Tiger Dragon Compatibility: Two Ambitious Leaders

Tiger Dragon Compatibility

The Tiger Dragon compatibility is high in regards to Chinese Zodiac compatibility. Their relationship is likely to be filled with lots of compassion, affection, and romance. The couple shares a lot of similarities. They are both intelligent and so they will challenge one another on a mental level. They are also ambitious, daring, and will work together to reach their goals and desires. However, the two are likely to become passionless with time. They, therefore, need to work hard to keep their love burning. This article looks at the Tiger Dragon compatibility.

Tiger Dragoncompatibility
Tigers, while caring, might not be able to give their partner the emotional security they are looking for.

The Tiger Dragon Attraction

The attraction between the Tiger and the Dragon is quite strong. The Tiger will be attracted to the charisma and confidence that the Dragon holds. Dragons possess some magnetism that will attract the Tiger like a moth to a flame. The Dragon, on the other hand, will fall for the intelligent side of the Tiger. The Dragon will also be fascinated by the sociable and companionable nature of the Tiger. This strong attraction between them will set the foundation for the success of their relationship.

They Share Similar Traits

The Tiger and Dragon have a lot in common. They are highly motivated and determined individuals. They will be willing to put in the needed effort to make their union successful. The two also live varied lifestyles. They will engage in different activities and the partnership will not be a routine one. They will grant one another with freedom and independence they really desire. Moreover, the two are passionate, affectionate, and caring. They will take good care of each other and make sure they fulfil the other’s needs. They will go to any extent to make one another feel appreciated and wanted. The two are inspired by ambitious and high-flying ideas. They will be happy to implement the numerous ideas that they will come up with. Since the Tiger and Dragon have a lot in common, it will be easy for them to get along.

An Energetic Couple

The Tiger and Dragon form a very energetic couple. Both are bold, courageous, and brave. They are also adventurous and explorative. They love engaging in outdoor activities where they can have a lot of fun. The couple is also fiery in the bedroom and will keep one another on their toes with their numerous physical demands. The energy they possess will allow them to form an enjoyable and thrilling partnership.

Two Social Beings

The Tiger Dragon relationship brings together two lovers that are sociable. The Tiger and Dragon love to be around their friends and acquaintances so they can socialize. They are most likely to have a very large social circle. They love engaging in social activities and enjoy every moment that they spend with their friends. Their social traits will help them to have a strong partnership since they will readily talk about their problems. The Tiger and Dragon will form a stable partnership filled with laughter and excitement.

The Downsides to the Tiger Dragon Compatibility

The Tiger Dragon relationship looks very workable. However, there are some things that will come between them. Let us have a look at some potential issues that might face these two.

Tiger Dragon Compatibility
Dragons are natural leaders but that can clash with the Tiger since they too are strong leaders.

Leadership Issues

Both the Tiger and Dragon are domineering. They love to be in control of each and every activity they take part in. Both of them will then want to be the leader of their relationship. The Tiger Dragon relationship will, therefore, be faced by lots of leadership problems. They will constantly argue and disagree on numerous things. A breakup is likely for them. If they want to enjoy a wonderful union, they will have to work on this problem. They can do this by sharing their responsibilities. This will make each of them feel in control.

Different Relationship Needs

Another major issue the Tiger and Dragon will have to deal with is caused by their different expectations of love. The Tiger yearns for an intellectual companion they can exchange ideas and views on different issues. On the other hand, the Dragon is in search of an intense relationship full of fun and exciting activities. The Dragon will try to offer their complete devotion and commitment. They may end up being disappointed since the Tiger only cares about personal freedom. This distinction proves to be quite a stumbling block for them. The only way they can solve this is by first understanding each other’s motivations. The Tiger will have to learn to grant the Dragon the attention they desire. The Dragon will have to offer independence and freedom to the Tiger.


The Tiger Dragon compatibility is high on the scale. The two will have an easy time developing their partnership. Their attraction towards each other will be strong. Since they share a lot of similarities, they will certainly enjoy the same things in life. They will have a lot of things to talk about because both of them are sociable. They will also engage in lots of outdoor activities where they can have the time of their lives. Despite this, there are some things that will come between them. Nevertheless, with the strong love they share, they will be able to handle the problems well. The Tiger Dragon relationship is a match made in Heaven.

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