May 9 Zodiac is Taurus, Birthdays and Horoscope

May 9 Zodiac Personality

People with a May 9 birthday have a unique kind of emotional deepness, honesty, and self-awareness. You are an individual with an idealistic mind and one who likes making realistic goals in life. You get anxious and nervous when under pressure, as you like doing things at your own pace. Your feelings are strong and can be at times hypersensitive, especially if you are betrayed, provoking you to bottle things up. You easily get frustrated and disappointed but compliment this with your big heart to forgive.

Your resourcefulness and charming character are part of your appeal. You are naturally sweet, caring, and enjoy being friendly. Your lightness in spirit keeps you in a good mood and explains your cheerful and vibrant nature. You like standing out and being a star that shines. This is why you strive to make your life a success. You put things are they are and this makes people find you blunt at times.


Having a May 9 birthday, you do not like being loaded with heaps of work. However, this does not at all mean that you are lazy. You prefer being your own boss and handling situations how you feel best. You find yourself moving from one career to another as you are talented and seek a feeling of satisfaction and joy in what you do.

Gemini, Man, Woman, Camera
Show your creative side in the workplace to make your job more exciting.

As a Taurus, you are bestowed with a sixth sense and originality in thinking. You are also very creative and have an expansive mind that is always flowing with ideas. You are ever willing to join forces with other people as working in a team makes you more productive. Lastly, you put more effort into making sure you fulfill your wish of being helpful and useful in whatever you do.


As someone born on May 9 with a Taurus zodiac sign, you are fairly good at managing finances. You have a discipline of making a good budget. You usually form a habit of following it to the letter. Like most Tauruses, you prefer depending on a variety of sources of income to earn a living.

Flowers, Florist, Creative
Perhaps you can use your interested to make money on the side.

You are able to meet your needs without having to depend on other peoples sweat. Sometimes you are tempted to dig into your pockets to reward yourself but are able to limit on this. You always put a coin away to help a person in need and are fairly active in charity work. You are a saver rather than a spender, despite your taste for quality and expensive items. Finally, you are not at all mean and this is why family and friends often come to you for loan assistance.

Romantic Relationships

Someone born on May 9 will be a little bit skeptical about the idea of romance. However, you are emotionally cool and enthusiastic about finding someone who arouses interest in you. You are compassionate and very sentimental. Little things like cuddles, kisses, and hangouts mean a lot to you. You prefer being yourself in a relationship and proving devotion by being loyal and trustworthy. You treasure your personal space, but this does not stop you from committing to a long term relationship once you meet that special someone.

Dinner, Wine, Candles
Romantic gestures will make you feel loved.

In your romantic relationships, you are able to make your soul mate feel loved and appreciated and you expect them to do so in return. Your compassionate nature makes you never run short of admirers. You are very passionate and affectionate in between the sheets with an interesting libido. This tops up to your playful character and makes you a wonderful person to have as a partner.

Platonic Relationships

As someone born on May 9,  you are sociable and naturally friendly. You like being around new faces and are able to engage in simple conversations to build relationships with others. You crave for closeness with people and dislike the feeling of being alone. One has to break through your emotional guard to win your trust.

Talking, People, Men
Friends will often come to you for advice.

You are amazing at giving advice, as you are a good listener and communicator as well. You provide support to your friends and are a consoling shoulder to pour one’s heart out on. Also, you like to participate in fun activities with friends and will rarely turn down a party invite. You maintain long-lasting friendships by being less egoistic and checking on your friends from time to time to know how they are faring.


As a Taurus person with a May 9 birthday,  you respect the institution of family and appreciate that it is the central unit of society. You find great joy in spending quality time with your family. You encourage them to bank upon each other to strengthen the bond that binds you to your family.

Mother, Child
Once you are a parent, you are also likely to give good advice to your family members.

You like putting your parents’ suggestions into consideration, despite how much they meddle into your personal life. Your siblings can sometimes find you bossy, as you sometimes make them make decisions from your own judgment. However, you do this in good faith as you only want what is best for them. You create wonderful memories by coming up with fun family activities. You do your best to encourage the family to stick together so as to help each other explore this challenging world.


Any kind of illnesses or health issues associated with a Taurus personality born on May 9 is caused by their habit of wrapping up thoughts and feelings. You need to let it out more often and be more expressive of your feelings and thoughts. You are prone to weight problems and should, therefore, keep a careful eye on what you eat. Maintain a balanced diet and take in more vitamins and energy building foods.

Jog, Man, Exercise
Taurus people tend to like outdoor exercises best.

Try relaxing your mind more with activities such as swimming and yoga. To keep trim on your body,  you should try exercising more. You should have moderation in everything that you do and ditch bad habits such as drinking, overworking, and smoking to maintain generally healthy wellbeing.

May 9 Birthday

May 9 Birthday Personality Traits

You are an opinionated individual who likes engaging in healthy discussions so as to share your thoughts with others. Your main strengths of character lie in your inclined ability to understand people and to be sensitive to their moods. You are also very optimistic with a witty personality that gives you smooth progress in life. You avoid being involved in other people’s business. Sometimes people mistake this for lack of concern. You prefer having a peaceful life and being in a harmonious surrounding. You are overly ambitious with a practical innovative approach towards life.

Bull, May 9 Birthday
Taurus is symbolized by the bull.

May 9 Birthday Symbolism

Your mysterious nature is undeniable. You love adventure and are attracted to new ways. You are ever curious about things.  The ’Hermit’, owning the ninth card in the magician’s box, is your tarot card. Your inventive and purposeful mind keeps you ahead of others.

Hermit, Tarot, Tarot Card, May 9 Birthday
This is the Hermit tarot card.

The ninth digit is your luckiest number. Depending on it will more than not give you a smile. The Garnet, commonly known as the bloodstone, is the gem that clears your paths. This gives you motivation and makes you more assertive in decision making.

May 9 Birthday Conclusion

Planet Venus is the body chosen to guide your behavior, attitude, and perceptions. You may seem edgy at times and are usually nervous when you are not certain about situations. Mars is in control of your inner strength. Your empathetic outlook makes you more willing to help others deal with their problems. Be more free with yourself and going a little easy on your objectives to fulfill your dreams. Enjoy life more and accept the challenges that come with it and this will make you happier. You should never let anything put you down.


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