January 10 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 10 Zodiac Personality

January 10th is a wonderful day to be born on. Individuals born on this day are believed to be followed by luck as they belong to the Capricorn group. They are known to have an ethical personality and will always follow rules wherever they go. They have an innovative approach to life and this explains their good ways of solving problems.

These Capricorns are very strong-willed in nature and seem to have a serious look at bringing out their mature character. They are dependable, committed, vibrant and can really come through when you are in need. They like being busy and this explains their entrepreneurial spirit. When it comes to views and opinions they tend to be very uncompromising and a little bit cautious. The appreciate the impact of social connection but love having some time alone. They prefer having a friend or two rather than a group of people to hang out with. All in all, they are very cheerful and friendly people in the society.

Capricorn symbol


Work is an important aspect of life for Capricorns and they take this part of their lives very seriously. They are very choosy when it comes to looking for jobs as they love satisfying careers. They have leadership skills and this gives them the qualifications of being good bosses.

Business, Work, Promotion
People born on January 10th need to have a career in which they can advance easily.

This sign tends to be very active in meetings and this gives the rest of the staff morale. Strengthening their skills is part of their daily routine as they are determined to improve their performance. Working under pressure makes them quite nervous and reduces their productivity.


Management of funds is also a very crucial thing for January 10th babies. Finances are very easy to manage for them as they are driven by ambition. They are very organized in spending their money and minimize the use of cash and credit cards to increase their savings. They have a taste for the latest things in the market and tend to work tooth and nail to get them if they are pleasing to the eye.  Capricorns of this day avoid borrowing and instead reorganizes their income.

Money, Rabbits
January 10th babies are great at earning and keeping the money.

Romantic Relationships

Connecting with people is very important in our day to day lives. Capricorns like the idea of love and are not skeptical about it. They sometimes hide their feelings especially when they are craving for attention and affection as they believe is too close to someone makes you feel vulnerable. Once settled in a relationship they are restless until they fully open up to their partners. They can sometimes get overprotective when it comes to people they love, they need to tone this down for the sake of their inner peace.

Commitment, Love, Marriage, Wedding Rings
Capricorns are in relationships for the long-haul, not just a fling.

They are very interesting when it comes to their love lives as they have a very high sex drive at the beginning of their relationships. Partners who share the same enthusiasm and energy as them makes them feel satisfied.

Born On Jan 10

Platonic Relationships

Being social is a great advantage as it helps us take comfort in the company of others. January 10th babies have a tendency of choosing their own friends other than the other way round. They treasure the feeling of belonging and knowing the people around them despite their age, level of education, backgrounds, and financial status. To connect with people they always try to make new friends and meet new faces. People they meet helps them determine their main wishes and aims.

Friends, People
January 10th babies are likely to have friends from all ages and walks of life.


A family is the home of love to us all. Capricorns encourage their family members to establish stronger bonds as they work together and rely on one another to conquer challenges. As a January 10th baby, you tend to be more resilient when faced with obstacles as you learn to seek help from family whenever you have a problem.

Capricorns are likely to have many children.

Your love for family is so intense that no day passes without you thinking about them. You believe in being loyal to your family and will always put them first in your ‘to do list’. Your siblings find you bossy as you are always telling them what to do with their lives. You need to let loose and let them make their own choices so that they can learn from their mistakes. Understand that the bond that connects you to your family is appreciation you have for one another. You are always the one standing up for your family in times of despair.


Our body’s health is of great essence to us. Capricorns take the functioning of their bodies as a sensitive issue. They are usually very quick in noticing any abnormalities in their system. They are advised not to learn to unwind effectively and at regular intervals to prevent anxiety building that may affect their well-being.

Snake Fitness, Yoga
Capricorns need to learn to care for their mental health as well as they care for their physical health.

Their sleep patterns happen to be affected in times of distress. However, they rarely fall ill and could easily break down on receiving bad news. Calmness is your nature but you never leave your opinion at bay. You have an acute realism and usually determined to find your happiness.

Personality Traits

People with January 10th birthdays share most of their personality traits with the average Capricorn. However, they do have a couple of personality traits that help them to stand out. Some of these traits are described below.

Capricorn symbol


Tolerance is among your virtues and thus able to embrace people’s different personalities. You are the type that always avoids drama and keeps a low profile. Because of this, you aren’t likely to argue with people. You are, however, able to make friends with just about everyone. Being sensitive to others needs to help you understand them better.

Children, Siblings, Friends
Even from a young age, Capricorns should be able to make friends easily.


You get stressed very quickly and prefer dealing with unresolved issues immediately. You have an influential and intense drive to achieve and always push those around you towards success. When your mind is set on getting something you will move mountains to have it. You take risks in life and leave no door of opportunity open. Believing in yourself gives you a purpose in life. When it comes to dreams and goals you are diverse and avoid concentrating on one area.

Progress, Rooster Man Personality
Opportunity is a Capricorn’s best friend.


You are always hopeful and have a positive attitude towards life. Making wishes makes you content, have hope and want to desire. You never get discouraged by turbulences that come along your way and this explains why you never abandon your plans.

Couple Portrait, Laughter, Pigs In Love
Remember to look on the bright side of life.

January 10th Birthday Symbolism

Your tarot card on the magicians’ deck is ten. Your character is influenced by the sun and its position makes a special uniqueness in you. Planet Saturn also has an impact on your personality in that it explains your open heart to those whom you choose to love most and trust. Good fortune follows whatever you go, the pale gold color of the planet symbolizes your richness of heart.

Saturn, Planet
Saturn usually has a large effect on most Capricorns.


Being a Capricorn means your fate is influenced by planet Mars and this clearly shows your character of originality and wanting to have a purpose in life. Your word is significant and always does your level best to keep promises. You have a special place in your heart for children and should never question your parenting skills as you will always create time to spend with young ones no matter how tired or tight your schedule is.

You have control over your own destiny and this explains your assertiveness on the decisions you make. The ruby is your lucky gemstone and on an attempt to wearing it, you will always be protected. Again, you are blessed with the power to generate a personal property. A simple way to define you is that you are a special being and people should always appreciate you for who you are.

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