June 29 Zodiac is Cancer, Birthdays and Horoscope

June 29 Zodiac Personality

People born on June 29 belong to Cancer zodiac sign. The element that marks the Cancer zodiac sign is water. People born on June 29 love to around large water bodies. They are governed by the moon as their celestial body. As a June 29 zodiac, you are ruled by your emotions. You tend to hide what you feel towards different occasions but the connection between you and your feeling is too loud. Everyone can hear it.

You may be ruled by your emotions but you are guided by your imaginative and creative skills. You actualize what you imagine and create it to use it in your daily life. People depend on you to generate new ideas. You have very unique ides, the reason being you take a lot of time to think through the idea and what benefits it will bring to the table. Cancers aim to have ideas that make a big impact on others.

Being a Cancer born on June 29, you are full of anticipation. You are very active, in such a way that you chip in ideas in every field even though you are not an expert at it. You know bits about almost everything.


Your aura of authenticity and indispensable reputation is one to look up to. The deal maker and deal breaker for you is the salary you get. Your ambitious attitude cannot settle for what you do not deserve. The salary should be equal to the skills and knowledge that you are putting in. Career advancement and growth is important to you.

Shopping, Woman
Use your eye for luxury goods to start your own business.

As a Cancer born on June 29, you are independent.  You feel fulfilled when you can provide for yourself and those around you. However, this quality about you makes it hard for you to be fully submissive. When you submit, you feel powerless and out of control. For this reason, it is best that you find a career where you can be your own boss. Freelancing and owning a business are both perfect for you.


Individuals born on June 29 are very fond of a stylish lifestyle. They crave that lifestyle and work towards it. If you were born on June 29, your target, in the long run, is creating and maintaining a stylish lifestyle. This is important to you.  You have clearly laid out plans for a future that you have imagined and have defined strategies on how to achieve that future. For this reason, you will save as much money as you can. When you spend money, it will be on high-end goods.

Expensive, Room, Furniture
Cancer people are more likely to own a few expensive things than many cheap things.

Romantic Relationships

Your positive energy and attitude are your drive. To you, the future holds a lot of good deeds for you.  In your relationship, you know exactly what you want. This gives you an upper hand. You are very unlikely to settle for less. You are not emotionally insecure like most Cancers. Your emotional stamina when it comes to relationships is remarkable.

Commitment, Love, Marriage, Wedding Rings
Commitment is key for a June 29 zodiac.

Your focus is a stable relationship that has met all the factors of a good relationship, be it financial, emotional, etc. You are a nurturer by nature hence wanting a stable relationship. You are willing to compromise to harmonize with your partner. As a June 29 zodiac, you can forego some things if you feel there is a need to and you expect your partner to do the same for you.

Your search for the ideal mate is that he\she has to be committed, romantic, compassionate and above all else practical and true to life. You are in search of someone like you who has clear set objectives and certain time frames.  Between arguing and walking away from a confrontation, you choose to walk away. You do not argue because most of the times you have your facts right. You find it pointless to argue. However, because you cannot submit fully, it is hard for you to find a partner. You are not the submissive type.

Platonic Relationships

Friendship is of value to you. You have a certain crave of closeness and commitment to your friendships. Your friends are lucky to have you because you are the glue in the relationships. There is no fall out with you in the picture. You highly wish to be loved, cherished and appreciated by those around. Your family and friends feel obligated to love, cherish and appreciate you because of the helping hand that you extend to them in the time of need.

June 29 Birthday

You have a warm welcoming friendly nature. It is easy for you to bond with almost everyone. You do not feel weird around people that you do not know. In fact, you take that whole situation as an added advantage to get to know them and what they do. You create an indispensable image and reputation. You leave a positive mark that everyone remembers.

Puzzle, Incomplete, Unfinished
Find common hobbies with others. It can help you make friends.

Like most people, you share different aspects of your world with other people and use their experiences to improve your world. You are very practical in your daily endeavors. You work with proven facts. It is rare to find you in an argument because you pave way for the facts to prove your points. The facts eliminate room for arguments. You are a realist; you are true to life. Your level of practicality shows it.


You are warm-hearted. You accommodate everyone that is close to you. They find it easier to talk to you and spend time with you because of your warm and friendly nature. Family is a key aspect of your life just like any other Cancer. You love assisting when need be, but it must be done your way. You love dancing to your own music.


As a June 29 zodiac, you have a weakness for exotic foods. You are fond of junk and luxurious foods. You turn to stress eating when overly tired and moody. This can lead to easy weight gain. Consider taking walks and light exercise to keep fit.  Avoid stressful events by assessing tasks and seeing the need to relax and rest before completing the tasks. You should make staying healthy your priority.

Food, Vegetables
Watch your diet to improve your health.

June 29 Zodiac Personality Traits

As an individual born on June 29, you have a strong sense of purpose. This meaningful purpose makes you full of enthusiasms. Your enthusiastic levels emit positive energy and attitude towards those around you and your path towards achieving success. Your focus and determination are one to die for.

You tagged the die hard. You strive until you make it. Trusting your gut feeling and keeping your guard on an assertive mode has made you come along way. Your instincts lead you to make the right decisions. It is easy for you to say yes or no. Why? Because you are led by your instincts.

Cancer, June 29 Zodiac
Cancer symbol

As a June 29 zodiac, you find it hard to find a partner. You have a procrastinating behavior. This procrastinating behavior is brought about by your regular mood swings. You end up not doing what you had planned to do. You lose a lot by those rescheduling processes.

June 29 Zodiac Symbolism

The lucky number for the fortune you seek is two. The word that will drive you home is the lucky word “harmony.” Your number in the deck of tarot cards is the second one in the deck. Your shiny stone is the lucky gem named pearl.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace, June 29 Zodiac
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

June 29 Zodiac Conclusion

You have a unique sense of creativity that enables you to come up with new ideas that are only identified with you. Authenticity is important to you. You have an unselfish approach in the way you plan to achieve your goals. You are an all rounded person. Hence, you consider different aspects that may affect the achievement of your goals.

Your ways of thinking and handling situations and involvement in activities deem you a source of inspiration for others. Where you were yesterday, is not the sphere you are in today. You love being informed and knowledgeable about what is trending. Self-awareness is crucial to you.

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