July 29 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 29 Zodiac Personality

If you celebrate your birthday on July 29, it means that your zodiac sign is Leo. You are very idealistic, yet extremely realistic. You possess a practical outlook on life. As a July 29 zodiac, you are also highly opinionated. However, you tend to be more cautious than the other lions in your zodiac sign. 

Astrologically, July 29 is ruled by the moon. You enjoy luxuries and your dressing is very stylish. You are always dressed in the latest trends. Those around you admire your sense of style. People born on July 29 are predicted to be able to overcome obstacles easily. You always use all your efforts in getting the things that you want. You are sincere, honest, and thoughtful.


As a July 29 zodiac, you tend to be inclined into getting into self-employment due to your independent nature. You are your own boss and you dislike taking orders. Your respectful manners, together, with kindness and keen listening skills, are the fortes than make you excel in any sort of career. You respond well to challenges and prefer jobs that offer you the same. This enables you to utilize your abilities to solve problems.

Skills, Career, Job, Talent
Showing off your skills makes you happy at the workplace.

Being born on July 29 signifies that you have amazing organizational skills. You have your wishes and desires all planned out. You are ambitious and have set very specific objectives. As per balancing your personal life with your work life, you do it in a quite satisfying manner as you easily make time for both and the shared goals are well planned. 


Money is unimportant to you. However, it is necessary in order for you to accomplish the lifestyle that you desire. As you are generous, you are only able to save a tad of your income. This is because you often give your money to those in need– like family and friends. However, you will not risk your cash. You will only loan money to people who you know can pay you back.

No Money, Poor
Closely guard your money if you don’t want to lose it all.

Romantic Relationships

Being a Leo born on July 29, you are very romantic and you are able to express your emotions easily. When it comes to the matters of the heart, what you require most consistency. You expect back everything that you also put in the relationship. You tend to view falling in love as a way to learn more about yourself and who you are. 

Love, Rabbit Women, Vrischika 2020 Horoscope
Leos are faithful and passionate.

As a Leo, you are such a flirt but only in the confinement of your bedroom. Being faithful is key. In bed, you are intensely passionate and very sensual and sexy repertoire turns you on especially if ignited by your lover.

Platonic Relationships

You are compassionate and a great listener. People around you always come to you as you give the best advice possible. As a July 29 zodiac, you are naturally enthusiastic, sociable, and highly courteous. You crave for balance in your life. Your friends consider you charming, generous, and creative.

Smile, Woman
Leos attract so many friends because they are charming.

However, a person born on July 29 can be stubborn and a little indecisive. You highly seek attention. You are also quite boastful. Sometimes, you can be caught bragging about your latest buy or the most recent place that you traveled to. 


You are considered a fabulous homemaker who is family oriented and very protective making you amazing as a friend and dependable as a partner. Your dreams are concentrated around your desires for those you love. Also, you want to live in a harmonious and peaceful setting.


People born on July 29 rarely suffer from any kind of illness. You have very positive views towards personal healthiness, coupled with your good intentions regarding fitness. However, you love food and you at times have a tendency to rely on it for comfort especially when you are under a lot of stress or unhappy. 

Find an exercise you like that will motivate you to keep up the good work.

For you, exercising regularly is most definitely the best method to exhaust that energy in you. As much as you don’t like doing it, you realize that it’s good for your health and you are aware of its benefits. Therefore, you keep as active as you probably can. In order for you to achieve overall health, you need to stick to your set sleep routines. Eight hours of sleep will do you good. It will also be a booster to your immune system and keep you in tip top shape.

July 29 Birthday

July 29 Zodiac Personality Traits

Your horoscope predicts that your strong characters will mostly be evident in your observant nature and your realistic outlook on life. These will basically allow you to think before you jump into any situation. You have a sense of style which is original. Your enthusiasm of life, together with your sincerity, will shine through in whatever you put an effort to or attempt to do, think, or say.  

Leo Zodiac Quiz, July 29 Zodiac
The lion represents Leo.

You are a perfectionist and you can be emotionally demanding if things do not go as you desire. When you are challenged, you become stubborn and hot-tempered and very opinionated. Therefore, it’s time to take it down a notch and try work on these negatives. For a person born on this July 29, you have the ability to accomplish your targets at your own pace which gives you the motivation needed in making progress. 

July 29 Zodiac Symbolism

As a July the 29 zodiacs, the word linked to your birthday is “harmony.” This word explains your aim to be always courteous and have much respect for those around you. You have the lucky numbers one and nine. In the tarot card deck, the priestess is linked to your date of birth. This explains your empathy and sharp intuition. 

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace, July 29 Zodiac
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

Your lucky gemstone is the pearl which. Wear it to attract happiness and wealth. Also, pearls can counteract negativity. Orange is your color of luck. Use it in your accessories and also to decorate your home. It is the color of strength, energy, and vitality. Therefore, wear it well.

July 29 Zodiac Conclusion

All Leo personalities, especially for those born on July 29, are determined by the sun’s powers. The moon governs this date. This combo differentiates you from the other lions. The mix of attributes that totally goes with who you are a person is your creativity, your optimism, your practicality, and your perseverance. These traits will take you to where you deserve to be in life. 

The trio of your charm, responsibility and sincere dependability makes you a brilliant friend and wonderful partner. Tone down your moody and hot-tempered behaviors in order for your vision to be clearer when making decisions. 

As a final thought for you who is celebrating your big day on this July 29, avoid generalizing and try to be more flexible in your views. By doing this, you will have amazing emotional enlightenment and great progress. Take this time to celebrate who you. You have blessings of a wonderful birthday. Enjoy it!

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