Rabbit Dragon Compatibility: Too Different to be Peaceful

Rabbit Dragon Compatibility

The Rabbit Dragon compatibility is low. The two are direct opposites and so they have a lot of differences. They find it hard to get along with each other. In addition, both love their freedom. They will hesitate to commit to each other. However, this does not mean their partnership cannot work out. Both possess great qualities that can help to add balance to each other’s lives. They possess some similarities that can help them get along. The Rabbit Dragon relationship will only work out if the two are able to blend their numerous differences. Let us have a look at how this Chinese compatibility will turn out.

Rabbit Dragoncompatibility
Rabbits, though they can be social, tend to be aloof and like staying at home when they have the option.

The Rabbit Dragon Compatibility’s Attraction

Similar Traits

The Rabbit and Dragon are similar. Firstly, both are sociable. They love to be around like-minded people who they can exchange ideas with. The two are likely to have a large circle of friends as they thrive on social exchanges. Both are also vivacious and expansive. They will constantly be out of the house where they will engage in lots of fun activities. Due to their outgoing and social nature, it will be easy for them to get along with each other. For them, life will be a long party and they will make sure they enjoy each and every second of it.

Shared Love for the Finer Things in Life

The Rabbit and Dragon love the good things this life has to offer. They really appreciate good taste. They will hold hands to go explore great things together. The couple will occasionally go to restaurants where they enjoy fine food and drinks. Also, they love exploring tip-top places where they will be entertained and will have a good time.

High Sexual Compatibility

The Rabbit and Dragon are compatible when it comes to bedroom matters. The Rabbit is one of the most sexual characters in the Chinese Zodiac. The Dragon, on their part, is fiery and loves great experience where they can create amazing memories. They are always looking for new adventures or something out of the ordinary. The two create great sexual partners. They intrigue each other during lovemaking. Good sex will allow them to forget the problems they might be facing.

The Downsides to Rabbit Dragon Compatibility

Due to the many differences the Rabbit and Dragon possess, they will be faced by a lot of issues. Let us have a look at some of them.

Rabbit Dragon Compatibility
Dragons are natural leaders and can be possessive of their lovers.

Two Independent Beings

The Rabbit and Dragon are independent. They love their freedom and would never compromise this for anything. The two love to wander where they can discover new things and as well as people. They need time and space so they can engage in other activities. Both have the fear of losing their independence. They might not be ready to commit to each other. Furthermore, they can end up being quite evasive about their feelings and emotions.

The Dragons’ Fire

The Dragon loves to have everything their way. Actually, the Dragon is always ready to get into a conflict so they can get what they want. On the other hand, the Rabbit is always calm. If something is not going according to the Rabbit’s plans, they just keep quiet about it and moves on. Therefore, the Rabbit might not be able to stand the Dragon’s turbulent behavior.

The Dragon’s Constant Want for Socializing

The Dragon is a natural extrovert. They love to be out of the house. While out, they make lots of friends and new discoveries. They do not find indoor life to be fascinating and hardly spends free time in the house. The Dragon would rather go with friends to the club or a party. The Rabbit, on the other hand, is not that easygoing. Although they love spending time with family and friends, they cannot be sociability compared to the Dragon. They love their home, freedom, and would never compromise this for any other thing. They need an intimate partner that will be ready to settle down at home once in a while. The Dragon is not the one to do this so breakup for them is easy.

Different Approach Towards Love

The Rabbit and Dragon have distinct approaches towards a relationship. The Rabbit will be wanting to experience variety in the partnership. They will expect the relationship to be filled with a lot of fun activities and excitement. Moreover, the Rabbit also desires freedom and independence from their mate. However, the Dragon is possessive of their lover. They are all about loyalty and can never tolerate infidelity. The Dragon might not provide the Rabbit with the freedom and independence they desire. Too much pressure from the Dragon will make the Rabbit uncomfortable.

The Conclusion to the Rabbit Dragon Compatibility

The Rabbit Dragon compatibility is low. Although the two possess some similarities, there are a lot of things that set them apart. They have different approaches to love so it might prove hard for them to be in a relationship together. A lot of effort is needed for both of them if they want to enjoy a wonderful time together.

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