Year of the Rabbit, Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Fortune & Personality

All About The Rabbits 

The year of the Rabbit would begin from 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, and 2023. If your birth year lies among these then you were certainly born in the year of the Rabbit. It’s worth noting that, your birth year is an important factor when determining your personality traits. Judging from the Chinese astrology, it could tell a lot more about your past, future and your strengths and weaknesses. This means that it’ll be somewhat easier for you to know how you fare in certain types of relationships. For example, according to the Chinese astrology, Rabbits are docile animals. This means that they would prefer to be left alone rather than hanging out with their close friends and relatives. In addition to this, Rabbit people hate confrontations. They’re often the first people to rush out at the sign of trouble. Are you interested in getting the finer details about the Rabbit people? Stay put, as this critique will detail everything in the subheadings below.  

Year Of The Rabbit, Rabbit Traits
People born in the year of the Rabbit are gentle, tender and compassionate

Traits and Characteristics  

‘Birds of a feather flock together’. This is a phrase that you might have heard when people associate different people with varying behaviors. Well, this phrase applies a lot in determining the type of friends or lovers that you pull close to you. Rabbits are seen as hugely approachable and are very rarely aggressive as they hate confrontation. They’re also tender and gentle but may hesitate often, meaning that they often miss opportunities.  

Rabbit Men 

Right from the first meeting, you will notice that Rabbit men are shy individuals. This is one of their major weaknesses. As a result, the Rabbit man could be easily taken advantage of. If there are competitive jobs available there is a certainty that Rabbit men won’t fight for these positions. This is just their nature. Men born during the year of the Rabbit are also not risk takers. It would be difficult to find them gambling. When engaging in serious relationships, Rabbit would take their time before taking things to the next level. 

Cautious, Rabbit Men, Rabbit Personality
Rabbit men are cautious and won’t take risks. They’ll think carefully about every decision

Rabbit Women 

The compassionate nature of Rabbit women makes them extremely lovable. She’s always ready to help those in need are is loved for her well-mannered nature. She’ll be ready to indulge with other people from different cultures because she’s interested in getting to know more about them. They’re also more likely to ensure that their homes are neat and well maintained. Another attribute that you should know is that Rabbits are introverts. What she wants most in life is a comfortable and secure life. As a result, if you can promise her this, then rest assured that she’ll love you to the end of time.  

Rabbit Sexuality  

Sex often determines the success or failure of relationships out there. Without a shred of doubt, when sex is good, there is a good chance that relationships might survive the minor and major hurdles that they’re exposed to. In relation to this, understanding your sexuality traits is an essential part of knowing how you’ll fare with relationships.

Rabbit Men 

There’s a lot that this man will expect from those that they choose to settle down with. For example, Rabbit men would want to settle down with individuals that understand why they choose to be quiet. Yes, they’re romantic, but they wouldn’t want people asking questions about this. The Rabbit man will usually be reserved in their relationships. Therefore, they desire to be pampered in order to expose their true self. If you’re expecting this man to publicly show the affection that he has for you then you’re in the wrong place. They consider such behaviors as ridiculous. One of the negative traits of the Rabbit man is that he is not monogamous in nature. This means that they might opt to indulge in other relationships simply as a means of satisfying their sexual desires. This is one aspect that might turn you off them.   

Rabbit Men, Love, Infidelity
Rabbit men are more likely to sleep around to satisfy their sexual desires

Rabbit Women 

In as much as Rabbit women would love to keep their sexual affairs private, they’re quite a creative in bed. This is a good thing as it leads to successful love affairs. This is because she will entertain you in every way while in bed together. However, she’ll at first desire to be motivated mentally before she can indulge in any sexual activities with you. This is one of the main reasons as to why they might appear distant in relationships. Men from other Chinese animal signs should try their best in making the Rabbit woman comfortable before demanding for sexual favors from them. Keep in mind that they’re naturally shy. This also means that you would have to do a lot of convincing to win her over. Aside from this, she is a lady worth keeping for long-lasting relationships.  

Dating a Rabbit 

The first thing that would win any Rabbit over is having a date in one of the most romantic places in town. If you’re planning to date people born in the year of the Rabbit, this is one tip that you ought to keep in mind. Rabbits love comfort. As such, they would want to be appreciated by being taken to places where they serve expensive drinks. The dating game would kick off on a high note considering the fact that the Rabbit would let you take charge of everything. Consequently, if everything seems to be running smoothly, expect the Rabbit to follow suit without disagreeing. Remember, they’re shy and compassionate. What you should remember is not to take advantage of their weakness.  

Rabbit Men  

Rabbit men are educated. They’ll engage you in a healthy conversation that’ll give you the impression that you’re talking to a mature individual. Judging from their looks, these men rarely get angry and this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. When the Rabbit man is angry, he would perhaps walk out of the room and you would never see them chasing after you again. It’s for this reason that people born in the year of the Rabbit are advised to express their feelings openly to maintain a healthy relationship.  

Man Walking, Rabbit Men, Dating
When feeling angry or upset, Rabbit men are likely to simply walk away and not look back. They’d do well to remember to express their feelings in a more healthy way.

Rabbit Women 

Dating a Rabbit woman might be the best decision that you’ve made so far. She’s all about giving and will offer everything that she has to you.  Bearing in mind that love can at times be hurtful, it is quite a big risk in offering everything to those that are dear to them. Rabbit women will also be honest with you concerning their feelings. If they don’t love you, they would never have accepted you in the first place. Hence, you ought to love and treat them as they deserve. This will guarantee that you live together happily for a long time to come.  

Love, Rabbit Women
Rabbit women make great long-term partners if you can make them feel comfortable

Rabbits in Love 

At first, you might gain the impression that Rabbits seek independence in relationships. Well, this is true as this is something that these people would be inclined to while still dating. However, when things get serious, Rabbits are some of the best animal signs to share a lasting relationship with. A Rabbit would be proud to be associated with people that are understanding and considerate. Wealth is also another thing that they might consider before saying yes to you. Keep in mind that they seek comfort. Thus, they’ll be careful not to be blinded by love in settling down with people that would only make their lives miserable.  


Comfort, Pillows, Year Of The Rabbit
People born in the year of the Rabbit seek comfort

Rabbits with Money  

Rabbits want to be associated with money. This is one thing that helps them live the comfortable lives that they cherish. This means that they’ll be careful when spending their money. The good news is that they’re not that social. As a result, it’s unusual to find them in nightclubs splashing their money on drinks. The only problem is that they’re not brave enough to fight their wars. This infers that there is a possibility that Rabbits might lose hope along the way to a comfortable and wealthy life. When striving to earn money, this is a challenge that might face them.  

Money, Rabbits
Rabbits are drawn to wealth as this can offer them the comfortable life they seek

Rabbit Careers 

Rabbits have a good way of impressing people with the works of their hands. In relation to this, ideal careers that are best for Rabbits include chefs, education, tailoring, medicine, police, health care and many more.  

Chef, Rabbit, Careers
People born in the year of the Rabbit are great with their hands and make excellent chefs

Rabbit Health  

Rabbits have an aspect of keeping things to themselves which isn’t particularly healthy. There’s a likelihood that this might lead to stress-related diseases. It’s for this reason that Rabbits are advised to stay healthy and develop a habit of expressing their feelings to those that they trust.   

Rabbit Fitness 

Keeping fit is one thing that Rabbits might not be good at. They’re not good in keeping close ties with their friends. This also means that they might be afraid of indulging in any form of fitness activities. Some good exercises that would work for people born in the year of the Rabbit are those that can be done behind closed doors. Therefore, they ought to find training videos that motivate them to exercise from home.  

Exercise Equipment, Health, Fitness, Rabbits
To prevent their shyness holding them back, Rabbits should try exercising at home

Rabbit with Fashion/Style 

Rabbits are shy when indulging with those they call friends, workmates and even their lovers. It’s for this reason that Rabbits will be cautious when choosing their best outfits. 

Compatibility with Other Signs 

The zodiac signs that would understand the shy Rabbit would be the pig, dog and the sheep. These signs would find harmony in the relationships that they might have with the Rabbits. On the other hand, the dragon, rooster, horse, ox and the rat might face huge challenges when dealing with the Rabbits. Compromise and mutual understanding would be required for relationships to work perfectly with these animal signs.  


There you have it, now you know the Rabbit zodiac sign in detail. With the help of the pointers mentioned in this critique, you’ll be better placed to find healthy ways of associating with Rabbits. You know where they’re strong and where they’re weaker. This implies that sharing a loving and lasting relations with Rabbits shouldn’t be a challenging task any more.

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