July 28 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 28 Zodiac Personality

As a July 28 zodiac, you are a free spirit and optimistic, which help you stand out in the crowd. Astrologically, you are under the sun’s rule. As such, Leos born on these July 28 have very strong characteristics and traits. You are very dynamic, generous, open-minded, and possess a great sense of responsibility. You are compassionate towards the needs of others. Because of this, you show empathy in such situations. Also, you indulge in a variety of interests. Hence, it’s rare that you get bored. You have a gift in escaping monotony.

As a July 28 zodiac, you are pioneering and self-assured. Challenge and adventure drive you. Your mind is inventive. Your ideals are realistic. Also, you are full of vitality and passion. This is a lethal combo for greatness.


Being a Leo born on July 28, your choice of career will be based on your need to push your intelligence to its full limits. This need, in combination with your competitive nature, allows you to excel further and faster. You easily stay ahead of those who are in your profession. Your ideal job must be challenging, stimulating, and should be rewarding pocket wise.

Skills, Career, Job, Talent
Showing off your skills makes you happy at the workplace.


Leo people take caution with their finances. While they do like the finer things in life, they still know how to budget. Also, they may consider taking low-risk investments. If a Leo is unsure if an investment is safe for them or not, they should seek the counsel of a financial advisor.

Financial Planner, Finances, Money
Be careful when making investments.

Romantic Relationships

When it comes to romance, July 28 zodiacs are pampering lovers who have a dreamy view. You possess a sociable nature. However, you can be a little egotistical but at the same time are very caring, loyal and thoughtful.

Your dignity has to be preserved. This is very important for you. Any form of disloyalty or betrayal truly and deeply is hurtful. It is not uncommon that you crave for emotional support as you believe in a give and take sort of relationship. Therefore, your fellow Leo could be a perfect match for you.

In a relationship, a person born on July 28 has a tendency to get streaks of jealousy. You want to always to be the lead in a relationship. Hence, creating havoc and disharmony with your partner. You want to always have the last word and this might not turn out so well for you in the end.

Your adventurous disposition together with your curious and imaginative nature keeps your partner always entertained and on his toes and there’s hardly ever any dull moment. In the bedroom, you have a high sex drive and are playfully seductive. You prefer acting out your fantasies keeping things between the sheets spicy and interesting.

Platonic Relationships

You can be self-centered and self-absorbed. Being moody and grumpy are also a part of who you are. You are fun loving and you demand attention which can be emotionally exhausting for those who love you. Your fiery spirit will be your key to success and you have ever been known to back down from a challenge as you can be very competitive.

Sport, Basketball, Exercise, Sports
Playing competitive games is one your favorite things to do with friends.


You are open-minded and very generous with a very high sense of responsibility. This helps your family members know they can count on you no matter what. Sometimes though, you tend to only think of yourself making you a tad self-centered and absorbed. When this happens, it’s evident in your insensitive comments and bouts of grumpiness. Therefore, it is suggested that you think about your words before saying them and also to relax and avoid stressful situations at all costs.

Family, Beach, Children
Always remember the importance of family.


Having a July 28 zodiac gives you the interest of being concerned about your health and overall wellbeing. You care greatly about your physical appearance. This is motivation enough to frequently keep fit. This motivation based on your ego will encourage you to be careful and follow your diet plan to the letter. You involve yourself in moderate exercise routines which will counteract your overindulgence in some of your favorite foods.

Water, Earth, Waterfall
Spend more time in nature. It’s great for your health!

People born on July 28 hardly take any advice from others. Of course, sharing your trouble could be beneficial to your overall health. Spend your time outdoors, as you are adventurous and enjoy exploring. Spending time in the sun brings you joy. The color orange invites curiosity into your life.

July 28 Zodiac Personality Traits

A person born on  July 28 possesses many positive characteristics and traits.  Your horoscope analysis reports show that you are confident. This evident in your leadership tendencies and independence. This is shown by your lack of ever asking anyone for help. These qualities bestowed upon you by your zodiac sign help to emphasize your resourceful and dynamic side.

Leos born on July 28 have been blessed with innovative thoughts and have a craving to achieve ahead of the others as a result of their competitive nature. Every experience is an opportunity for you to learn. This makes you a life learner. You seek knowledge by getting an education and making sure that you get it right in the first attempt.

Leo, Constellation, July 28 Zodiac
Leo constellation

As a July 28 zodiac, you believe that you were born to make history in some way. You strive to do the impossible. Your curiosity and imagination will, more times than not, dictate the theme of your dreams. This will always include your desired goals for the future.

July 28 Zodiac Symbolism

As you were born on July 28, the word refers to your birth date is the lucky word “drive.” It is representative of your self-assurance and determined drive to accomplish your wishes and desires. You have the lucky numbers two and eight. The magician in the tarot card has a link to your birthdate which identifies your skill, intellect, and logic. Also, it represents the way you put your heart, body, mind and pour out your soul into everything that you touch.

Ruby, Gem, Pig 2020 Horoscope, July 28 Zodiac
Ruby jewelry will bring you good luck this year.

Your lucky gemstone is a rich red ruby. The ruby helps you achieve happiness and balance in your life. Orange is your lucky color. It represents your strength, vitality, and energy. Use it in your accessories and also around your house.

July 28 Zodiac Conclusion

Celestially, the sun dominates your personality traits. Hence, influencing your behaviors. Your free spirit and your idealism, in combination with your responsible nature, help you to pack up a lot in a day and breaks the monotony. You to hardly ever get bored. Overlooking your individualized opinions ought to help prove your ability to understand those around you better.

July 28 Birthday

Finally, in order for you to end up happy, it’s time for you to think about giving unconditionally. Also, include many other kinds of acts of kindness. This will lead you to acquire satisfaction in life. This is your day, the great July 28, celebrate it and take pride in it. You will go far in life. Keep all your dreams and desires alive as success is your portion. You were born to win. Success is part of who you will become.

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