March 21 Zodiac Is A Cusp Pisces And Aries, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 21 Zodiac Personality

People born specifically on March 21st are surmised to have a lightness in spirit with a kind heart. Being born on March 21st, you are believed to belong to the Aries group. You are protective of the people you love and have a high level of curiosity. However, you are prone to being temperamental, but you compliment this with your friendly nature. An intelligent mind and creative flair enable you to grasp things very quickly.

You are a good listener and an excellent observer as well. You enjoy sharing your views about life and listing to other people opinions. When deciding on whom to open up to, you can be a little choosy. You are more confident compared to others that share your zodiac sign. You are determined to be at the top in what you and always turn out. Also, you are realistic and will only make attainable goals. Being generous is part of your personality as you believe that the more you give the more you receive.


Career choices in life are very important for individuals who are born on March 21st. You prefer an occupation where you can move up and down and feel needed. Working with others gives you a certain kind of joy and increases your productivity. You will need to feel that a job is interesting and also financially rewarding enough. You settle for a job that is highly demanding as you like feeling challenged.

Business Woman, Career
Try to be less of a perfectionist at work and you will likely enjoy your job more.

Job possibilities to a person born on March 21st are quite varied as you possess many talents. Being content with your work is the most important thing to you. Sometimes you push yourself too hard as you like polishing your work to perfection. You rarely have the patience to go through lengthy training processes as you believe that you will never settle for only one occupation.


Money is fairly important for a person born on March 21st. You are normally able to easily manage your budget despite your income. Your proficiency with budgeting seems to come naturally and this is why you like being in control of your own money. You have the likely hood to want to save more than spend more.

Generous, Money, Pigs With Moeny
Aries are the type to give money to those in need.

You are careful not to buy unnecessary items as you avoid running into problems with cash flow. Your generosity will sometime make you put other people’s needs before yours and some will take this as your weakness. You avoid depending on loan assistance as you are aware of its pitfalls. You are very sensible with your money and people trust you even in business situations.

Romantic Relationship

For a person born on March 21st, you are a typical romantic who has a positive attitude towards the idea of love. You are very passionate when it comes to romance and are not shy to take the lead in intimacy. You believe in love at first sight and having a forever with your soul mate. When in a romantic relationship, you will do whatever you can to make things work.

Couple Chatting, Coffee
If you can work out arguments, your relationships should be fine.

Many friends and admirers make you get into petty arguments with your soul mate but this does not mean you are not loyal. You are devoted when it comes to long term relationships and always know how to use your sweet tongue to make your partner feel appreciated. You are very jealous and will always want to feel special in any relationship.

Platonic Relationships

Interacting with others is a priority for a person born on March 21st. This is because you believe in the impact of social connection, which is exchanging ideas. You are willing to help others solve their problems and provide a certain kind of warmth in friendships. You are able to express your feelings and speak your mind when around friends.

Friends, Women
As an Aries, you need to know a person for a while to feel connected to them.

However, you are skeptical about telling people you have just meet everything about you. One has to win your trust for you to open up to them. You like being able to balance fun and work. This is why you set time aside during the weekends to have a drink or two. Your friends find you very interesting and fun to be around. You have a high sense of humor and will sometimes crack jokes without realizing it. You are very considerate and understanding making you a wonderful companion.


Family is special for a person born on March 21st. You enjoy spending every special moment of your life with family and adventuring together with them. You often create time you spend with them to show them how much you love and appreciate them. In a way, you are a mediator. You are able to settle an argument among your family members in a very mature way. Your parents and siblings check on you from time to time as you are a gift to them.

Argue, Fight, Parents
People born on March 21st are great at breaking up arguments between family members.


Health issues that affect an Aries born on March 21st are often associated with the tendency of not having adequate rest. You are advised to avoid focusing too much on your work and to relax your mind more. Deal with unresolved issues immediately to avoid allowing your anxiety to build up to stress. A balanced diet is very essential for you to maintain a generally healthy well-being. Take part in light exercises so as to keep in shape. You ought not to take in too much part as you are prone to weight problems.

March 21 Birthday

Personality Traits

Being born on March 21st, you have an optimistic attitude towards life and this motivates you to achieve your goals. You have a high degree of intelligence with an average sense of intuition. Sadly, you easily get disappointed when things do not go your way, but you have a big heart to forgive.

Aries symbol

You are firm with your decisions in life and can sometimes be overconfident. You are able to charm others with your nice personality and your ability to relate your knowledge to others. Like many Aries, you like to keep busy. You have a discipline of controlling your moods to avoid disappointing others. You are likely to put other people’s feelings before yours.

March 21st Birthday Symbolism

Three is the digit that increases your chances of winning. You should always count on it in lotteries. Your innovative mind keeps you flowing with ideas. The 21st tarot card in the tarot deck reveals your creativity and ability to find solutions to problems.

Amethyst, Gem
Try wearing amethyst jewelry to keep your lucky gem with you always.

Your precious gemstone is the amethyst. It increases your positivity towards life. You are protected from any kind of harm that inflicts pain. Make a good road map of your life. You are able to give more attention to your future and forget about the past. This gives you admirable advance in life.


The social behavior you portray is influenced by the powers of planets Jupiter and Mars. Your uniqueness is brought out by the way you perceive situations. Your ability to lift other people’s spirits is exquisite. You have a preserved personality as you desire peace of mind. You are able to get along with almost everyone due to your witty rapport.

Try to take your mind off your busy life. Put into practice relaxing activities more often. You should also avoid being too sure of yourself and consider other people’s suggestions. You are a strong individual that will grab every opportunity. Keep thriving and having hope keeps you going.

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