May 17 Zodiac is Taurus, Birthdays and Horoscope

May 17 Zodiac Personality

People born specifically on May 17 are practical visionaries and full of the usual self-drive of most Taurus personalities. As someone with a May 17 zodiac, you are thoughtful and naturally considerate. You aim at being independent. This explains your strong will and determination to do things. You are full of intelligence with a great sense of intuition that makes you quite admirable. You are observant enough to know when things are not normal and will always try to make things better.

As a Taurus, you like feeling responsible and gaining respect from the people around you. You have an inventive mind and are naturally creative enabling you never to run short of ideas. Unlike some other Tauruses, you are able to control your temperament but are more often than not to get angry or disappointed. This is because you prefer things going your way other than the other way round.



It is sometimes difficult for a May 17 zodiac to decide on a career path. This is because you seek an occupation that fulfills your need for feeling helpful and one that you enjoy at the same time. You are not known for laziness and will rarely fail to come in for work. You prefer working under less pressure, as it makes you more productive. Also, you hardly settle for mundane jobs, as you like interacting with others and sharing your opinion. You are good at gathering information and finding your way out through problems. This makes you useful and easier to work with or for if you are the boss. You are able to push yourself hard enough to get better results by sacrificing extra hours as you like having a major harvest after all the effort.

Progress, Leo
Your bosses know you are not lazy and will do whatever you can to succeed.


Managing finances is very important for a person with a May 17 zodiac. You keep abreast on how you spend your income. You prefer taking charge when it comes to making a budget and doing the math of your finances. As a Taurus, you will only buy something if you can see its worth as you prefer being a saver rather than a spender. You have an eye for unique things and will more than not have the patience to save up for things.

Expensive, Room, Furniture
Taurus people are more likely to own a few expensive things than many cheap things.

This does not mean you are too much of a penny pincher to stretch out to a person in need. You are naturally generous to the extent that some people take advantage of your kindness by using it as your weakness. You will only borrow when you have no option but depending on loan assistance because you are aware of the pitfalls that come with debt.

Romantic Relationships

A Taurus has a strong need for oneness and is more than desirous of finding his or her destined soul mate. You are affectionate and compassionate when it comes to romance. Falling in love makes you vulnerable because you easily get attached. This should not worry you at all, as it only adds up to your qualities of a perfect partner.

Couple, Sex, Women, Year Of The Sheep
An understanding partner is the perfect partner for you.

You seek someone who understands you and one who is willing to offer more than you expect and to put your feelings before theirs. You are sensuously tactile in bed with a playful character in between the sheets, making you very exciting when it comes to sexual verbal exchanges. Your admirable sense of fairness makes you never short of companions. You take your time before seriously committing to a long term relationship as you are afraid of having a wrong turn of events.

Platonic Relationships

Having a May 17 zodiac, you are sociable and very friendly to new faces. You find comfort in the company of others as being lonely makes you feel moody, grumpy, and in low spirit. You are ever cheerful when around friends with a high sense of humor that makes you more likable. Your touch of patience and warmness of heart draws people towards you.

It is pretty easy for you to make friends.

You are ever willing to help people deal with their problems making you a very reliable and dependable friend. You are a little bit skeptical on letting people know everything about you during the initial stages of a friendship. This explains why you may seem choosy on whom you open up to when you have the urge to do so. You are a caring individual with a big heart to forgive and to give less than you receive making you a wonderful friend.

May 17 Birthday


Family comes first for a Taurus personality born on May 17. You never want to have the thought of losing your family, as it gives you shudders. Family has taken the lead in shaping your life and you into the person you are today. You are willing to sacrifice anything for them and to put their needs before yours. You often check on your family and take time off your busy schedule to spend with them so as to show them how much you love them. Also, you take pride in your parents and siblings and seeing them happy makes you content.

Siblings, Brother, Sister, Children
Spending time with your siblings is very important to you.


Overall healthiness experienced by those born on May 17 can be quickly altered by letting worries build up to anxiety. Deal with problems immediately to avoid stress. Have adequate sleep and to relax your mind more often for general body health. You are prone to allergies and should, therefore, keep a close eye on what you eat or use on your body. Pacing yourself effectively and having regular exercise will keep you fit and maintain your energy levels above average.

Jog, Man, Exercise
Taurus people tend to like outdoor exercises best.

May 17 Zodiac Personality Traits

You are the type of person that seeks worldly knowledge more than materialistic wealth. You like knowing more about things and being updated. As a May 17 zodiac, you are able to give your opinion with an aim to get other people’s views. You are naturally smart and intelligent though sometimes you are often tempted to applying short cuts to make work easier.

Taurus, May 17 Zodiac
Taurus constellation

Your main strengths of character lie in your sharpness of mind and originality in thinking making you a unique individual. You make realistic goals in life and strive hard to achieve them and to fulfill your dreams. You make promises that you are able to keep to avoid disappointing the people you care about.

May 17 Zodiac Symbolism

Eight happens to be the digit that cheers up your day. Depend on it for luck. You admire and respect authority. You have the capability of being a good leader and this compliments on your responsible character. The pearl stone is the gem chosen for you by mother nature. It guides you in making the right decisions and clears your paths. On the magician’s deck, you have the seventeenth tarot card picked out for you. Your ability to put all your five senses into use and your gift of performing different tasks averagely well are undeniable.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace, May 17 Zodiac
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

May 17 Zodiac Conclusion

Planet Venus is accountable for your social behavior and attitude towards life. The sixth planet, Saturn,  gives you a desirable pure soul. Focus more on the future and dwell less on the past. You are a shining star and that is not debatable. You are an amazing person with the beauty of the heart. Always remember your worth and hold your head up high.


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