July 8 Zodiac is Cancer, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 8 Zodiac Personality

People born specifically on July 8 are destined to have typical Cancerian natures of seriousness,  sympathy, inquisitiveness, and a carefree spirit. Your astrological ruling planet is Saturn. Because of this, you are shrewd, practical, and a good organizer. As a July 8 zodiac, you possess an idealistic focus and hard working attitude. This makes you self sufficient. However, this is odd for a Cancerian.

Your unique blend of tough and tender thought processes are persistent and decisive. Because of this,  you own additional confidence and control of your emotional sensitivity. You are famous for being generous, loyal, and responsible with a modern view to life. You love your family and they are your top priority.

Individuals with a July the 8th birthday are intuitive by nature with an ability to communicate effectively with words or with bodily gestures. Although you possess an amiable and easygoing mood, you are also capable of being rigid, bad-tempered, moody, and you might give others the silent treatment. 


It is necessary for you to have both stimulation and variety at work. Because of this, it can be somewhat difficult for a July 8 zodiac to pick a career. Being practical and serious, and possessing sympathetic virtue, makes you an ideal candidate for professions in the caring sector. You have excellent communication skills, which can help you talk your way into any of your chosen occupations.  

Talking, Communication
As a Cancer, your communication skills can get you any job.


Firstly, you are good at spotting a good investment that could yield profit. Secondly, you are disciplined. Last but not least, you have great instincts. The good thing is that this is obviously a lethal combination for success. Be cautious though to avoid taking unnecessary risks financially. Doing this will lead you to save for the future little by little.

Money, Lottery, Lotto, Gamble
Save your money. Don’t rely on luck.

July the 8 natives understand the need to be strategic in achieving your goals. The best opportunities are often unexpected ones. You are good at smart investments and have no problems putting your money to work.

Romantic Relationships

A person born on July 8 tends to put on a tough appearance but on the inside. However, they possess surprisingly fragile emotions. A long-term relationship is not a priority for you, as you are overly ambitious. You wonder why you are single and only have few friends, but its due to the fact that you are very selective when it comes to friendships and romances.

Friends, People
Your true love may be waiting in your circle of friends.

In spite of your fussiness and idealism, you still crave a loving relationship which can offer you emotional support and intimate companionship. You tend to thrive within a stable loving relationship. As a Cancer, you will be loyal once you have gotten to trust someone. Like most other signs, you have a great dislike for betrayal and a fragile heart which is easily broken.

You will enjoy yourself between the sheets as you are a passionate and tender lover with a lot of sexual energy. You are open-minded and adventurous. Your lustiness does not prohibit your desire to satisfy your partner first. Giving each other massages is not only enjoyable but can be very satisfying as a technique of relaxation and mutual intimacy. 

Platonic Relationships

Having a July 8 zodiac predicts that you are most likely to possess positive qualities of loyalty, shrewdness, and generosity. You are focused and you present yourself as protective, pragmatic, and sensible. This, earning great respect from your peers. These positive traits combined help you to cope with all the aspects of your life. When your pride is hurt, you get completely thrown off and you protect yourself by going into your own shell or by making hurtful and blunt comments.

Person, Sad, Family
Be kinder to your friends or else you might not have any one day.


You seem to believe that money and material things are not rewarding without the presence of loved ones to share them with. So, it is mostly your friends and family who benefit financially from such efforts. Naturally, you are not one to stand by and watch them go through a hard time. You always jump in to assist where necessary.

Family, Children, Parents
Your family can depend on you with ease.

Family is a primary fixation for those born on July 8. Your children and close companions suffer from your excessively authoritarian and protective behavior. Your aspirations will, therefore, lean towards accomplishing emotional success, rather than professional success.


Bad health is very rare to a person born on July 8. This is because you put a lot of emphasis on your diet, by consuming organically grown vegetables. Usually, you try your best to look after your wellbeing. As a Cancer, you are disciplined. Thus, making it your nature to do everything you need to stay fit and healthy.

January, February, Calendar
Keep a planner to make sure you stick to an exercise schedule.

Fitness is of great importance to you. You tend to do extremely well at competitive sports. Therefore, you should match your diet with the amount of energy you use daily. It is essential to your overall wellbeing. This is of interest to you and so knowledge of nutrition and cookery is usual for you.

July 8 Birthday

As a July 8 zodiac, you make very good cooks hence deserving a kudos in the kitchen. Also, you have a tendency to like good food and eat sensibly in order to look and feel fantastic and energetic. You are often referred to as fitness fanatic, which is not a bad title to hold. Use meditation and yoga as a way to manage the stresses that you encounter daily. 

July 8 Zodiac Personality Traits

Being born on July 8, your horoscope foretells that you are ambitious but at the same time have your hidden reservations. Your modesty is likely to outshine your set goals and desired objectives. This can be distracting for you and those you are in close contact with.

July 8 Zodiac, Cancer, Astrology, Constellation
Cancer constellation

When it comes to the needs of others, you are special, dedicated, dependable, and very sensitive. You make an ideal friend or partner. Once you meet your soul mate, you will be able to work as a team and accomplish financial stability. Do not make money a criterion when choosing your partner. Instead, marry for love. This might take some time and patience.

July 8 Zodiac Symbolism

As you were born on the 8th day of the month your birth date will have a lucky number eight. The lucky word ‘Leader’ highlights your persistence, maturity, and decisiveness. The 8th tarot card illustrates courage. This, it is a representative of your mental and physical energies and portrays their intensity.  

Black Pearl, Gem, July 8 Zodaic
Try adding black pearl jewelry to your outfits to add refined flair.

Your lucky gemstone is a black pearl. When worn, it keeps negativity at bay while enhancing the receptivity of your senses and bringing luck and happiness. Your lucky days are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Finally, your lucky colors are deep blue and black.

July 8 Zodiac Conclusion

Cancer personalities are influenced astrologically by the authority of the moon. The day you were brought to this earth is ruled over by the planet Saturn. Some of your attributes like common sense and ease of communicating show you as capable and mature. If you be able to be a little less egotistical, sulky, and awkward you can reap huge rewards in your personal life. A thought to ponder on for you is that it will not do you harm to loosen up a tad and have more fun. 

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