May 12 Zodiac is Taurus, Birthdays and Horoscope

May 12 Zodiac Personality

Individuals born specifically on May 12 are creatively resourceful. The May 12 zodiac is Taurus, giving you a realistic mind, like a typical bull. You are able to express your feelings and thoughts. Your charming approach helps you get your way often. Your wonderful enthusiasm and optimism give you a fairly high level of energy that keeps you on the match towards achieving your mindset goals.

As a typical Taurus, your temperament is imaginative and easy going, as you own touch of self-control. You value your personal space and will once in a while take time to be alone. You are sentimental in a very unique way with a desire to feel accepted, appreciated and above all loved. Your quick witted sense of humor and your natural generosity gives you an easier time when relating with people. You keep your nose where it belongs and sometimes people mistake this for not caring. However, you do this in good faith to avoid unnecessary arguments and to limit the drama in your life.


It is difficult for someone born on May 12 to decide on a career. You find yourself moving from one career to another, often complaining as you do not find a job that fully satisfies you. You do not solely focus on financial gain. However, this does not mean you would not opt for a more rewarding job. Your high degree of intelligence and clever mind gives you an easy time when working on your assigned duties.

Job, Career
Keep your eyes open for new job opportunities, as you will likely switch careers often.

You are ever willing to give a hand where you are needed. You love encouraging the people around you. This explains why you are able to instill morale in your colleagues and opt for teamwork where you are more productive. You are industrious and are not known to miss for work, making you a very diligent character. You do not like feeling oppressed under the rule of authority and will most of the times speak for yourself.


Your logical approach and versatility make you good at managing finances. You are independent. You would rather pay your own way in life, rather than have someone else do this. This is why you prefer having a variety of income sources.

Money, Rabbits
Try helping your friends with their finances.

You treat yourself once in a while and meet up with friends to buy them a drink or two. This describes you in one word, which is simply “kind.” You are able to put a coin away for a rainy day and opt to be a saver rather than a spender. You evade the pitfalls that come with debt and will only depend on loan assistance when there is no other option. Also, you assist family and friends and once in a while and take part in charity work. You are also an averagely good budget follower and like managing your own cash.

Romantic Relationships

For a Taurus, May 12 zodiac, yearns for companionship and desires closeness to a person who truly cares about them. You are confident with high self-esteem that pushes you to make the first approach. You are attracted to someone who shares mutual interests and a fun loving character. However, you take your time before settling for a long term kind of relationship.

Couple, Romantic
It is somewhat rare for a Taurus to make the first move in a romantic relationship.

You are sensitive to your soul mates moods and are able to put their need and feelings before yours. You are a good communicator and a good listener as well as making never run short of companions. Also, you are loyal and devoted once you commit yourself to a partner. You are the playful, wild and sensual character in bed making you exciting and interesting. You are a lovely person to have as a lover and best friend.

May 12 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life is a priority for a person born on May 12. You do not like having an overly expansive circle of friends, but one thing for sure if you dislike being a loner. You are able to interact with people by being yourself though you may seem a little bit tense when approaching new faces. Networking makes the world a better place; it helps you learn people’s different personalities.

Social Media, Phone, Apps
Try meeting new people in real life, not online, to expand your network.

You easily get disappointed when betrayed but have a big heart to forgive. You are able to focus on your friend’s positive sides more than their flaws so as to have long-lasting relationships. Lastly, you do not trust easily, one has to earn it before breaking through your emotional guard.


For a May 12 zodiac, family brings joy. Sometimes you make sacrifices for the sake of family because your love for them flows strong and deep. You like checking on your parents from time to time and having small talk with them as they like meddling into your personal business. You engage in long conversations with your siblings to give them advice on how to cope with this wonderful but challenging world.

Spending time with your family means everything to you.

You freak out when something bad happens to a member of your family as the thought of losing any of them gives you shudders. You spend quality time on family outings and other fun activities that keep the bond strong and unbreakable.


Stress, which often leads to anxiety, is a Taurus person’s biggest health complaint. Deal with problems with immediate effect to avoid letting your worries affect your overall wellbeing. Take in more fluids and ensure a balanced diet with the least fat in it. Take part in light physical activities to keep your waistline attractive. You are better off relaxed than tired. Being worn out makes you moody and grumpy throughout the day.

Jog, Man, Exercise
Taurus people tend to like outdoor exercises best.

May 12 Zodiac Personality Traits

Your opinion strongly matters. This is why you like sharing your views about life. You take part in talks involving newsworthy issues with friends, family, and people around you. Your originality in thinking enables you to look at both sides of a situation and to think before you act.

Taurus, May 12 Zodiac
Taurus constellation

Your main strengths of character lie in your articulate nature and self-drive. You are determined to stand out and to make your dreams a reality. You are more of an independent individual. As a Taurus, you prefer being relied upon than the other way round. Unlike other Taurus people, you are attracted to adventure. This explains why you like trying out new things. However, you should keep a moderate speed on how you do things to avoid complications. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. 

May 12 Zodiac Birthday Symbolism

You are endowed with an incredibly broad mind and innovative character. Every number with the digit 3 in it happens to bring you luck. You are not put down by challenges. Instead, you are strong enough to use them as stepping stones. You acquire extra alertness and a higher degree of intuition whenever you have the amethyst gem near you.

Amethyst, Gem, May 12 Zodiac
Try wearing amethyst jewelry to keep your lucky gem with you always.

May 12 Zodiac Conclusion

You like having people follow your lead. You are able to put on a brave face even in your worst moment of life. Your guardian planets are Jupiter and Venus. They make your personality acceptable and your behaviors admirable. You do not stop until you feel content. You should always keep striving despite the disappointments. Your beauty lies both in your intellect and your appearance.


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