August 30 Zodiac is Virgo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 30 Zodiac Personality

As an August 30 zodiac, you belong to the Virgo sun sign. Jupiter rules this day. Virgos are members of the earth element. You are trustworthy and bound by your words. You are the kind of person people believe because you do not double-cross anyone.


In your work environment, you stick to the policies and code of ethics by the letter. You have a great sense of duty. You are always up to something to fulfill your need to feel useful. Sometimes you tend to appear as a perfectionist and get annoyed by the little mistakes that are done around you. Employ some aspect of leniency in your operations. This way you will avoid annoying moments that are necessary and very harmful to your attitude.

Rose-Gold, Office Supplies
Virgos love to stay organized.

You have a good taste in identifying what should go where and hence people close to you come to you for advice on what to choose. Your attentive eye for details comes in handy. You have great organizational skills that dim you as a responsible being who is dependable at any given time. Your practicality that comes with the application and deployment of a realistic aspect support your organizational skills and creates a sense of order and cohesion which is very important to you.


People born on August 30 have an expensive view of the world. They view the world differently as everybody else but they are opportunistic. If you were born on August 30, your quick thoughts and actions make it easy for you to make a professional call on what you want to do. You have a strong sense of purpose and belonging.

Money, August 30 Zodiac
Giving money to other is kind but make sure to keep some for yourself.

Your avid wish to lend a helping hand when need be is the forte that makes you most admirable. However, you need to respect the work you do by not spending your money impulsively. That is a habit that will destroy the wellness of your financial security. But on the bright side, your financial management is on a good side and you save more than you spend. You do not encounter problems that force you to borrow money.


Romantic Relationships

People born on August 30 are ready to settle regarding matters concerning the heart. Once they decide to settle down, they invest their time and attention in their relationship. They are affectionate and at the same time, they are loyal to their soul mates. If you were born on August 30, you view a relationship as a union that brings two committed people together.

Hands, Couple,
Virgos need a partner who they can trust.

You are attracted to intelligent people; you are a serial sexual. Trustworthiness is a key quality in your search for a soul mate. Your soulmate should be able to offer the same degree of reliability that you offer. You crave a caring and supportive partner especially in time of trouble. When you like someone, you are somewhat controlling with traces of jealousy fits here and there. Your ultimate soulmate has the earth sign as his\her element. You share the same vision of life as other earth signs.

Platonic Relationships

As an August 30 zodiac, you are caring with the people that win your respect. It is not everyone who commands your respect but the few who do are lucky to be associated with you. You are very revolutionary and systematic in the way you handle your day to day activities.

You are warm and welcoming especially around people you are familiar with. Other people may term you as friendly because you blend in but you are very picky about the choice of friends that you make. You strongly dislike lazy people because of your love for the sense of duty. You love being around people you have the same motives as you.

Friends, People
Learn to accept other’s flaws and you will be able to make friends more easily.

However, as an August 30 Virgo, you need to learn and understand that everyone cannot do things the way you do them. You need to be more lenient, especially in your work stations. Stick to your department or field to avoid annoyance from how others conduct their activities. You are hard to unravel. Only those who are close to you fully understand you. You need to master the act of subduing your subjective personality. Mistakes are common to every human the great difference is on how they correct the mistakes and use the lessons learned. Be the bigger person in the situations and learn from the mistakes made and correct the situation to gain and attain maximum results.


You keep an awakened vision by having one eye focusing on a bright future. The other eye is on the past to make peace with your negativity. You have a circumspect nature that seeks nothing more than the cohesion of a loving and peaceful family. Family orientation is one of your strong fortes.

Family, Beach, Children
Family means everything to a Virgo.


Natives that are born on August 30 are keen on the food and nutritional values. This makes them good cooks. As an August 30 zodiac, you are fond of your kitchen and the art to cooking healthy meals. But this does not close the doors for you not to eat junk food. If you must eat junk food, be watchful of the calories involved.

Healthy, Food
Try to eat healthier to improve your health.

Regular exercises are recommended for you thrice a week to counter the calories intake. Avoid the intake of addictive drinks i.e. coffee. Having good health, a toned body and a good physique are essential to you to live your life to the fullest.

August 30 Birthday

August 30 Zodiac Personality Trait

You like engaging in activities that involve intelligent and refined people as you are. Being useful means you use and manage your time wisely. You are a very meticulous being. Nothing around you goes unnoticed; whether positive or negative. This greatly helps you to be self-aware.

Virgo, August 30 Zodiac
Virgo symbol

Self-awareness creates an informative platform whereby you stand out in the aspect that you have viable information of almost everything that happens around you. Having an eye for details comes along the way to smoother your ability to be outstanding.

Being born on August 30 bestows you with lavishing positivity and a combination of insightfulness and motivation. They set the ground for your anchor and drive. You are one person who does not worry about setbacks. Rather, you focus your concentration is on bouncing back and embark on the journey to pursue your dreams.

August 30 Zodiac Symbolism

Three is your lucky number. Look up the lucky word “innovation” for your birthday fortune. The Empress is your lucky tarot card. The amethyst is your lucky gem. Wear it often.

Amethyst, Gem, Dragon 2020 Horoscope, July 21 Zodiac
Wear amethyst stones to improve your luck.

August 30 Zodiac Conclusion

People born on August 30 are highly perceptive with a usual tendency to analyze the situation and give a touch of criticism. They are quick-witted and tackle the situation in a way such that they let their intellect play its role.

If you were born on this day you are fond of variety and very welcoming to change. Change is good. Change is inevitable. It must happen regardless of whether you accept it or not. You possess a highly inquisitive mind that anchors the solutions to your problems giving you the probable cause to your problems and suitable solutions.

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