August 9 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 9 Zodiac Personality

People born on August 9 are in the zodiac sun sign Leo. A lion is strong and has the ability to be quite creative. You possess a strong desire for success and you will probably achieve them. As an August 9 zodiac, you want to provide a comfortable life for your family. Therefore, having a stable career is very necessary. Like a lion, you need to roam around in order to arouse your creative juices. You love when all eyes are on you as you adore being the center of attraction.



As a person born on 9th day of August, you can be almost anything careerwise as long as you set your mind to do it. You are very skilled with your hands. As a Leo, you have a gift of influencing the people around you to do as you will. You prefer to be handsy all the time that makes and keeps your creative juice running. The only character trait that you need to watch out for is your unwillingness to listen to constructive criticism. 

Budget, Class, Teacher, Student, Tutor
Learn to accept critique if you want to move forward in your career.

As an employer, a person born on August 9 has brilliant leadership skills. When in management, you are capable of going all the way up the chain. You have enthusiasm for life but not many share this enthusiasm. As a Leo born on August 9, it is your great desire to provide other avenues for them to keep the enthusiasm alive. 


To you, prosperity should be for all and not just for the limited few. In your view, poverty shouldn’t exist and you disapprove of it. On some occasions though, you tend to be a snobby lion. August 9 astrology analysis also shows that most of your attitudes can be somehow infectious. When others are having a good time, this really does well to your heart and you feel more peaceful. Being part of that keeps you grounded and stabilizes your emotions.

Volunteering is one peaceful way to fight for equal opportunity pay.

Romantic Relationships

As a Leo in love, a person born on August 9 will normally take the lead. You are a temperamental person. You possess idealistic notions when it comes to romance and this could explain why your feelings always get hurt easily.

Your birthday meaning predicts that you are very supportive of your family and friends. As you love all the attention possible, this can somehow cause conflict with your partner. This, in turn, can lead to many disappointments in your relationships. 

Dating A Sagittarius Man, August 9 Zodiac
Leos make supportive partners.

As a Leo, you treat your soul mate with loving-kindness. When you do side to do it, you go all the way and big. Expensive hotels and all the fine dining and wining that money can buy. Your partner of choice should be one who likes to share your experiences and they should be just as independent as you and equally smart.

Platonic Relationships

As an August 9 zodiac, you are inclined to inspire others to give their all in their life. You are always constantly doing in your professional and personal life. You are an unhappy lion when those around you are not doing well.

Smile, Unhappy, Sad, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar
Your attitude determines the fate of your platonic relationships.

On the other side of the coin however, a Leo born on August 9 tends to be a bit stubborn. You possess will power just like the optimist you are. It could be a good thing depending on the way you look at it. We can say that when your mind is set on doing something, you stick to it to the end or until it’s no longer useful. You never go back on your word. 

August 9 Birthday


Inactivity, idleness, and boredom can completely diminish your capabilities and so you always keep yourself busy and your time occupied. As a Leo born on August 9, your friends and family love you. However, you need to be praised constantly and it makes you more confident. 

Sport, Basketball, Exercise, Sports
Try playing sports with your family as an excuse to spend time with them.

As a young Leo, you used to be impressionable. You would adore being praised. To you, that to you was a sign of affection. Your birthday analysis reports show that you dislike being criticized. The again, who doesn’t? Your self-confidence could be crushed as a kid and now that you are an adult, you are overly sensitive. In order to put your point across when dealing with a lion born on August 9, you should try a tad of wit as laughter goes a long way with you.

August 9 Zodiac Personality Traits

The 9th day of August birthdate analysis shows that a person born on this day can possibly be a sculptor as you have a keen eye for the unusual and you are quite good with your hands. Your creative mind and your keen eyes and your gifted hands come together to create beautiful things. Your imagination is not only restricted to only your hands; you can also do well as an actor and you love live music and you can possibly play a good instrument. 

Talent, Art, Artist
Leos tend to be very creative.

It is not a surprise that as a Leo born on August 9, you have thought of auditioning for a few roles but just didn’t go through with it. Perhaps a better chance will present itself in the near future. As a parent, you will pamper your kids and you are an import part of their life. As an occupation, it might be beneficial if you recognize your hobbies as they could be profitable and worthwhile.  

August 9 Zodiac Symbolism

The dominant star on your birthdate is the bright sun. This signifies your health, deliberate actions, and intense connection to feelings. The tarot card in the deck connected to you birthdate is the hermit. It represents your strength, thought process, and your power to influence the masses. 

Your lucky numbers are nine and ten. Ten represents your resolve to win and your introvert tendencies. Nine symbolizes the connection to karma and charisma to activities that help others rather than yourself. The lucky colors for you are red and orange. Red stands for revenge, focus, action, and resolve. Orange is the color of love, vibrancy, trust, and rage. Shades of these colors should be used on the walls of most valued places and accessories that are precious. 

Shoes, Red, August 9 Zodiac
Wear red to improve your luck.

Your lucky days are Thursday and Tuesday. Thursday helps you think clearly and decide on your future plans. Tuesday avails the opportunity to express your desires and explore yearned experiences. Your birthstone is the emerald which you should be wear for energy, strength, and confidence.

August 9 Zodiac Conclusion

A good birthday gift for a Leo born on August 9 is a dinner suit for a Leo man and an evening gown for a Leo woman. As you celebrate your day Leo, remember that you are a wonderful friend and an amazing person. Karma will reward you for all the positive energies that you throw to the world. 

You are destined to achieve greatness and a lot of success. Keep doing what you do and continue being the person you are and all your dreams will come true. Have a wonderful day Leo, you were born on the luckiest day possible and you were born to be a winner. Happy birthday!

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