May 5 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

May 5 Zodiac Personality

Individuals born on the fifth of May are emotionally cool and open-minded. Having a May 5 birthday, you have the astrological influence of Mercury, making you unique. You are realistic with your dreams and own an idealistic mind. You are sometimes complicated. This makes you quite interesting.

You enjoy relating with other people. This explains your fairly large circle of friends. You are gifted with the ability to read people’s minds and to be sensitive to their feelings. This gains you many admirers. You are naturally nice and like the feeling of been loved by everyone. You strive to achieve your goals as you are a go-getter. Overall, you are sweet, generous and loyal to your friends and truly caring to the people you love.


Having a May 5 birthday, you are able to perform different skills fairly well. However, this makes you have a difficult time deciding on which career path to follow. Any occupation that requires an abundance of practicality and ambition captures your attention. You are likely to consider home or self-employment as a preferred means of earning a living. Luckily, you have a tendency to think before you act and this makes you diligent in what you do.

Computer, Work, Freelance, Write, Type
Try becoming a freelancer if you want to work from home.

You prefer a job where you can walk around and socialize with your colleagues. You have an air of authority and enjoy giving orders and delegating duties when in charge. Also, you possess high standards of orderliness and find it easier to operate in a neat environment. Being pushed makes you nervous and this is why you enjoy working under less pressure and at your own pace to be more productive.


Managing finances is very important for a Taurus person who shares your May 5 birthday zodiac sign. Your main objective is to create wealth and not just have a lot of cash in hand. This is because you have the knowledge that wealth gives you financial security for future purposes. You prefer being in charge of your own money as you do not trust anyone fully. You are able to have the discipline of making a budget of your income and forming a habit of following it to the letter.

Piggy Bank, Roosters With Money
Save up money before you treat yourself to something expensive.

However, you have an eye for expensive things as you aim for quality and not quantity. This explains why you have the patience to save up for things You do not like depending on loan assistance to avoid being associated with debt and will only borrow when it is absolutely necessary.

Romantic Relationships

For a Taurus person with a May 5 birthday, you tend to be a little bit skeptical about the idea of love. You have the thought that falling in love makes you vulnerable or rather weak. You may seem tough on the outside but are craving to be comforted, given affection and attention on the inside. It takes you a long time to settle with one soul mate in a long-lasting relationship than most bulls.

Sex, Bed, Couple, Love
Don’t let your shyness into the bedroom.

However, once you are attracted to someone you do not stop thinking about them. You may be shy to make the first approach, but your self-esteem is too high that it covers this up. You have a very good number of friends and will patiently wait for romance with someone who you feel is your destined soulmate before being committed. Luckily, you are quite a charmer and very playful in bed making you never run short of companions. You gain a feeling of happiness whenever you put a smile on your soulmates’ face. You are passionate and awesomely romantic, especially on special days. Also, you are able to lift your partner’s spirits when they are low, making you a lovely best friend and lover all in one package.

Platonic Relationships

Having a May 5 birthday, your charming direct approach enables you to have an easy time when making new friends. You utilize the advantage of taking comfort in the company of others. You never hesitate to give basic greetings as you believe they work wonders in building relationships between people. When around new people, you engage in simple conversations and are able to break the ice by cracking a joke. You have self-control over your temperament and are able to heal with time after a betrayal. You are skilled at helping others work towards making their fantasies a reality making you an amazing person to count on as a friend.

Funny, Person, Girl
Not all Taurus people are hilarious– but you are!


Most individuals with a May 5 birthday make their families the center of their lives. Family teaches you about the importance of knowledge and being strong when approaching challenges. You make an effort of putting quality time aside to spend with family. This is because even after family feuds, in the end, family is family and the love will always be there. You sacrifice your needs and desires for the sake of your family. The love you have for your siblings flows strong and deep and they enjoy having you around.


Health abnormalities associated with people with this birth date are usually connected to your attitude towards your body. You do not find it as important to take caution of what you eat and to have adequate rest after a long day’s work. Be more cautious to have a generally healthy well-being. Ensure moderation in everything extending to proper dietary intake and exercise. Participate in fun activities once in a while to free yourself of stress. To keep your energy levels high throughout the day, try having enough sleep and relaxing your mind often.

Snake Health, Woman Sleeping
Sleep more. This will improve both your mood and your health.

May 5 Birthday Personality Traits

Your main strengths of character lie in your unique combination of patience and being naturally nice. You like standing out in everything that you put your hands on. This is why you finish what you started and always polish your work to perfection. You like sharing your opinion and views about life with people around you.

Taurus, May 5 Birthday
Taurus symbol

You are the type of character that prefers gathering worldly knowledge than materialistic wealth. Feeling important and fulfilling your wish of being helpful to others brings you joy. Your instincts are almost always correct and following them gives you fewer problems to deal with.

May 5 Birthday Symbolism

You own a witty mind and are very curious. You are good at compiling information and inquiring about issues. Every time you select the digit ‘5’ you end up smiling. The 5th tarot card is chosen for you from the magician’s deck. Your need for independence and your admirable strong-willed personality keeps you astute.

Diamond, May 5 Birthday
The clear diamond is classic, but diamonds in other colors can also fit your birthday horoscope.

The magnificent diamond the gemstone that saves you from misfortunes. You have a certain kind of originality in thinking and an extra sixth sense. You like chasing after what catches your eye. Failure hardly kills your spirit. This makes you fit for authoritative positions.

May 5 Birthday

May 5 Birthday Conclusion

You possess heaps of uniqueness in your personality. Planet Venus is the guardian planet of your traits. The power of Mercury gives you courage and wisdom. The beauty of the heart and a high degree of intelligence is very essential to you. You are thoughtful and therefore acceptable. You take time owning your mistakes but prefer handling them your way. The little things you do make people smile and this makes you wonderful.

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