May 4 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

May 4 Zodiac Personality

The personalities of Taurus individuals born on the fourth of May are believed to have a touch of intuition with a sense of intelligence. Having a May 4 birthday, you are a strong-willed individual who can propel in life as far as you wish to go. You are reasonable, kindhearted, and considerate, making you an amazing friend. You are naturally calm and have great value for a harmonious surrounding. In your social life, you are a cool person who knows how to handle and relate to the people around you.

You tend to be very assertive when it comes to decision making and more laid back than most bulls who share your May 4 birthday zodiac sign. You have the desire to put a smile on the face of someone you care about by gratifying their needs before your own. Unlike most Taurians, you are a dreamy character who often has wild imaginations about life. Your personality is ruled by planet Uranus. This makes you very unique. You own a certain kind of individuality. It is easy for people to see one thing– you are unique!


A person with a May 4 birthday often has a hard time deciding on a career path. This is because you are talented in many fields and are able to perform different tasks at the same time. Mundane kind of jobs is not your type, as you are a cheerful character. Sometimes you find yourself complaining about what you do for no apparent reason. You adore perfection and always like polishing your work to a certain standard.

Monkey Men Career
Find a job that is intellectually stimulating for you.

You are good at bringing people together and instilling morale in your workmates. Your coworkers are likely to agree that you work better in a team than alone. You take your work very seriously and tend to forget about other important things. You need to tone down on your need to feel industrious and focus more on the rest of your life.


Having a May 4 birthday,  you find managing finances very important. You have a high level of responsibility when it comes to handling cash. You are tempted to dig into your pocket from time to time in the name of ‘rewarding’ yourself. However, you own the virtue of self-control and are able to put the money away for a rainy day. You are naturally smart and are not easily fooled when dealing with money. This explains your good managing skills. You do not find it easy to borrow as you have a very strong kind of ego. You enjoy stretching out to people in need. Sometimes people take your kindness for your weakness and this is why you need to be more cautious.

Generous, Money, Pigs With Moeny
Try not to borrow money from others or else you may regret it.

Romantic Relationships

People with a May 4 birthday seek warmth when it involves personal relationships. You like feeling needed and crave for affection and attention from a soulmate. You are honest, kind, and optimistic once you commit yourself to any kind of long term relationship. Once you are in love, you become vulnerable as your love flows strong and deep.

Wedding Rings, Book
Marriage is the ultimate goal in your romantic relationship.

You enjoy sharing every special moment of your life with your partner. Hugs, kisses, laughs and cuddles mare of great value to you and this is why you prefer a romantic soul mate. You are loyal and trustworthy, making you a perfect partner. You value the institution of marriage but are the type of person that takes time before settling down with your soul mate for life.

Platonic Relationships

You are a peaceful character who prefers less drama and having a smaller circle of friends. However, your friendly and fun loving mannerisms do not make this possible. You have a certain kind of originality in thinking and always full of fresh ideas. You enjoy participating in healthy arguments and debates with others making you gather a lot of worldly knowledge.

Friends, Couple, Love
Taurus people make wonderfully compassionate friends.

Sometimes you can be protective of the people you love and will raise concern whenever you feel like something is not right. You are the best shoulder to cry on as you are a good listener who is very encouraging. This makes you a fabulous friend and a thoughtful person to know.

May 4 Birthday


For Taurus person who was born on May 4, family is your first priority. You love your family extremely much, despite the many times they get to your neck. You are able to put your parent’s suggestions into consideration just to make them happy. Giving your family members surprise visits and checking on them from time to time as it gains you a sense of satisfaction.

Spending time with your family means everything to you.

Your family depends on you a lot as they find you reliable. You are always willing to be there for them and to show them how much you care. You mostly attend family gatherings just to remind them how important it is to be close and to enable each other to explore this challenging world.



Health issues affecting individuals with May 4 birthdays are associated with their tendency to overworking themselves. You need to take more time off your busy routine to relax your mind more. This gives you a healthy body and makes you more productive. Be more open with situations so as to reduce stress.

Mental Health
Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

You are good at maintaining a balanced diet and should keep up on this. You like natural remedies to bodily issues. However, remember to have checkups by a professional more often. Keep in shape by having regular exercises and being active by participating in activities like walking and swimming for the sake of your physique.

May 4 Birthday Personality Traits

You are a character that enjoys sharing your opinion and views about life with others. You do not value material wealth as much but like securing enough for your future. When it comes to the people you love, you are very compassionate. You are gifted with the virtue of gentleness. This makes you smooth in most conversations.

Taurus, April 29 Birthday
Taurus constellation

You respect those in authority and are able to follow most rules to evade trouble. You are a good advisor and like helping other people deal with their problems by coming up with solutions. All in all, you are able to cope with life’s challenges and learn from your own mistakes.

May 4 Birthday Symbolism

Your special digit is four. It is your lucky number in games and lotteries. You are awesomely modest. Your value for truth and honesty is sincere. The fourth tarot card is meant for you. It is called ‘the emperor’.

Topaz, May 4 Birthday
Topaz is the lucky gem for you.

Your ambition and wish to utilize your potential to the fullest is crystal. The precious topaz is the gemstone chosen for you. It spices your wisdom to approach challenges in life. It makes you more determined and increases your strong will to fulfill your dreams. You leave good vibes everywhere you go. You lift up people’s spirits without trying too hard.

May 4 Birthday Conclusion

The cues you own are reigned by Venus. Your perceptions and attitudes are ruled over by planet Uranus. You possess a humanitarian outlook and are an avid goal setter. You are easy to get along with and are good at building strong and long-lasting friendships. One has to break through your emotional guard so as to win your trust. You are an individual of great character. Your friends take pride in you and your lovers fear to lose you. You are worth respect and appreciation. You are simply amazing.

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