Leo Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Leo Sagittarius Love Compatibility

A Leo Sagittarius couple will be neither dull nor boring, and it may be entertaining to watch as well as experience. Find out all about their compatibility here.  


Leo Overview 

Leo (July 23 – August 21) is the confident leader of the pack.  Theyre driven to succeed and are often one of the front runners vying for the top position in work and play.  Their ambitions may make it difficult for them to be a part of a group, but their excitement and motivation can help the project come to a satisfying end.  They love what they do and have the energy to do it for an extended period.  Their competitive personalities carry over into their social and love lives as well.  While it can help keep their love life exciting, it can also weed out lovers who cannot keep up with this sign. 

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Leos are incredibly competitive and fear failure.

Sagittarius Overview 

A social sign like Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22) can get along with all types of people, and they like being with them.  They have an easy-going personality and friendly disposition.  Usually, they stay active by pursuing their interests and following their next adventure.  When they start to get bored, they don’t make a fuss about it, but they can get irritable before they find their next unique thrill.  It doesn’t usually take long for them to move along.  Their goal is to have a good time.  They have no problems doing it alone, but their social nature means they’ll have more fun with someone else. 


Leo Sagittarius Love Compatibility Overview  

From the moment they meet, this pair will be exciting and always ready for the next adventure.  Leo loves a challenge, and Sagittarius will already have their gear packed and ready to go.  They both have the energy to match the other, but will that be enough when their differences come head to head? Whatever happens, theyll do what they can to keep up the excitement for both of them to be happy. 


Positive Attributes of Leo Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

The initial attraction between these two signs is a big spark in their budding relationship.  Leo has an outgoing personality that draws people’s attention to them.  Sagittarius isn’t immune to such charm and will want to be a part of that energy.  Playful banter, intelligent conversation, and compliments will be a part of the complete attention they give to each other.  The positive feedback will undoubtedly energize Leo to their ego.  As their relationship continues, its likely that Leo will keep their flirtatious ways as they network and socialize.  Fortunately, Sagittarius isn’t one to get jealous and understands that its part of their natural personality.  They’ll know when they have sex how committed their lover is to them. 

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Leo Sagittarius sex will emphasize how much they love each other.

Neither sign is homebody.  When theyre not at work, theyll be spending their time testing their physical and mental limits or hanging out with each other or their circles of friends.  They won’t spend all of their free time together because both signs are independent and cherish their time.  The open nature of their conversations means they share the exciting highlights the next time they get together.  Their experiences can spark new ideas and inspire new adventures they could do together next time. 


A Controlled Balance 

Leo wants to be in control in almost every situation. Even if they share their life with someone, they will want to make the decisions for their partner.  They like to be in charge and generally don’t have ill-intentions on meaningful choices.  Some signs won’t stand for it, but Sagittarius is easy going when it comes to this matter.  One of their weaknesses is indecisiveness.  Rather than struggle with a decision, they’re happy to give that duty to their lover.  

Negative Attributes of Leo Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

Leo’s need for control may have a difficult time dealing with Sagittarius’s easy-going nature.  That nature may be a lack of punctuality or a desire to drop one opportunity to follow another.  If Leo follows a tight schedule or plan, this may bring on stress and frustration, not to mention hurt feelings.  Its not that their partner intentionally tries to hurt them or disappoint them, but if theyll need to be more considerate of the other’s plans and efforts.  

Leo and Sagittarius are passionate people.  When their differences challenge that passion, that passion can quickly turn into anger.  Both of them are so confident that their way is the right way that theyll argue.  Their pride and stubbornness will keep them from admitting that theyre wrong for a long time.  The volume of their arguments can be as loud as the silent treatment that will endure until they have to communicate again.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that therell be an apology, but it means that theyre at an impasse for the time being.   

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The passionate natures of Leo and Sagittarius can easily turn to anger.

Compromise is rarely, if ever, in consideration.  Knowing that any disagreement can lead to no answer, manipulation may come into play on either side.  By then there is a loss of trust and respect which is hard to regain.  As high as their relationship can be, they have to find a way to save the heartache and work together instead.  It won’t be easy, but it’ll give their relationship a fighting chance. 


Leo Sagittarius: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, these two signs have a great dating relationship full of energy and excitement. They play off each other’s strengths and motivate each other to push the limits of their body and hearts.  To keep the fun going as long as they can, they strive to try new things and hold on to the thrill of a new relationship.  Leo will test the limits of their energy and abilities while Sagittarius will be happy without feeling bored. If they want a longterm relationship, they need to learn how to compromise and make decisions that benefit them both.  When one undermines the other’s dominance or independence, they weaken the trust and respect they developed over time.  They know how to communicate, but compromise will have to be considered when both hearts are on the line. 

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