August 8 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 8 Zodiac Personality

As an August 8 zodiac person, you belong to the Leo zodiac sun sign. You are a lion who knows how to organize and arrange things. When there is order, you are more in control. Hence, you thrive to keep it. This way, all things are in perspective and you are able to prioritize. Those around you will always take note of this skill. They sometimes mimic you over it. However, on such occasions, you tend to take things far and you exaggerate your annoyances. It’s good to know that you will not always be in control and you cannot be the boss in all and every situation.


Those born on August 8 are emotionally satisfied with their career choice. Therefore, you have job satisfaction that makes you a valuable and effective and efficient person in your workplace. You are a born leader and manager that directs everyone to the set destination. You are good at organizing big events due to your exceptional organizational skills. Your different attributes that make you suitable for different careers. Your tact and ability to argue which changes one’s perspective to an event or product makes you perfect marketer or advocate.

Business, Work, Promotion
Leos will do whatever they can to become the boss in their workplace.

Your confidence and poise would make you a recognized TV personality, considering you love being the center of attention and you busk in the light of the spotlight that shines at you. You are a spend thrift when you have the money you spend it. You should develop ways to keep your money under lock and key until needed not wanted. Every Leo has the preference of the finer things in life but for you be careful for your willingness to spend is higher.


Leos are generally good with money. They often have great jobs because of their ambitious nature. This often earns them high profits. Now, the trouble is making sure they save up their money. If a Leo can learn to save their money, instead of spending all money on luxury items, then they will be just fine.

Piggy Bank, Scorpio, Financial Stability, August 8 Zodiac
Save, don’t spend, your extra money.

Romantic Relationships

Being a Leo born on August 8, your horoscope predicts that you are warmhearted, romantic and sweetly playful. It’s in your nature to want to create a happy homely atmosphere. You will put all your efforts to have a harmonious relationship with the people you deeply love. When it comes to your soul mate, a person born on August 8 is warm, protective and honorable. You will do everything possible to make them feel safe, appreciated and loved.

Dating A Gemini Man
Leos have high expectations for themselves and their partners.

You put these high expectations for your partner, and you can get very disappointed if they do not live up to them. Try to accept them as they are and you will have a chance of being in a long happy relationship. A person with an August 8 zodiac has a tendency to be emotionally insecure and also extremely concerned with the way you look. You will go out of your way to dress fashionably in the attempt to hide a few years and look youthful. The partner you choose should be able to understand this side of you and accept it, and even encourage It. This is because you react really badly to criticism.

Platonic Relationships

The horoscope analysis reports for a person born on August 8 shows that you have a brilliant brain, resilience, with an amazing sense of humor. However, on the other side of the fence, you can be narrow-minded sometimes. Try to change this as it is an unbecoming behavior to your positive personality. It does not combine well with who you are and might lead to your friends distancing themselves from you. The frowns on people’s faces of disapproval are proof of this.

Friends, Women, July 17 Zodiac
Try to be more understanding if you want to make more friends.


Your birthday horoscope predicts that you are a secure individual who has found balance and you are humble and down to earth. You possess an inner energy that is very vibrant and you are known to enjoy the finer things this life has to offer. The advantage you have over the other lions in your zodiac sign is that you are very ambitious and you have the drive to achieve big goals in life. You are most important to your family and friends. As a parent, your birthday analysis show that you are a Leo who can be a brilliant teacher. As per discipline, you have set it a little too high, try some leniency.


When it comes to matters of health and wellbeing, as a Leo born on August 8, you tend to take care of your body and eat right, and this is an incredible quality that has been long instilled in you. Any stresses, unhappiness or overwork you experience can have many detrimental effects on your general wellness. Even though you adopt healthy habits from childhood, your emotions can play a big part in distorting the strong condition of your health.

Cooking, Couple, Vrishabh 2020 Horoscope
Cook at home more instead of eating out to improve your health.

Food issues are a big deal for you. Sometimes, you might deal with stress by drinking a little too much or overeating. Relax in an attempt to fight stress and its side effects. Remember to take regular breaks outside of work. Swim, enjoy nature and fresh air, do sporty exercises regularly to keep more active. By doing this, these actions will help you with your poor blood circulation and painful joints and restore your fit body again.

August 8 Birthday

August 8 Zodiac Personality Traits

As a Leo born on August 8, this is just one of the problems that you and other lions might face if not rectified. No need to panic, however. The planets have worked together to bestow upon on you great qualities that will ensure that you achieve great things in this life.

In the balance, the negative side of your personality is not a match to the goodness within you. The perfect birthday presents for Leos born on August 8 would be an interesting book for a Leo man and a spa massage in a luxurious place for a Leo woman.

August 8 Zodiac Symbolism

For August 8 zodiac personalities, the ruling star is the sun that symbolizes your strong character, goals, and influence which is spread to many friends and peers in your life. The tarot card is the priestess that is associated with strength and confidence. It’s a symbol of your enormous courage, insight, patience, judgment, understanding, and balance.
Your lucky numbers are six and eight. Six signifies your attitude towards life as a school to learn. Eight connects with good karma and a good balance between humility, power, fame, wealth and spirituality.

Priestess, Tarot, August 8 Zodiac
The priestess tarot card is for you.

Your lucky colors are shades of orange. This is color of determination, trust, dependency, and action. Also burgundy, the color of joy, courage, aggression, popularity, and dexterousness. The lucky days are Sunday, the day dominated by the sun, that gives opportunities to be kind and gentle but also be boss over things. Also, Saturday, a day dominated by the planet Mercury, symbolizing stubbornness, control and your will to make things work as they should. Your birth gemstone is the ruby which gives you confidence and motivation.

August 8 Zodiac Conclusion

As an August 8 baby, you thrive to be the best. However, it’s good to let others do things their way, nobody is perfect. Let live and relax, this way you will be able to learn in many instances. As a lion born on August 8, you are known to be self-indulgent. However, you are thoughtful and warm-hearted. You understand people with all their imperfections.

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