodiac sign. Their astrological sign is the lion; their element is fire and their ruling planet is Jupiter. As an August 21 zodiac personality, you have a great forceful will that is influential to a noticeable extent. You are honorable and you have a huge following of friends. People admire you because of your truthful and honest gestures.

You have a love for learning and above all voicing out your opinion. You are very intelligent and seek mental stimulation. Physical attraction is uncommon to you. However, mental connections are common. Your mind is your greatest forte. Full of positivity, creativity, and ambition; that is what we call a great mindset.

You are resourceful as an August 21 zodiac. You overcome the difficulty that comes your way by always being prepared with the right strategies. Planning ahead keeps you on your toes and on top of things. You seek challenges that your abilities and resources provided will be utilized. Practical challenges are favorable to you because you get to engage all that you have got.


Being born on August 21 gives you the ambition to be all you want to be. This makes you get most of the goals that you set to achieve. A fast-paced career would be best suited for you because of your creativity and artistic nature.


You are a skilled manager of your finances through prioritizing on what to spend on. Remember to give to charity even with your exceptional saving skills. Acknowledge that nothing is served to you on a silver platter.  Instead, you must work for everything you want.

Romantic Relationships

Natives born on August 21 most often take in their mates under their wing. This helps them in the process of self-assurance. You are energetic and sensual at the same time. Take time in your courtship. You are attracted to people who are much like you. You have an intense appreciation of emotional and physical closeness with your partner.

Element, Air, Fire, Earth, Water
Leos are most compatible with fire signs.

Energetic and ambitious qualities are on top of your list because the person possessing these qualities can surely keep up with you. You are most compatible with fire signs. Your romantic zeal and warmness make your relationship stronger. You are a freedom lover but when you decide to settle down, you dedicate and invest time in your family. You know how to choose your priorities.

Platonic Relationships

You feel inclined to help others. You suppress your needs to meet the needs of others. It is like you find your prime purpose on earth is to help others and not hurt them. You have proved to people that you rise by helping others. Also, you are artistic. You have your own special way of making others see your world. To you, art is not what you see but what others see through your creations. You are very talented, equipped with skills and versatility.

Being a Leo born on August 21, you are amicable. People find you easy to relate to and very easy going. You crave to be in a social circle. A big social circle makes you live comfortably, knowing you have people looking out for you. This gives you the channel to air your views, share ideas, and learn from other people.

Blue, Outfit, Demin
Be kinder to people or else you will be left without any friends.

You need to work on your assurance. You have sensitive emotions that make you subject to mood swings. The large social circle serves as a hideout from your often mood swaps and self-doubt. For you to accept other people in your life, you must accept and work on yourself first. Learn how to be self-assured by becoming self-aware.


You are family-oriented. However, you also value your alone time. Solitude is sometimes the best society for you. You need time alone to refuel. If anyone invades your personal space and alone time you regard that as disrespect.

A lion born on August 21 is a dictator. In most occasions, you find yourself trying to control everything and acting as the only empowered person. Your strict and selfish traits are seen in these occasions. You do offend others, but they do not know how to tell you because of your sensitive emotions. You invade their space and they regard it as disrespect.

Argue, Fight
Try not to argue with your family members so much.

You are utopian and you do not know it until that moment when you are driven by your motives and you leave no room for consideration. You need to understand that accommodating other people is crucial in everyone’s life because the truth of the matter is that everyone needs someone. Give other people the opportunity to be in charge; be in their shoes and feel what it is like to be overly controlled.

August 21 Birthday


Most Leos are pretty good at keeping their health in check. However, sometimes they overeat. To combat this, they should make sure to stick to a strict exercise routine. Since Leos love looking good and staying in shape, they shouldn’t need much encouragement to make it to the gym.

August 21 Zodiac Personality Traits

You are a lion born on August 21, very energetic and seek practical approaches in the different sectors of your life. Putting your ideas into use is very important to you. Helping people in their day to day life through your implementable sides is worthwhile to you. You love to put your creative skills and imagination in to use by coming up something that will cause a positive impact in the world. You very energetic and ready for whatever comes your way; may it be positive or negative. Many people draw their motivation from you.

Dating A Leo Man, August 21 Zodiac
Leo constellation

You are resistant to transformation. Understand that change cannot be avoided. Positive change is good, and you need to embrace it. Focus on the things you can change and learn to let go of what you cannot change. You dislike commonness. As a Leo, you were born to stand out– not to blend in.

August 21 Zodiac Symbolism

As a Leo born on August 21, the sun is the dominant star that makes you observant and keen to the finer details. This attention to details makes you a good analysis and predictor of uncertain situations. The Chariot tarot card is linked to your birthday. It signifies the influence that one has over the people around them.

Ruby, Gem, Pig 2020 Horoscope, August 21 Zodiac
Ruby jewelry will bring you good luck.

Your lucky number is six. It shows that you are a sucker for detail and reliable when giving a role. Your lucky color is orange. It is the color of love, patience, and balance. Your lucky day is Monday where most opportunities avail themselves. Your birth gemstone is the ruby. Wear it to strengthen your will power to meet a set goal.

August 21 Zodiac Conclusion

Natives born on August 21 have an unflappable ability to seek positivity and the bright side of life. Your aspirations trigger your drive. Your plentiful use of common sense, creativity, and resourcefulness help you thrive in achieving your set dreams. Drawbacks in situations that act as barriers are usually your steppingstones. You do not back out or give up. Take the bull by its horns. Keep being brave!

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