Cusp Sign Personality Traits

All About Cusp Signs

A cusp is a line that that splits houses and zodiac signs. Not all people were born on a cusp. Some people have a cusp because of when the Sun was moving and others have a cusp because of when the Moon was moving. There are some people that were born on an odd middle ground and they need to have their sign calculated to know for sure whether or not they born on the cusp.  

Sun’s Cusp

There’s a short transit state when the Sun is moving from one sign to the next. The diameter is about half a degree and it only moves one degree a day. To be born a cusp, you would have to been born within a short time bracket of when the sun was between signs.

Before you learned about cusp signs, you may have thought that you were nothing like your Zodiac. However, that’s because the two signs blend into one person so you have traits from this. After reading through this article, you might find that you match more with the blend of the two rather than just one or the other.

Sun, Sunset
The sun controls the dominant personality traits in astrology.

Rising’s Cusp

The Rising sign shows more of a hidden person and so the Rising Cusp is very much the same. There can be hidden ‘sides’ to a person that was there under the single ascendant but now you might have a second Rising which can show even more of who are. Maybe you find yourself doing some of both signs. That’s normal and it’s fine to explore that.  

Dates of Cusp Signs

  • April 16 to April 22: Aries and Taurus
  • May 17 to May 23: Taurus and Gemini
  • June 20- June 21: Gemini and Cancer
  • July 19 to July 25: Cancer and Leo
  • August 19 to August 25: Leo and Virgo
  • September 19 to September 25: Virgo and Libra
  • October 19 to October 25: Libra and Scorpio
  • November 18 to November 24: Scorpio and Sagittarius
  • December 18 to December 24: Sagittarius and Capricorn
  • January 19- January 23: Capricorn and Aquarius
  • February 15- February 21: Aquarius and Pisces
  • March 19- March 26: Pisces and Aries  
Birthday, Cake
If your birthday does not fall on one of the above dates, then you were not born on a cusp.

Aries and Taurus

People under the Aries and Taurus Cusp are some seriously strong people because they wield pure dominance and they’re some of the most competitive people you’ll ever lay your eyes on. While these people may sound intimidating, there’s more to them than being commanding.

The planets these signs are ruled by- Venus and Mars- allowing these people to be both competent leaders, lovers of all kinds of arts, and compassionate friends. They have an interesting way of thinking and figuring things out and so they love to it as often as they can and give others advice. Aries-Taurus people should also consider meditation every now and again to give their minds some rest time.    

Hiking, Outdoors
Aries-Taurus people are active, competitive, and stubborn.

Taurus and Gemini

Taurus-Geminis are ruled by Mercury and Venus. Venus is the goddess of beauty, pleasure, and love while Mercury is the messenger gifted with communication and traveling. These people are youthful, generous and friendly, charming, and energetic. On the other hand, they’re also stubborn, jealous, dominant, impulsive, and distracted.

Another name for this cusp is “Cusp of Energy” because of how the energy from the Taurus zodiac drives the creativeness of the Gemini. These people are also amazing at multitasking like no other. They’re also amazing at communicating to anyone and at getting to new settings very quickly.  

Gemini, Woman, Business Woman
Taurus-Gemini people are sociable, energetic, and a little creative.

Gemini and Cancer

Gemini-Cancer people can be very sensitive at times because their elements are water and air. They have the fast mind of the Gemini that is beautifully balanced by the loyal and emotional Cancer (also coming from being ruled by the Moon). The Gemini side of the person (being ruled by Mercury) is very buzzy and social people that like exploring new people as much as they enjoy exploring their own minds. The balance comes from the logical and communicational side of the Gemini helping the emotional side of the Cancer to get their feelings across effectively.

Party, Alcohol, Friends
An active social life guides the life of a Gemini-Cancer.

Cancer and Leo

The Cancer-Leo cusp is also known as the Cusp of Oscillation. Cancer and Leo are almost opposite as it sounds right? Cancer being calm and emotional because it’s ruled by the Moon and Leo being hyper and blunt because it’s ruled by the Sun. This is where the oscillation- swinging or swaying- comes in.

With opposite the rulings are, these people can figure out how to process their and others’ emotions and energies by tag-teaming with the abilities of both signs. Once they learn how to balance the skills from each, then they can be even better leaders than normal Leos because they have a better chance and gaining a real trust and loyalty to the people they’re leading.

Balance, Relationships
Cancer-Leo people try to balance everything in their lives, much like the average Libra.

Leo and Virgo

Fire and Earth melding into one person also mean command and passion blending with perfectionism and caution. People born in this may have to be handled carefully sometimes. With how demanding both of these signs are, being in both can make the person feel like they don’t know where to turn because they’re being pulled in so many directions.

Leos are extroverts while Virgos are introverts. Leos are ruled by the Sun while Virgos are ruled by Mercury. Being in a relationship can be hard for these people because while one side of them wants to go all in the other might want to pull back and hide. There’s such a heavy conflicted that knowing when to trust people can really be an Achilles heel. It can be hard for people in this cusp can even formulate feelings into words.

Talking, Communication
Leo-Virgo people will need to work on their communication skills if they want to get far in life.

Virgo and Libra

The Virgo-Libra cusp is also known as the Cusp of Beauty. Ruled by Venus and Mercury, possessing both parts of the Earth and Air elements. These rulings and elements make these people graceful, perfectionistic, and balanced. The Earth element gives the ability to see the world as it is and the Air elements allow for the wanting of change and voicing of emotions.

Not only do Virgo-Libras give themselves balance, but they can also help the people around them to achieve balance. One of the few downsides to being a member of this cusp is that Virgo-Libras can get insulted very easily and they’re pretty fast to fire back because of their talent of communication through Mercury.

Business Woman, Career
Virgo-Libras are perfectionists in most every aspect of their life–including in relationships.

Libra and Scorpio

People within the Libra-Scorpio cusp are intuitive to the point that they might seem intrusive because of how they take in everything around them as best they can. They can also seem intrusive because they have no verbal filter. If they feel or think something, they make sure that the people around them know it and know it well.

Libra-Scorpios are pretty passive people that are easy to work with until they get the feeling that they’ve been wronged. When that happens, they’re a force to be reckoned with. These people are loyal and lazy, mystical and motivated. They have a sharp tongue and an even sharper mind.

Gemini, Man, Woman, Camera
Libra-Scorpio people are intelligent, creative, but sometimes jealous and controlling.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is another one that’s the almost exact opposite. The element and planet of Scorpio being water and Mars while the element and planet of Sagittarius are fire and Jupiter make these people very intense. These people are optimistic visionaries. These two signs together make for one very honest and brilliant person who have a way of seeing things exactly how they are and for putting them in ways that the people around can understand. Scorpio-Sagittarius people are very trusting in life and that makes them incredibly confident.     

Man, Happy, Laughing, Monkey
Scorpio-Sagittarius people are confident, fun, and unique.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

The Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp is doubly called the Cusp of Prophecy because they have an amazing way to know what is needed when and how to get it done. Prophecy Cuspers are some of the wisest people you’re going to meet due to how trustworthy they are as well as their ambitiousness. This cusp is ruled by Saturn and Jupiter so they can be a little controlling to the point where their wanting of a situation’s perfection can affect others’ moods as well. They’re temperamental as a volcano so you have to be a bit careful and patient with them.  

Budget, Class, Teacher, Student, Tutor
People born under the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp are highly organized.

Capricorn and Aquarius

The Cusp of Mystery and Imagination is called this because of the fun mixture of traits that the people get from being ruled by Saturn (gives a sense of strong discipline) and Uranus (makes them a bit unpredictable). These people can be a little picky with what they and how they live. They have a knack for getting comfort from spiritual activities and from being productive. Capricorn-Aquarius people are loyal, creative reformers and visionaries. They’re enduring and multitalented as well. On the other hand, they can be aloof, rebellious, stubborn, and overly critical.   

Cooking, Couple
Capricorn-Aquarius people will care more about learning and living in the moment than planning for the future.

Aquarius and Pisces

People who are born under this cusp are understanding, loving, extroverted, and sensitive. With how sensitive Aquarius-Pisces people can be, sometimes they need to be around other people because they can help people and reassures them that they’re needed. These people are amazingly creative and it’s most likely how they get their emotions and ideas out. They get a little worried sometimes that the way they think or the way they do things is too out of the ordinary. They might need reassurance.    

Love, Dating
Aquarius-Pisces people are traditional romantics, sensitive, and creative.

Pisces and Aries

The Pisces-Aries cusp is called the Cusp of Rebirth because they are pretty much the humanization of a renaissance. These people are almost always having different ideas on how to change things. They’re very emotional and have an abundance of physical and mental energy. They’re outspoken, impulsive, intuitive, and eager. When it comes to this cusp sign, they’re best known for living in the moment and getting the best out of what’s going on in the current second.

Fashion, Dress, Converse, Shoes, Cusp Sign
Hardly anyone is more creative and intelligent, with worse planning skills, than a Pisces-Aries person.


Not everyone is born under a cusp and that’s alright but the people are born within a cusp might have a bit harder trouble of getting a understanding of how their signs and elements affect them. Since they’re within two signs, there’s twice as much material. This article is just a sneak peak but hopefully, it’s hopeful to get started one.  

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